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Solar powered street light: A comprehensive buying guide

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2022-04-07 17:32:38

Solar powered street light:  A comprehensive buying guide

Are you looking for a solar powered street light? You are in the right place. This article provides all the product details that inform your solar buying decisions. Here are some of the factors you should consider:

Table of Contents
Solar-powered street light:  A comprehensive buying guide
1.    Why solar-powered street light?
2.    Solar-powered street lights versus conventional lighting options
3.    Solar-powered street light anatomy?
   Solar panel
   Solar Battery capacity
   Solar Light lamps
   Technological components
   Solar light pole
4.    Final thoughts

  1. Why a Solar Road Lamp is Worth Your Money

Globally the push for green energy use is gaining momentum with all industries seeking to replace their power sources. Among all green sources of energy solar powered street light is the most convenient. It is the cheapest green energy since its power is replenished by the basking sun intermittently. Besides the Sun, no additional control is required to support the solar-powered street light.

Solar-powered street light is a clean, green energy source that does not harm the environment. Using the solar led street light minimizes greenhouse gasses, mainly carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

Every solar street light manufacturer strives to produce unsurpassed eco-friendly products. The solar industry has witnessed advancement in the technologies used to create solar-powered streets lights. The cost of solar panels has gradually been reducing while its efficiency surges over time. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable future.

Solar-powered street light is a reliable lighting option in remote areas with limited or no electrical power grids. Solar-powered street lights suits remote areas that have no energy grids. Solar appliances can be transported to any part of the world with sufficient sunlight.


2. Solar-powered street lights versus conventional lighting options

The ultimate difference between solar-powered street lights with other lighting options is their renewability. Nothing beats the ability to replenish oneself after exhaustion. Conventional power sources such as natural gases, petroleum, and coal are good but detrimental in the end. They run a risk that their heads will no longer be producing them. Solar-powered street light solves the extinction risks by relying on a renewable energy source. The Sun is an incandescence renewable energy source that can generate reliable electricity through solar-led street lights. 

There is a need to ensure a drastic and immediate change in the use of non-renewable energy sources. With ever-increasing urbanization and industrialization, finite energy resources such as coal quickly depleted. Once these resources are used, it is impossible to reimburse them back. Solar-powered street light is the go-to eco-friendly option.

If you intend to upgrade your lighting options, having a solar-powered street light should be your main objective. A limited workforce is required to control the integrated solar street light upon installation. The technical advance solar-powered street lights are fitted with controllers and sensors that supervise the luminaries’ lighting. These technologies are hardly available on the conventional lighting option, requiring a skilled workforce to manage it. 

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) report, renewable energy sources were getting progressively cheaper. The report suggests that the cost of using solar-powered street lights decades ago was quite expensive. The high installation cost limited customers’ abilities to enjoy solar-led street lights. However, due to development and enhancement in manufacturing designs, you can comfortably purchase solar-powered street lights. In contrast, non-renewable energy costs are rising gradually due to critical mineral deposits nearing depletion limits.

Solar-powered street lights have been used globally despite natural gas, oil, coal dominating the industry. However, solar street light manufacturers understand that the world is shifting to green energy sources.

Cmoonlight, a leading solar street light manufacturer in China, produces green, durable, efficient, and unswerving solar products. If you intend to purchase solar-powered street light, look no further. We have the best deals in the market.

3.Solar-powered street light anatomy?

Every solar-powered street light has several interconnected parts for it to work effectively. Here are some of the most significant solar led street lights and how they contribute to their lighting: 

Solar panel 

The anatomy of any solar-powered street light is incomplete without mentioning solar panels. These parts convert sunlight into usable electric energy through photovoltaic (PVpanels. The solar panel is the most significant part of the system since it harnesses the Sun’s powers, which can be used directed or stored to be used during night hours.

Originally solar panels were fixed to a particular angle of the Sun. However, having a fixed solar panel reduced the efficiency of solar-powered street lights since the Sun’s position and angle keep changing.

Cmoonlight’s foldable solar-powered street light panels are flexible. Our solar panels are technically designed to tilt their angle depending on the direction and intensity of the Sun. 

Solar Battery capacity 

Solar-powered street light is incomplete without batteries. The solar battery stores the energy converted by the panels and rely to the solar led lamps. Most of the solar energy harnessed throughout the day is used at night.

If you residing in areas that receive limited amount of sunlight sometimes due to severe weather conditions, you need a durable battery. It would be best to have a reliable battery to reap the best from solar-powered street lights. The battery must be resilient enough to store sufficient power to light throughout the night. The charge stored should power the lamps for a couple of days where the sunlight is unavailable or limited.

Different solar-led street lights have varied battery types and battery classes. There are three major types of batteries that are placed in the solar powered street light depending on your location and lighting needs. These batteries include lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO battery), Lead Carbon and lead acid batteries.

At Cmoonlight, our solar-powered street lights are fitted with reliable and durable batteries. We have undertaken various projects in locations that face extreme weather conditions and have reported no failures. 

Solar Light lamps 

A solar-powered street light needs lamps to illuminate. Whether stored or directly used, the powered harnessed from the Sun needs solar lamps to light up localities. Depending on your lighting needs, you have to choose a suitable solar lamp. These lamps are varied as 40W 60W 80W 100W, and 120W solar street lights.

Foldable all in one integrated led solar street light
Figure 1 solar led lamp

You have to exercise extreme care while selecting the suitable solar-powered street light to cater to your lighting needs. If you fail to choose a matching solar light lamp, you may end up having dimly, blurry, or excessively lit vicinity.

Technological components

 It’s time we spice up our solar-powered street light. Advancement in the manufacture of solar appliances has paved the way for technology in the field. All in one solar street lights are fitted with PIR motion sensors that sense movement within a 15-meter radius. This allows solar light lamps to only light up if people or cars move. The lighting is dimmed upon cessation of activity, thus saving the battery.

Other technical advancement incorporated into the solar-powered street light includes MPPT controllers. These applications are added to the solar-powered system to ensure the safety of the parts. MPPT controllers control the charging and discharging of the batteries by examining the voltage and current charges. Sunlight intensity keeps changing throughout the day, thus pushing the PV panels to emit varying amounts of energy to the batteries. 

Solar batteries are mainly damaged by excess temperatures soaring above 60° degree Celsius. High temperatures are recorded during summer which can damage the battery capacities. Solar-powered street lights are designed in a manner that ensures proper heat dissipation. By redesigning the probable position to place the battery between solar panels and the solar lamps, heat is significantly dissipated. Having batteries such as LiFePO4 Lithium Battery is a big plus since it can withstand exceedingly high temperatures. 

At Cmoonlight, we have designed a technically advanced product dubbed Palm Tree Solar Led Street Light. Palm tree solar boasts of unsurpassed technical specs in the solar industry.  

Solar light pole 

Solar-powered street light needs to be raised to the anticipated height by post. These solar light poles need steel with low carbon content to advance their ductility and toughness. However, the silicon content should be low and not exceed .040%.

The solar light poles lift the entire weight of the solar appliances hoisted above it. When choosing solar posts, always select those that can withstand harsh weather conditions like strong winds. More importantly, the material used should be more durable and resistant to rust.

At Cmoonlight, we produce solar light poles with varying heights, upper and bottom diameters, and thicknesses. Our products meet all the safety and certification requirements, and we do not doubt that they will meet your solar needs. Besides, our prices are the most competitive in the market. Visit our product page for more information on the solar light pole. 

Final thoughts

There are several factors to consider before buying a solar-powered street light. Choosing the most suitable solar equipment depends on your lighting needs and affordability. Other significant aspects of being considered include technical configuration as sensors and controllers.

At Cmoonlight, we have the most technologically advanced solar supplies that match all your lighting needs. We fully believe that our solar-powered products will replace conventional lighting sources.


Cmoonlight is a world-renowned solar street light, led street light, solar garden light, and smart light pole with 15 years of experience. Conducted in-depth research on mains power complementation and smart interconnection technology.

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