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Explore an incredible range of high-quality all-in-one solar street light solutions for Your Upcoming Project! 

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Best All-In-One Solar LED Street Light Factory/Manufacturer
for Road, Highway, Village, Residential Area

Adjustable All-in-One Solar Street Light

Integrated solar street lights with adjustable angles are compatible with various types of poles and are very suitable for replacing original Led Street Lights on existing light poles.

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180W 200W Integrated Solar Street Light
200W Super Large All-in-One/Integrated solar street light is the largest All-in-One solar street light, very suitable for use on highways, support customzation.
Flat All-in-One Solar Led Street Light

Flat Integrated/All-in-One Solar Street Lights are the most common solar street lights. They have the largest sales volume and are very cost-effective. 

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Economic All-in-One Solar Street Light

All in One Solar led street lights combines fashionable and simple appearance with reasonable price, and is equipped with an adjustable-angle die-cast aluminum base.

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Symbolizing Versatility with the Best Integrated Solar Street Light Solutions

In a revolutionary world of Solar lighting, we introduce you to the best all-in-one solar street light from the house of Cmoonlight. We have innovated an exclusive range of integrated solar street lights spotlighting the finest build quality and energy efficiency. 

Being a versatile solar lighting solution, our products can meet the requirements of any project you’re working on. You can implement our solar lights as a garden light, airport lighting, car-parking lights, highway lighting, and anywhere you need to harness solar energy. 

With over ten years of experience in manufacturing, Cmoonlight understands the value of quality with innovation and technology. That’s why we dedicated ourselves to providing high-quality solar street lights based on the industry’s leading technologies. Discover what makes us stand out in the industry; there’s much more for you in the queue! 

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What Makes Our Product Industry’s Best Integrated Solar Street Light?


Multipurpose Solar Street Light

First and foremost, our all-in-one solar street light is super versatile and can be used for any project. The credit goes to their bright luminance of up to 19200lm and advanced lighting options. 

Whether you want to use it as Solar Parking Lot lighting or Airport Lighting, the innovative Solar lighting solutions won’t disappoint you. That’s why it’s the best All-in-One Solar Street Light and makes your investment worthwhile.  

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Solar panel quality matters, especially when it comes to solar street lighting. Not only does it improve the conversion rate, but a high-quality panel can also improve the life of solar light. Therefore, we use monocrystalline solar panels instead of common polycrystalline ones.

The panels help our products feature an incredible conversion rate of up to 20% and make them last up to 30 years. Also, the single-crystal black cells of monocrystalline panels have the highest absorption power and can utilize solar energy to the best. 

Best-in-Class Build Quality

When having a product with the finest technology, you won’t see it catching rust and getting down before its time. Cmoonlight uses Die-cast aluminum alloy in its integrated solar street lights to enhance the durability and lifespan of the products. 

If we compare it to other products with iron housing, our products don’t rust and stand strong against rain, snow, and dirt. Also, the alloy and premium coating prevents the electric current from flowing in the body of the Solar Street Light Pole, ensuring safety.  

US-Made Cree LED Chip

Besides the solar panel, the LED chip is the primary source of lighting for the best all-in-one solar street light. Our products feature a US-made 3030 Cree LED Chip with over 170lm/w brightness and 6000K color temperature. 

Unlike regular LEDs, Cree LED chips have 4Flow-based LEDs that are compatible with customizations and maintain a color rendering index of 70Ra. The chips are highly energy efficient, saving energy and enhancing battery life.

A-Class Lithium Battery

Well, we have already told you the first secret of our highly efficient solar street lights. But the reality lies within our industry’s top-notch A-Class LiFePO4 battery. Unlike the most used Ternary Li-ion Lithium batteries, LiFePO4 has an incredible charge and discharge ratio of 2000 times. 

From hot summer to chilling winter days, this battery stands strong in every atmosphere and provides the expected efficiency. On the other hand, ordinary Lithium batteries have a lifespan of just three years and are prone to burn in hot summer days.  

IP65 Waterproof Certification

While implementing the best integrated solar street light on your project, you won’t consider keeping it undercover to protect it from the weather. Cmoonlight understands this concern and has added an IP65-certified coating to the product for better protection.

The purpose of this coating is to protect the electrical parts, alloy pole, and battery from the harsh weather and keep them functional throughout the year. So, whether it’s raining or sand storms, the solar street lights will keep enlightening the surroundings in every condition.  

3 Control Modes

Cmoonlight’s all-in-one solar street lights are remotely controllable appliances with a dedicated remote controller. You can remotely adjust the brightness and light mode and access other customization features. 

Moreover, it features three control modes: light, time, and microwave. While the light (L) mode implies light dispersion, the microwave (M) mode detects the presence of objects using a microwave sensor. 

Available in Various Light Output

Undoubtedly, our all-in-one solar street light is a versatile option for all types of lighting projects, but light output matters. An appropriate light output can enlighten the desired area while maintaining energy efficiency. 

Considering this, we manufacture our solar street lighting solutions in 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, and 120W light output. Whether you want a 40W solar light or a 120W integrated solar street light, Cmoonlight can fulfill your requirements in bulk! 



Cmoonlight — The Best All-in-One Solar Street Light Manufacturer


Globally Diverse Brand

Cmoonlight is a leading All-in-One solar street light Factory associated with Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., LTD. Since 2010, we have been a globally diverse brand supplying high-quality products worldwide. 

Our all-in-one solar street lights feature regional certifications such as CE, TUV, RoHS, COC, and IK10. Henceforth, they comply with the industrial standards of various countries, including South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Morocco, and Rwanda. 

Bulk Manufacturing

At Cmoonlight, the quality meets the quantity! We are bulk manufacturers with a massive factory and numerous experienced workers. You can buy the best all-in-one solar street light in bulk and at affordable prices. 

Not only street lights we also provide high-quality solar street light poles in the desired quantity according to your project requirements. 

High-Quality Products and Services

Cmoonlight offers an end-to-end solar lighting solution for global projects, from production to shipping. You have already explored how we craft the finest solar street lights spotlighting premium built and innovative technology.

However, that’s not all! We also offer services such as distributor support, shipment and door-to-door clearance, and ongoing support. Our engineers will repair or replace any defective component if an issue arises within three years after the purchase.   

Customization Options Available

In addition to the above-mentioned services, Cmoonlight also understands the specific needs of the projects and offers innovative customization options. We can further enhance our best all-in-one solar street light with surveillance CCTV cameras with WiFi or 4G connectivity. 

Moreover, we can also install a dedicated Smart Wireless Control System, allowing you to control all the lights from your computer. You can even request a customized silkscreened logo, battery capacity, and color temperature. 

Taking a Leap Over Industrial Standards with Quality and Innovation! 

Elevate your project with the unparalleled efficiency and durability of Cmoonlight’s all-in-one solar street lights. With industry-leading technology, versatile customization options, and a commitment to quality, our solar lighting solutions ensure your investment pays off.

Illuminate your surroundings confidently, knowing you’ve invested in the best integrated solar street lights for your project. Take the next step towards sustainable, reliable lighting today. Contact us today and make your lighting project a worthwhile investment! 

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