3 Key Features of the Best Solar Street Lights (And Why Cmoonlight)

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3 Key Features of the Best Solar Street Lights (And Why Cmoonlight)

Are you shopping for the best solar street lights? It is challenging to pick the best product in a market awash with solar street light manufacturers. In this post, we outline the 4 key features that you should look for when buying a solar powered street light. At Cmoonlight, we are keen to ensure that you get maximum value for your money by buying products with the following key features:

Efficient LED light fixtures

There are several luminary options available for solar street lighting, but LED lighting is the best option for you. An LED solar street light offers better energy efficiency compared to conventional options such as halogen lamps. LED lights need less solar energy to light up, meaning that the solar panels will produce sufficient energy for lighting even in rainy days.

It is also essential to note that LED lights have excellent durability due to resistance vibrations, environmental impacts, and shocks. This means that you will not have to channel most of your revenue towards bulb replacement. LED fixtures are the best option for your street lighting needs because they also offer perfect directional output.

Cmoonlight has established itself has a leading solar street light manufacturer because our LED technologies are unmatched. We guarantee three main aspects that help you get the most out of our solar street light products. These aspects include:

  • Appropriate fitting type
  • Perfect electronic technologies
  • High resistance to degrading environmental factors such as heat and airflow

Battery capacity                                                             

Battery capacity is one of the most critical aspects to consider before approaching a solar street light supplier. Solar street light manufactures use three main battery types, but Lithium-ion batteries offer the best energy density. Cmoonlight’s Li-ion battery is popular for its Depth-of-Discharge that gives it the benefit of storing more back-up power than traditional batteries. The chart below helps you to get a better understanding of our battery’s superiority by comparing the energy capacities that can be discharged safely:


Ratio of energy generated by the solar panels

  An ideal solar street lighting product must collect more energy during the day than it consumes at night when darkness kicks in. Cmoonlight’s Palm tree all in one solar street light offers the best array-to-load ratio due to its unique design. Array-to-load ratio measures the energy generated by the solar panels in comparison to energy consumed by the lighting system at night.

The palm tree solar street light’s has adjustable solar panels that can face sunlight at both sides of the road. These adjustable design guarantees a 60 % increase in the solar panels ability to generate energy. The separated panels also guarantee a 40% increase in the life span of the battery and LEDs.

It may seem like we are praising our products but their quality speaks for itself. Choosing to try out Cmoonlight’s solar street lighting products will go down as the best decision you have ever made in your life. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries and we will get back to you in record time.     

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