Are solar street lights really expensive?

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2021-10-28 14:21:54

Are solar street lights really expensive?
Solar-powered street lights
Whether solar street lights are expensive or not, first look at how they compare. Generally speaking, the price of solar street lights being put into use for the first time is more expensive than the city’s circuit lights, and solar street lights with the same light source power and appearance are naturally expensive in configuration and brand goods are more expensive than miscellaneous brands.

Of course, the above comparison is a relative concept. Solar street lamps are expensive, depending on their actual use value and the overall operation and maintenance costs of the use period.

At present, the price of solar street lamps with 30W lighting power in rural areas generally ranges from more than 1,000 to more than 3,000 RMB, and the structure and shape are more expensive. Here are several types of solar street Lights that are relatively common in shape. Generally speaking, a single unit price of about 2,000 RMB is a suitable price. Of course, some people may think that it is more expensive, but compared to its 10-year service life, if you use the street light of Moonlight Company, the 10-year is almost zero cost investment and maintenance-no electricity, no labor Or replacement of parts (if no man-made or major disaster hazard).

Of course, in fact, the service life of solar street lights is not only 10 years. In terms of use cost, it only costs about 2,000 RMB to invest in the 10-year trial period, which is still very cost-effective. Of course, it is best to use well-known, well-known brands of solar street lights for some of these technologies. Some miscellaneous brands may need to change batteries in about 2 years. Its initial investment may be lower, but the continuous replacement of batteries and labor costs in the later period is very high.

Therefore, if you want to use affordable and cheap solar street lights, it is better to find a brand like Cmoonlight!

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