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Innovation in solar street lights starts with Cmoonlight! Being the industry’s leading manufacturer, Cmoonlight pride itself to innovate, produce and supply high-quality solar LED lights across the globe. We are here to replace your conventional street lights with an integrated solar street light in UAE.

If you’re looking for a solar street light supplier in UAE, Cmoonlight can make your investment worthwhile. Our CB-certified solar lights are designed to illuminate the surroundings even in the harsh desert climate of the UAE.

Whether we talk about solar panels or batteries, the products we produce are above industry standards, ensuring peace of mind. Cmoonlight can provide solar lighting solutions for all projects, from street lighting to solar parking lights.


Best Solar Street Light Manufacturer, All in One/ Integrated Solar Street Light

Palm Solar Street Light

Real 30 years Lifespan

Best Solar LED Street Light for Projects with CB IECEE Saber Certification Guarantee

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What to Consider While Choosing a Solar Street Light Supplier in UAE?

All-in-One Solar Lights:

UAE is famous for its incredible structures, including Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. It will be a great idea to look for a solar street supplier in UAE that can provide all-in-one solar lights. Whether it’s your basement or highway, all-in-one lights can fit all your lighting needs.

At Cmoonlight, we have crafted innovative solar-powered street lights with Cree LEDs and various adjustment options to meet your needs.

Adhere to Quality Control:

As you’re looking for commercial solar street light, you might prefer a manufacturer that can offer products meeting industrial quality standards. All the components, including solar panels, batteries, and controllers.

Cmoonlight’s solar LED street light passes the ISO9001:2005 quality system and is 100% qualified for long-term and safe usage.

Availability of Different Sizes:

Every lighting project has different requirements, and installing the same size of solar light may not be an efficient option. A 40W solar light can serve efficiently at a storefront, while 120W solar street light is perfect for highways and airports.

Here we recommend you buy solar street lights from a manufacturer who produces products in different watts. For example, Cmoonlight produces solar street lights from 10W to 200W to meet your needs at best.

Stock and Fulfillment:

It’s unworthy to choose a solar street supplier in UAE that cannot fulfill your needs on time. So, we recommend buying 100W solar LED street lights from a global manufacturer that manufactures and stocks a bulk quantity of goods.

For instance, Cmoonlight has a massive manufacturing unit of 20000 square meters managed by 245 employees, enabling us to ship our products to over 180 countries.

Climate-Proof Products:

When it comes to installing street lights in UAE, the weather is an essential factor to determine. As you know, UAE experiences an extreme desert climate with sand storms and unforgiving heat. Solar lights made from iron may not survive harsh weather because of corrosion.

Here Cmoonlight holds your back by utilizing die-cast aluminum alloy with IP65 certification to produce weatherproof 100W solar street lights.


If you want to install a solar street light in UAE, the product must comply with standards set by RAT. It’s mandatory for solar street lights to feature certifications of Saudi Standards and Quality Organization (SASO), Certification Body (CB), and Certificate of Origin (CO).

That’s why solar-powered LED lights produced by Cmoonlight come with all the above certifications, making them perfect for UAE lighting projects.

So, Cmoonlight offers high-quality and certified solar lighting solutions and is undoubtedly the best solar street light supplier in UAE. Contact us today for expert consultation and ask for a quote for your lighting project!

Why Cmoonlight Solar Street Lights?

Cmoonlight uses a double-sided monocrystalline silicon solar panel in our PALM TREE street solar LED light. When compared to polycrystalline, it’s 21% more efficient and can last up to 25 years without any maintenance. As PALM TREE is a foldable light, it improves the efficiency of the solar panel by 60% and prevents heating issues.

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R&D Team of Cmoonlight

R&D Team of Cmoonlight

Millions Level No-dust Workshop of Cmoonlight's Solar Street Light Factory

Millions Level No-dust Workshop

Our Products

Our solar lights have been tested to be completely waterproof, anti-corrosion, dust-proof and anti-rust Passed many international certifications such as CE, FCC, ROSS, TUV, UL, Saber, IP67, ETL, CB, GS, CQC

Foldable All-in-One Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light Pole

180W All-in-One Solar Street Light

Adjustable Integrated Solar Street Light

4G Solar CCTV Camera with 200W100AH

4G Solar CCTV Camera with 25W10AH

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Are you looking for a solar street light supplier in UAE? Cmoonlight is a perfect place to end your research journey. While the solar street light price depends on the model and size, we will ensure a worthwhile purchase. We offer an extensive range of eco-friendly products, including all-in-one solar street lights, integrated solar street lights, and split solar street lights. But the product mix is not limited to them! Cmoonlight also produces innovative solar lighting solutions like solar street lights with CCTV cameras. In simple words, you’re at a one-stop solution for every type of solar street light in UAE. Pick your phone and contact our team for more information!
Any question pls don’t hesitate to contact with us, we are love to hear from you.

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What Did Our Clients Say?

Everything is based on a simple rule: Quality is the best business plan 
-CEO of Cmoonlight

Palm Tree solar road lamp

The Palm Tree solar road lamp is amazing! Very Bright! I have bought it for two years, and it works just like a new one.

from Malaysia

Saudi customers highly praised cmoonlight’s solar street light products

We installed this solar road lamp near the seaside and so far so good even with the wind or the rain. Beautiful products, Excellent Design

from Saudi Arabia

Clients Feedback from Nigeria: Perfect lights. Instructions!

Perfect lights. Instructions are clear, and they lit up a large area. I replaced a gate entrance light with this. I set it to low light than full power when motion is detected. Even at an angle, it picks up motion from a long distance.

from UAE

100w solar street lighting Panel very good

Great! The long-lasting battery (ALL NIGHT) and the setting I have (dim, then brightest if movement is sensed) are just perfect. I really like this 100w solar street lighting. Quality and the light output are excellent – Plan on ordering another order soon.

from Nigeria

Client's feedback from Indonesia

We took the palm tree solar powered street light to show to the government department, everyone liked it, and soon won the solar road light project.

from Indonesia

solar street lamp of Cmoonlight on Street

I believe in Cmoonlight. We disassembled the solar street lamp of Cmoonlight and other manufacturers. The artistry of Cmoonlight is meticulous, and the internal circuit assembly is relatively professional.

from Morocco

tin box moon light