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Solar street light project in Malaysia

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2021-08-23 09:14:14

Solar street light project in Malaysia

 has been simply winning in the race of solar streetlights. With futuristic designs, high-quality material and great service, it has cerated a respectable place for itself. It hs done projects in countries like Spain, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and China. Now, it is aiming for a larger audience.

Malaysia is well-known for its beaches and rainsfoests. Home to te famous twin Patronas towers, it is a famous ttraction for tourists too. It s also where one of the main markets of Cmoonlight exists and there are chances that Cmoonlight will have a project in Malaysia in the future. The Government of Malaysia seeks to make it a developed country by 2025. It is one of the upper middle-income countries and have high attraction towards modern technologies. Cmoonlight, after its successful venture in another Southeast country Thailand, is looking forward to have another project in Malaysia which is a promising sight for a developed state in the future.

All-In One Solar Streetlight
Considering the climatic conditions of Malaysia, the vast variety of parks as well as the fact that it has one of the longest road systems in the world, the All-in-one solar street light project in Malaysia is very beautiful.

Why All-in-one solar street light?
This solar streetlight, mucch like the name suggests, has many more features than a normal solar streetlight. Along with all the original features, it also has much more to offer. From having sensors to CCTV cameras, these streetlights changes the game completely. 

  • Battery:
A LiFePO4 battery powers these streetlights. These lithium batteries, which are used in these solar street lights, have an 8-10 year lifespan. Lithium is well-known for its capacity to store energy and last a long time. As a result, Cmoonlight used only the highest quality lithium in its lights to ensure that the streetlights function properly. 
  • CCTV camera:
These all-in-one integrated street lights incorporate a CCTV system as well. These CCTV cameras are of high grade. This increases the security of the area and makes it safe for people for using that way. This is ideal for Malaysia which is a good tourist attraction. 
  • Motion sensor:
High-quality motion sensors are included with these all-in-one solar street lights. These lights employ PIR sensors as sensors (passive infrared sensors). These sensors can detect the motion of any item. When an object travels near a light, these sensors assist in detecting it. These streetlights detect vehicles or persons and adjust their brightness accordingly. 
  • Working hours:
These street lights can be charged in 6-8 hours and then, will operate for up to 12 hours at night, which makes them an ideal investment. These lights have been built with such LED lights which have a lifetime of more than 80,000 hours. The battery used is these streetlights have a lifespan of 2000 charges and discharges. 
  • Resourceful energy saving:
Furthermore, these streetlights are great for saving energy. Not only does these have a high conversion rate, these lights are equipped with a control system that can lower down or increase brightness when needed by detecting the presence of object. As soon as an object, whivh is mostly a car or a person, moves near the light, the sensors detect their presence and increases the brightness of light. After the object has passed, it reduces the brightness. These lights can detect objects from upto 20m. This saves energy and enables the light to work for a longer time. Infact, these lights, if fully charges, can work for 4-5 rainy days. Malaysia, a country which experiences distinct monsoon season, is a good destination for these lights. 
  • Qualifications and warranty:

These lights have the certification of CE, RoHS, FCC, IP65, SGS with a warranty of upto 3 years. That is why it is considered to be a great investment.

Cmoonlight has been working on continually improving its quality and offering additional benefits to the public due to the enormous growth in popularity of solar street lights globally. These offer both the government and the general population with the tools they need to feel comfortable leaving their homes or travelling at night without having to cope with dark, poorly lighted neighbourhoods or roadways.It is hoped that Cmoonlight will have a project in Malaysia in the near future.

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