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Solar street light project in Spain

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2021-08-17 11:05:59

Solar street light project in Spain

Solar street light project in Spain
Cmoonlight, with innovative and high-quality streetlights, has done effective projects in different countries including China, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Thailand. Spain is likewise another example of the overall accomplishments of Cmoonlight.

Spain is home to more than 5000 miles of coastline with beaches beaing a popular attraction for both the loacals and the visitors. Spain experiences mostly medditarean climate meaning that summers are dry and hot while the winters can be mild to cool and wet. The climatic conditions of a region plays an important part in the kind of solar street light that sould be used there. Every single environmental fator must be taken into consideration for ensuring the best quality products. This job is done up tp perfection by Cmoonlight who spend a good amount of time trying to figure out which streetlight will be perfect for Spain.

Palm-tree solar street lights:
Cmoonlight, after much consideration, figured out that the best option for Spain would be the palm-tree solar street lights. These solar street lights which are also a palm-tree, with LiFePO4 Lithium battery, foldable mono-solar A-class panels and customizable all dye casting aluminum alloy print which are perfect for Spain.


  • The specification:

It was important that the streetlights used are in accordance with the climatic conditios and also the demands of the public. The street lights best suited for Spain were found to be the 100W palm-tree solar street lights.

  • High-quality battery:

The battery used in these street lights is a high-quality lithium battery. Lithium batteries are well known to bear high temperatures, which is the reason it is used in these street lights so these lights can work perfectly even in intene heat. Areas that are generally warmer like the beaches of Spain are well suited to these street-lights. These lights can get completely charged in just 4-6 hours if the sunlight is good.

  • Greater heat dispersion and protection:

 Moreover, the heat dispersion of these street lights is very high meaning that the battery doesn’t get too heated. There are detachable solar panels in these palm-tree street ligths, which can be separated from the solar light. this. Thus, a shadow is created on the light and it doesn’t get too heated. This works well in warm area like Spain.

  • Greater conversion and absorption rate:

The panels used in normal solar street lights are 330-430 mm only but these palm-tree solar street lights have panels which are 500mm in length. In addition, these street lights can convert the sunlight into electricity at the rate of 19-24%. The LED lights in these solar street lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The panel itself can last upto 300 months.

  • Controllable panels:

The panels in these solar street lights are moveable and manageable. These can be moved to face the sun. Thus, the panels can absorb light upto 60% more than normal panels.

  • Easy installation:

The installation of these lights are very esy as they don’t have any complex wiring and can be fitted in poles with different diameters ranging from 40-115 mm. The government don’t have to worry about complex installation process.

  • Reduction in light pollution:

Spain is known to be dealing with a constantly increasing issue of light pollution. These street lights solve that issue as the brightness can be controlled by simple remote controllers. This means that the governmnet doesn’t have to worry about the light pollution from these lights.

  • Decrease in accidents:

Other street lights involve complex wiring and installation. This increases their chances of malfunctioning which can lead to accidents. The solar street lights by Cmoonlight eradicated all such issues since it doesn’t involve colplex wiring and has a long batery life.
One of the main reasons why  Cmoonlight is trusted with such projects is that it has proper certifications such as IP67, IK10, SC, GS, COC, and CB IECEE Saber. Cmoonlight does proper research to supply high quality lights. The government of Spain is very pleased with this project. There is hope that Cmoonlight will have further projects with Spain in the future.

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