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Get Rid of Ineffective Lighting Systems with the Best Solar LED Garden Light

Welcome to Cmoonlight, the industry’s best solar LED garden light manufacturer known for its quality products and services. Using the most cutting-edge technology in the market, we can make your lighting project worthwhile! 

If you’re looking for an efficient and brilliant way to illuminate your outside space, Cmoonlight’s LED garden lights are your companions. We use modern technologies and creative designs that provide long-lasting brilliance and durability. Our eco-friendly and affordable LED garden lights will end excessive energy bills and frequent replacements. 

We have been in the manufacturing business for over ten years, so we know how important it is to incorporate modern technology, premium manufacturing, and features. Therefore, Cmoonlight can save the day if you’re looking for a top-quality LED garden light.

Our Top-Notch LED Garden Lights 

Although our Solar-powered lighting solutions are versatile, every project has a different requirement. Cmoonlight understands this and offers an exclusive range of solar garden lights, each fulfilling a specific purpose. 

Whether you’re looking for a hybrid garden light or a solar-powered one, our catalog is worth your while. Explore these high-quality products and figure out which one fits perfectly according to your project requirements!

Lily Solar LED Garden Light

Solar Powered Version/ AC Powered Version

6 Head Led Modules/ Original Patent design

3 years Warranty

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Lily Solar LED Garden Light

The Lily Solar LED garden light is versatile, with solar or AC electricity power options, making it perfect for various locations, with CCT color options ranging from 3000K to 6000K and shell color in black and white. It has a 3-5 days backup, making it effective in any weather.

This light is suitable for installation at heights of  4m, 5m, or 6m, making it excellent for parks, gardens, residential areas, and roadways. It has certain benefits, like – a beautiful appearance and simple installation, which makes it a great lighting solution. 

All-in-Two Solar LED Garden Light

20W/25W/30W All-in-Two Solar Garden Light

Solar panels can be adjusted to face the sun

3 Year Warranty

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All-in-Two Solar Led Garden Light 

The All-in-Two Solar LED Garden Light has a solar power option and offers CCT color options of 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K. The shell is white, with a backup for rainy days that lasts 3-5 days. 

It is suitable for installation at heights of 4m, 5m, or 6m and is perfect for usage in parks, gardens, parking lots, residential areas, and roadways. The light has a beautiful appearance, is simple to install, and has a solar panel that faces directly toward the sun for optimal energy absorption.

Violet Solar LED Garden Light
Solar Powered Version/ AC Powered Version
Most Popular type, Best selling
3 Years Warranty

Violet Solar Led Garden Light

The Violet Solar LED Garden Light comes in both solar and AC power versions, with CCT color options of 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K. The shell color options are silver or black, with a 3-5-day backup for rainy weather. 

It is suited for usage in parks, gardens, parking lots, residential areas, and roadways at heights of 4m, 5m, or 6m. This light has a stunning appearance and is simple to install, adding to its convenience.

Transform Your Garden with The Best LED Garden Light

High-Quality Products 

Transform your garden with Cmoonlight’s best LED lights, revolutionizing energy efficiency and appealing lighting. We provide quality products that will beautify your outdoor space. With a backup for rainy days that lasts 3-5 days, you can enjoy regular light even in severe weather.

Upgrade your garden with Cmoonlight’s LED lights to create a beautiful mood that impresses visitors and passers-by. We offer top-quality and unique lighting solutions for your outdoor environment.

Flexible Use

Cmoonlight’s LED lights are versatile, allowing you to personalize your garden lighting to meet your requirements. You can easily create the ideal atmosphere for any event with changeable settings and various positioning choices. 

Whether you want to highlight a garden, illuminate paths, or create a comfortable outdoor hideaway, Cmoonlight’s best LED garden lights are versatile in design and location. 

This adaptability ensures that your garden lighting can be customized and adjusted as your outdoor space changes.

Easy-to-install and Maintain 

Cmoonlight’s LED lights are simple to install and maintain, allowing anyone to change their garden with stunning lighting. With user-friendly features like simple-to-use configurations and straightforward controls, you can rapidly install your lighting system without expert help. 

Furthermore, Cmoonlight’s LED lights are low maintenance, requiring little upkeep to keep them performing at their best. This ease of installation and convienent maintenance ensures that your outdoor lighting is trouble-free and continues to shine brightly for years.

Internationally Compatible Products

A well-established LED garden light manufacturer, Cmoonlight is an affiliate of Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., LTD. We have been a globally diverse brand that distributes high-quality products internationally since 2010. 

Regional certifications for our LED garden lights consist of CE, TUV, RoHS, COC, and IK10. They will conform to the industrial standards of Rwanda, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Morocco. 


Why Is Our LED Garden Light the Best Option?

Up to 3 Years of Warranty

Cmoonlight’s LED garden lights come with exceptional protection and a three-year warranty, ensuring that they will perform for a long time. As a result, our product is highly trustworthy and long-lasting. This makes it an excellent choice for towns and organizations. 

With this warranty, we guarantee that our LED garden lights will illuminate your garden and roadways for an extended period. Also, our LED street garden requires less maintenance while providing maximum energy efficiency.

Excellent Rainy-Day Backup 

Our LED garden lights include a backup power system that may last 3-5 days, guaranteeing that your garden remains lighted even on rainy days or during power failures. This function provides peace of mind, knowing that your outside space will remain well-lit regardless of the weather.

 Cmoonlight’s durable backup system allows you to enjoy your garden’s stunning lighting effects without interruption, making it the best option for energy-efficient and trustworthy garden lighting solutions.

Offering Excellent Power Options

Our LED garden light stands out as the ideal solution because of its high power output. The solar power variant uses renewable energy from the sun to provide a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution. 

The AC electricity power version, on the other hand, provides a stable and dependable power source, ensuring your garden’s continuous illumination. Both choices are versatile and efficient, appealing to various tastes and needs while improving the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor space.

Multipurpose Uses

Cmoonlight’s LED garden lights are ideal for various applications, including parks, gardens, parking lots, residential areas, and roadways. Its adaptable design and high-quality lighting make it suitable for improving the look and safety of these areas. 

Whether you need illumination for a peaceful garden, a crowded parking lot, or a shopfront, our LED garden light provides a reliable and energy-efficient solution to fit your unique requirements, assuring excellent visibility and ambiance in any outdoor situation.

Upgrade your outdoor space with Cmoonlight’s Best Solar LED Garden Lights today! With cutting-edge technology, versatile designs, and up to 3 years of warranty, our lights offer unmatched reliability and brilliance. 

Say goodbye to ineffective lighting systems and hello to energy-efficient, eco-friendly illumination. Whether you’re enhancing a park, garden, roadway, or residential area, our LED lights are the perfect solution. 

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