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How to win a solar street light project

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2021-11-01 14:36:29

First of all, we must know several roles: local government, local project general contractor, local project subcontractor, local trader, Chinese trader or factory.

Every year at the beginning of the year, government officials will meet to make project planning for next year and the next year, such as where schools, hospitals, roads need to be built, and where lighting renovations are needed….. A list of project planning for the next year and the next year will be discussed. According to this list, various departments apply to the government finance department for budget.

After each department in charge gets their own projects, they need to make detailed project planning and bidding documents. In the second year, the public bidding documents will be posted online. The bidding documents have detailed professional technical requirements for the solar street light project. But government officials are not professional engineers and technicians after all, such as the layout of light poles, the specific parameter requirements of solar street lights, construction technical specifications…

Therefore, government officials will find a solar street light contractor company in advance, and the contractor company will get the technology parameter from the Chinese factory and help government officials prepare bidding documents. It can be seen that when a project has been open for bidding and listed on the Internet in public, it means the project has been followed up by a contractor as early as one or two years ago.

Therefore, the best time we want to win a solar street light project is one or two years before the public bidding. We will provide the government with the design plan and parameters, and prepare the bidding documents according to our product parameters.

It is best for the project contractor to tell the Chinese supplier the specific road conditions, such as road width, length, light pole height, and on-site pictures, and then the Chinese solar street lamp factory will provide 3D Dialux Photometric drawings and product technical parameters, and hand them to the government to prepare the tender documents.

Generally, large-scale projects have requirements for the qualifications of contractors, and the payment method for government projects is generally based on the construction progress. For example, after the contract is signed, the government will pay the contractor a small deposit, and the material will be paid again after entering the site.

After the installation is completed, the payment will be 90-95%, and the acceptance will be paid in full. It takes 1-3 months for foreign engineering companies to purchase and produce from China, 30-50 days for shipping, and about 2 weeks for customs clearance. During this period of several months, the project company needs to use its own funds to advance.

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