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How to distinguish the quality of solar street lights?

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2021-11-24 10:43:48

As the country focuses more on environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and green energy, all regions are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and environmental damage. Solar energy has been embraced by governments and citizens at all levels as a clean energy source. Simultaneously, the state has increased its support for “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers,” creating beautiful new countryside and sharing the Chinese dream, bringing spring to solar outdoor lighting. At the same time, governments at all levels are actively responding to the state’s call to act positively in support of new construction. When purchasing solar street lamps, how do you tell the difference between the good and bad street lamps? To ensure better procurement, we should be able to distinguish between good and bad quality for solar street lights, commercial LED street lights, and ordinary street lights.

First and foremost, the quality of the lamp head of the solar street lamp should be examined, focusing on the outer casing, the lens, and so on, to determine its luminous frequency, and secondly, whether the lamp’s luminous brightness is translucent; if it appears a little dirty, it is likely to be the lamp’s quality. There is an issue. Furthermore, if it is a solar street light, the battery quality must be considered. In general, a good battery can be used continuously for at least a week after it has been fully charged. Of course, this is not a fixed time, and power supply time in the winter may be relatively short. After all, the sun may not be visible for long.

Solar power street lamp is a high-tech lighting product that converts solar energy into electricity, which is then used to power the street lamp. It is a green, energy-saving product that has the potential to provide long-term benefits. As this street lamp grows in popularity, an increasing number of people join this massive market. In order to defraud customers, some low-quality solar street lamp manufacturers use subpar materials. You may notice that the prices of solar power street lamps vary greatly even when using the same solar panel or battery. In fact, the parameters they told you might be incorrect. A solar power street lamp is made up of a solar panel, a battery, a controller, and a light source, among other things. The quality of each component will have an impact on the entire street lighting system. We can analyze the quality of the street lamp from these components. We will share the methods in this article, hoping to help you.

The battery is a critical component of solar street lights. Lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries are two types of batteries that are commonly used on the market. When compared to conventional lead-acid batteries. The lithium battery is non-polluting, has a long lifespan, and offers numerous charge and discharge times. A lead-acid battery, for example, can be charged and discharged 400 times with the same capacity, whereas a lithium battery can be charged and discharged 1,000 times, which is nearly three times that of a lead-acid battery. At the moment, lithium batteries are widely used in solar street lights. Except for this , battery capacity matters a lot. Some inferior manufacturers will cheat on the battery capacity.  Battery capacity will affect the lighting efficiency of the solar power street lamp. If battery capacity can’t meet the requirement, the street lamp can’t support lighting in the required consecutive rainy days.

The source of light
Energy-saving lamps, sodium lamps, LED lamps, and induction lamps are examples of solar-powered street lamp sources. LED lighting is currently the most popular. Its high luminous efficiency and long service life. Furthermore, the LED is powered by low voltage, making it simple to integrate with solar power generation. The uniformity of the LED light source on the light irradiation surface can be controlled, resulting in more uniform illumination. The heat dissipation performance of the lamp can be used to determine the quality of the LED light source. If the heat dissipation of the lamps is inadequate, the service life of the street lamps will be shortened. Identify Reliable solar power street lamp manufacturers generally use high-quality branded chips. The colloid of ordinary LEDs is generally epoxy resin, and LEDs with anti-ultraviolet and fire retardants are more expensive. High-quality outdoor LED lighting should be anti-ultraviolet and fireproof.

The charge and discharge controller, also known as the solar controller, coordinates the work of solar panels, storage batteries, and loads. The controller is the most important part of the solar street lamp. If there is a problem, the entire street light will not function properly, and the battery may be damaged. It will start a fire if it causes overheating. Many controllers ignore heat dissipation in order to save money. When the load current or charging current is high, the heat increases and the service life are greatly reduced. As a result, it is critical to select a controller with a good heat dissipation function. Furthermore, if the street lamp is installed near a body of water, the controller will corrode quickly. The temperature compensation feature is also crucial. If the controller lacks a temperature compensation function, the voltage error that the controller monitors to the battery at any time will be very large in both high and low temperature environments. It will appear that the battery is not fully charged in the low temperature environment, and that it is overcharged in the high temperature environment.

The solar panel
Solar panels are the primary component of photovoltaic systems. The market’s quality of solar panels is also uneven. What factors should be considered when determining the quality of solar panels? Check to see if the silica gel is evenly distributed around the back and if it is tightly packed into the gap between the backplane and the frame. Examine the string welding of the battery slices to see if there is any leakage. At the same time, it is dependent on the regularity of the cell arrangement. Examine the quality of the pressure on the back and look for any irregularities, such as bubbles, wrinkles, and so on, after the pressure is applied. Each cell on the battery is complete and was created through integral cutting. Many irregular manufacturers on the market, however, use spliced cells to form seemingly complete cells for welding. When we observe, look for any signs of cutting. The spliced cells are easily disconnected again, affecting the use of the entire cell board. The battery panel’s tempered glass surface should be smooth and free of foreign matter. Foreign matter will reduce the efficiency of power generation.

Service and warranty
Although solar power street lamps are a project with long-term benefits, the initial investment is still high. Before the formal project confirmation, we can purchase samples from the manufacturer and test them once they arrive. You will have a better understanding of the quality of the lamps this way. A reputable solar street lamp manufacturer will provide considerate after-sales service. The warranty period for a solar powered street lamp is typically three years. Solar powered street lamps, on the other hand, require almost no maintenance. When you are in need, dependable manufacturers are always ready to assist.


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