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Are you looking for the best solar street light manufacturer? The popularity of All in one solar street lights has increased manifold in the last decade. This is primarily because of low maintenance and assured benefits. when the world is gearing up to embrace renewable sources of energy in the future, All in one solar street lighting is just the suitable investment. The good news is many businesses are now using solar energy in various ways, and companies engaged in the production of street lights harnessing sun energy are increasing in number. Many of these All in one solar street light Manufacturers are based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, in China, while a few names in other countries are also making a mark in their ways. 

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*Top 10 Best Solar LED Street Light Manufacturers in China in 2024:

Top 10 Best Solar LED Street Light Manufacturers in China in 2024


*Unveiling the Best Street Light Manufacturer in China – Buying Guide:

Unveiling the Best Street Light Manufacturer in China – Buying Guide



Benefits of all in one solar street light at a glance 
All-in-one solar street lights don’t need extensive work once installed, and even the LED lights used in them need to be replaced only once in a decade or so. For regions that get enough decent sunlight, All in one solar street lighting is an effective & eventual solution. The best solar street light manufacturers have done their research, have patented designs & technologies, and you can only expect them to offer custom lighting solutions for commercial and public projects. As for the upfront investment, it is possible to bring scalability to each project, by working with the proper manufacturer. If your company is looking for All in one solar street light manufacturers in 2022, we have a list of 10 that may come in handy.

Table of Contents

Market Share of Top 10 Solar street light manufacturers in 2023
CompanyAddressAnnual sales
(Million USD)
1. CmoonlightShenzhen, China400
2. LeasunZhuHai, China200
3. Bright Solar SolutionsYangzhou, China190
4. SRESKYShenzhen, China180
5. SocreatDongguan, China100
6. EnkonnShenzhen, China90
7. DELHangzhou, China80
8. InteflySuzhou, China70
9. SunmasterShenzhen, China60
10. SepcoShangDong, China50

1. Cmoonlight

With a small span of a decade, Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., Ltd (Also known by the brand name Cmoonlight) has emerged as the leader in Smart Solar Street Light and garden lights. The factory is based in Shenzhen, China, and they have been around since 2010. The factory has designed an all-in-one solar street light, which is designed to be foldable and easy to use, allowing the design to harness sunlight in the best possible ways.

The manufacturer specializes in smart solar lighting, and their All in one solar street light is patented. They also offer incredible support for their clients, which brings them to the top of this list. They have an in-house solar light factory, and all their designs have been tested for more than a year. The manufacturer has a good name in terms of sales & service, and they have an interesting clientele, including projects in countries like Nigeria. Their expertise in photovoltaic technology is worth mentioning, and they are taking up orders from all over the world as of 2022 January.

All-in-one solar street lights and garden lights from Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., Ltd. Are used in over 120 countries, and the reviews have been exceptional.  It is also worth adding that their Palm Tree All in one solar street light is meant to replace the standard All in one solar street lights, thanks to the innovative design. The solar panel can be adjusted to face the sun, and that enhances the efficiency of the design by as much as 60%.

The Palm Tree All in one solar street light also features a separated solar panel, which ensures that the heat and sunlight don’t impact the use of the battery and life span of the LED light. Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., Ltd. has further taken a step ahead in installation. To install the Palm Tree All in one solar street light, only two mounting steps need to be followed, and no additional electricity is required for the task.


Product List:

  1. LED Street Light
  2. Split solar light
  3. All-in-one solar light
  4. Vertical solar wrap light pole
  5. Smart Poles
  6. Off-grid solar power system for CCTV Camera
  7. Solar Garden Light
Best Solar Street Light Manufacturer - Cmoonlight

2. Leadsun

The next best solar street light manufacturer on our list is Leadsun, which is famed in Australia, although they do have clients in other countries too. Based in Zhuhai, China, the manufacturer has been around for 13 years, and they have a whole range of models to choose from. The manufacturer is worth mentioning for its sales network and services, which are now available in more than a hundred countries. They do have an All-in-One Integrated solar street light, which is among their highlights, and the manufacturer produces other products too as per customized requests. Leadsun finds a considerable number of takers in Australia for its minimalistic designs.

3. Bright Solar Solutions

Bright Solar Solutions is also based in China, and they do have an incredible reputation in designing & manufacturing functional solar lights. What makes Bright Solar Solutions worth the time is their wide range of products, including accessories and unique solar kits. Currently, they have clients in close to 100 countries, and they have taken up many NGO projects. Their main USP is their solar home system and split-style All in one solar street light. In recent times, the manufacturer has been expanding its work in part of Africa and Asia, and the sales support is quite commendable.


The fourth on this list is SRESKY, which has been around for more than a decade. The manufacturer is based out of Shenzhen, Guangdong, in China, and they have a steady market in the US and South America. The manufacturer has also expanded in Middle East countries in recent years. Their All in one solar street light is being promoted as the perfect solution for government road lighting projects, and they also have a wide range of other products for specific customers. The list includes solar landscape lights, solar garden lights, and solar wall lights. It is evident that street lighting isn’t their only area of attention, and they want to focus on individual clients and residential sector as well.

5. Socreat

The fifth manufacturer on this list is Socreat, which is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The manufacturer is relatively new, but they have been offering All in one solar street lights for road lighting in an efficient manner. They have worked on diverse lighting projects to their credit, and their network extends to 70 countries and counting. Socreat is primarily focused on its clientele in South America and Asia. Their patented product is the Solar Flyhorse Light, and they also have a whole range of other designs and products, which includes solar garden lights, as well. Do check their Solar Bee Light.

6. Enkonn

Another manufacturer that’s based in China is Enkonn, which has been around for five years now. The manufacturer, in this short span, has managed to capture numerous projects in Asia, North America, and South America, and has presence in over 50 countries. They are known for their incredible assistance with street light projects, including sales and support. The headquarters of the manufacturer is located in Shenzhen, China. They also have solutions and products for roadway light and garden lighting. Some of their unique products include the Solar wind Hybrid street light and Smart control system. They also have an all-in-one design that is being used extensively by clients for different street lighting needs. Enkonn may seem new to the industry, but they are spending well on research and further innovation.

7. DEL

DEL Solar
DEL is another manufacturer specializing in solar LED lighting. The company has its factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and they are known for their performance-oriented products. Their     Hyperion Series is worth mentioning, of which All-In-One Smart All in one solar street light stands out. They also have a Solar off-grid system that has been getting good reviews for the right reasons. The Smart integrated Internet system, which allows to synchronize all lights as needed, and there are also other highlights, like the Extreme brightness LED Chip and New-generation LIFEPO4 battery.

8. Intefly

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Intefly has been around for close to 14 years, and they manufacturer a wide range of street lights that harness solar energy. The manufacturer has a presence in close to 50 countries, but most of its clients is based in the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia. Some of their products include the Multifunction Smart City Street Light, Integrated All in one solar street light, Split All in one solar street light, and Wind Solar Led Street Light. The manufacturer has been expanding to other countries, and their Wind Solar Led Street Light is among their unique offerings. They have been also spending extensively on research and remain among the top companies to spend on solar energy street lighting ideas.

9. Sunmaster

Sunmaster has been in the business of All in one solar street lights for over a decade, and they have all sorts of solutions for different commercial and roadway projects. The manufacturer has been exporting street lights to more than 50 countries in the world, and most of their clients are located in Africa & the Middle East. They have a wide range of products, including All in one solar street light, Solar Power Systems and Solar water pump systems. The manufacturer also intends to target the residential and commercial market in other ways, with launches of products like Solar Lawn Light. The manufacturer also boasts of producing 100.000 All in one solar street lights per year, which is a commendable feat.

10. Sepco

If you are looking for a company that’s based in the US, Sepco is the one. The company has been in the All in one solar street lighting zone for more than three decades, and they have designed a wide range of solar lights, especially for commercial needs. They also offer off-grid solar power systems, and they have hundreds of projects to their credit. Commercial solar lighting is where the company stands out, and while they are known for innovation, they cannot compete with the likes of others mentioned here with regards to pricing. Off-grid solar power products, however, remain one of their main highlights, and they have been spending huge on research, taking the popularity of solar energy for commercial street lighting to the next level.
Choosing the best all in one solar street light Manufacturer
Now comes the biggest challenge of finding the right supplier for All in one solar street lighting. There are several factors to consider for finding a manufacturer, and while pricing always seems like the top reason, other factors do matter.
  1. It is important to understand All in one solar street lights are expected to withstand weather conditions and are expected to be worth the investment in the long run. In other words, you don’t want a cheap solution now, only replace each All in one solar street light in a couple of years. The components used in the making an All in one solar street light are important, and what matters as much as the manufacturing standard. 
  2. Some of the best companies, especially the affordable and efficient ones, are based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. These companies have been competing directly with others from other parts of the world in innovation. Some of the top names, such as Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., Ltd., have managed to ensure that clients get the best quality street lighting options at the right prices. Even though their product category doesn’t have a long list of products, they have come up with patented designs that are absolutely in trend and worth the investment in the long run. 
  3. If you are ordering All in one solar street lights from Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., Ltd. or any other supplier for that matter, try and evaluate what they have on offer. Besides getting a quote, understand how their products may benefit your project. The role of a street lighting supplier is also to ensure that their clients get the best possible support after sales, and more importantly, they should have no issues with the product for at least a few years to come. 
  4. You can ask about warranties in-depth and evaluate if the concerned product is exactly the right match for your commercial needs. Many government and large projects have benefited from compact designs and unique solar lighting solutions, and we strongly suggest that you engage with a manufacturer with a steady market share. 
  5. If you want to know a solar street light manufacturer better, you can even consider asking for references or simply checking the range of projects they are working on. For instance, Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., Ltd. has takers in more than 120 countries, which is a huge achievement for any company that has been around for only a decade.


All in one solar street lighting is the future of powering commercial projects, and the work of these solar street light manufacturers has to be lauded. Of course, more innovation, better solutions, and better-patented designs will matter in the long run, but for now, you need a choose a very good quality all-in-one solar street light manufacturer who can offer scalable street lighting options to match your budget. Do make sure that you ask for an estimate in advance.

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