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Want to get rid of inefficient lighting systems? Let’s make your project worthwhile with the industry’s most innovative LED street lighting solutions! Cmoonlight as the best led street light manufacturer in China, provides the best LED street light, which lights your surroundings with brilliance and efficiency. 

Our cutting-edge technology and inventive designs offer long-lasting brilliance and durability, making your project safe and more appealing. Say goodbye to high energy costs and frequent replacements with our LED street lights, which are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 

Cmoonlight LED street lights shine brightly, transforming your streets into beacons of light and safety. Being in manufacturing for over a decade, we understand how important it is to combine cutting-edge technology with the finest build quality and features. So, if you are looking for a top-quality LED street light, Cmoonlight can be your savior. 

XH LED Street Light

75W/100W/150W/200W/ 230W/300W LED Parking Lot Area Luminaire, LED Street Light with Multifunctional Installation.

10 Years Warranty

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The XH LED Street light has several features that make it a very efficient and adaptable lighting option. Its self-cleaning, smooth body design prevents dirt and dust from gathering, resulting in optimal performance and reduced maintenance requirements. It saves time and money because of its simple installation process, which only requires one person.  


The rotatable optics feature enables a more flexible lighting design. The power-field adjustable function enables on-site alterations, minimizing several SKU requirements by up to 60%. The Universal bracket design allows for various installation methods, simplifying the process. The tool-free open driver box allows for easy maintenance and quick access.

XG LED Street Light

60w/100w/150w/200w/250w/300W LED Street Light, Led street luminaire, with the Highest Quality and Easy maintenance.

10 Years Warranty

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The XG LED Street Light is loaded with numerous functions that make it a user-friendly lighting option. Its self-cleaning, smooth body design eliminates dirt and dust buildup, which results in optimal performance and reduced maintenance requirements. Its installation process is easy as only a person is required for the same. 


The CCT color selection of 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K allows versatility in creating the ideal lighting mood. The shell color options of black and white enable seamless integration with various architectural types. The mounting bracket rotates 90 degrees, providing users with multiple installation options and accurate illumination arrangements.

Economic LED Street Light
80W/100W/120W Affordable Led Street Light with the Best Cost-performance. The quality is very stable. $25
2 Years Warranty

The myriad functions of the Economic LED Street Light have contributed to its immense popularity. With millions of units sold, it is the best-selling product. One prominent feature is its self-cleaning smooth body, which helps to reduce maintenance requirements while keeping the light fixture clean and appealing.


The tool-free opening driver box simplifies maintenance by allowing easy access and servicing without additional tools. Furthermore, the Economic LED Street Light has zero uplight; thus, it conforms to International Dark Sky Association (IDA) rules. This function reduces light pollution and assures IDA clearance for environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

Revolutionizing the Era of Energy Efficiency with the Best LED Street Light

Determined Focus on Quality

Being an experienced global Street Light manufacturer in China, Cmoonlight always focuses on quality and provides products that stand the test of time. We ensure that our LED street lights are built of top-quality materials and undergo strict testing to ensure long-lasting light durability. 

Moreover, we provide LED street lights along with self-cleaning smooth body design. This function ensures ideal performance and longevity by preventing dirt and dust collection. With us, you can be confident that you are purchasing the Best Led Street Light products.

Globally Compatible Products

Cmoonlight is a renowned LED street light manufacturer associated with Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., LTD. Since 2010, we have been a globally diverse brand that supplies high-quality products worldwide. 

Our LED streetlights have regional certifications, including CE, TUV, RoHS, COC, and IK10. They will now conform to the industrial norms of several countries, including South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Rwanda. 

Easy Installation and Maintenance 

Cmoonlight’s LED street lights are straightforward to install and easy to maintain. Our experts strive to provide user-friendly features and a streamlined design, allowing professionals to install them quickly and easily. 

At the same time, our LED street lights’ high-quality parts and long-lasting design also mean they don’t need much maintenance. Henceforth, maintenance and repairs will take less time and effort, making the lighting option easy to use.

Versatile Application

We may call it the best LED street light, but our range of lighting solutions features multipurpose products. It’s useful on highways, roads, in parking lots, and in residential areas, among other places. 

This adaptability makes our valuable product compatible with various projects and meets different lighting needs. The flexible design of our LED street light makes it a reliable and effective way to light up any place.

What Makes Our Product the Best LED Street Light?

All-Around Ventilated Design

Cmoonlight’s LED Street Light is the best because of its all-around vented design. This unique design enables excellent heat dissolution, allowing the light to operate at the ideal temperature for extended periods. 

Furthermore, the natural air convection design of our all-around vented housing allows air to gather and flow through the gaps, quickly eliminating heat and lowering the temperature by about 15 degrees. 


Rotatable Optics

The moonlight rotatable optical features of LED Street Light are very impressive. With the help of this feature, you can modify the light’s direction, giving you more control over how it illuminates certain areas. 

Whether on a narrow street or a vast road, the rotating optics ensure that light is precisely directed where it is most required. So, cities can create efficient and adequate street lighting solutions adapted to their individual needs using Cmoonlight’s rotatable optics.

Internal Reflectance Optic Technology

Cmoonlight’s LED Street Light distinguishes itself with sophisticated internal reflectance optic technology. This modern technology uses specifically designed reflectors within the light fixture to improve light efficiency and distribution. 

Our internal reflectance optic technology provides even lighting across the street by redirecting and optimizing light output. Also, it ensures our products are cost-effective and environmentally friendly LED street lighting solutions.

Energy-Efficient Photocell Sensor

Cmoonlight’s best LED Street Light stands out from the crowd because of its energy-efficient photocell sensor. This modern sensor senses outside light levels and adjusts the streetlight’s brightness accordingly.

This photocell sensor ensures that street lights only turn on at full brightness when needed and keeps people safe while saving energy. Our LED Street Light is an innovative way to lighten up cities that promotes energy savings.

Single-Person Installation

Our LED street light is easy for one person to install, making it extremely handy and efficient. Its user-friendly design and lightweight structure allow for easy handling and installation by a single person. This makes the installation process relatively easy while saving labor and time. Our products’ simplicity and easy-to-use features make us stand out from the crowd.

IP65 Waterproof Certification

When installing it on your project, you won’t consider covering the best integrated solar LED street light to keep it safe from weather damage. Understanding this worry, Cmoonlight has improved protection for the device by adding an IP65-certified coating. 

This coating’s main objective is to keep the alloy pole, battery, and electrical components from severe weather so they may continue to operate all year. Therefore, the solar streetlights will continue illuminating the surroundings regardless of the weather, including rain and sandstorms. 

Up to 10 Years of Warranty

Our LED streetlights come with excellent protection and a warranty that lasts up to 10 years, so you know they will work well for a long time. Thus our product is quite reliable and durable. That makes it an ideal choice for towns and organizations.

With this warranty offer, we ensure that our LED street lights will lighten your streets and roads for an extended period. So, our LED street lights require minimum maintenance and maximize energy efficiency.

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