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Advantages of lithium battery solar street lights & conventional solar street lights

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2020-12-02 15:34:45

Advantages of lithium battery solar street lights & conventional solar street lights

With the improvement of urbanization construction and the supporting level of new rural people’s livelihood facilities, solar street lights have been rapidly developed in recent years. Solar street lights have been rooted in their clean, pollution-free, environmentally friendly and convenient installation concepts, especially for the construction of new countryside and remote power supply. The area is widely used, but with its rapid development, people have gradually realized that lead acid (colloid) energy storage batteries supporting solar street lights have gradually become the short board for the development of solar street lights, with short service life, heavy weight, and high pollution during production and use.

Other issues are outstanding and longstanding. With the widespread application and practice of lithium batteries in many fields such as mobile phones and automobiles, the high efficiency, lightness, and long life of lithium batteries are remarkable. Lithium battery energy storage solar systems have emerged at the historic moment, thereby solving the battery of traditional solar street light systems. Short life, battery weight can only be buried underground.

The advantages of integrated solar street lights with storage and control and integrated solar street lights with intelligent storage and control

1. The all in one design is simple, light and practical.

2. Fully adopt solar power supply, save energy and protect the environment, and installation is not restricted by power supply factors.

3. The large-capacity lithium battery has a service life of 5-8 years, which is more than twice the life of traditional lead-acid (colloid) batteries, which effectively reduces the battery maintenance rate of solar street light systems.

4. The lithium battery has a high utilization rate during the service life of the battery, which effectively solves the problem of low battery efficiency after use of traditional lead-acid (colloid) batteries, resulting in insufficient power.

5. Lithium battery and control are integrated to avoid tedious assembly work, solve the problem of easy installation and wrong wiring, and make solar street light installation simple and easy.

6. No additional wiring is required to avoid problems such as inaccurate wiring lengths and unreasonable wire diameter configurations. Installation is very convenient.

7. The energy storage lithium battery is installed near the lamp post, shortening the power supply distance, reducing the power consumption of the line, and ensuring the effective supply of LED lamp power! At the same time, the battery is located high on the lamp post is safety, but if  being buried under the lamp post , it is so easy to be stolen.

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