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Why Should You Choose Cmoonlight as a Solar Street Light Supplier in Chile?

Are you looking for a reliable solar street light supplier in chile? We provide energy-efficient and long-lasting solar lighting solutions to lighten up your streets.

Cmoonlights is a trusted solar road and street light supplier, certified by the Agency of Sustainable Energy, Chile. As an established solar streetlight supplier in Chile, Cmoonlight makes the best outdoor solar lights. They also offer a great after-sale service. You can easily repair or replace any defective component for 3 years after purchase. 

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Cmoonlight — Premium Solar Street Light Supplier in Chile

Cmoonlight is a solar lights manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. It primarily focuses on all-in-one solar streetlights.

We mainly sell all-in-one solar street lights and have a patent product called Palm Tree solar lamp or Foldable all-in-one solar lamp that we developed in a year. These palm tree solar lights enjoy an exceptional reputation in the market, with 120 countries and 400 counties using our solar lamps, including Chile.

Cmoonlight enjoys an outstanding reputation as Chile’s top solar street light supplier. Our all-in-one solar streetlights are especially popular in Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepción, and Puente Alto.



Are you thinking about buying a solar streetlight?

Palm All-in-One Solar Street Light - Cmoonlight

Foldable All-in-One Solar Street Lights

PALM Tree Series Features: Solar Panel is Fodable Design, has a better sunlight absorption Power Rate: 40W 60W 100W 120W
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Adjustable all-in-one solar street light, Its Bracket is adjustable.

Adjustable All-in-One Solar Street Lights

ST Series Features: Lamp Body Angle is Adjutable, can be installed vertically and horizontally Power Rate: 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W 140W
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Split Type Solar Light, All-in-Two Solar Street Light - Cmoonlight

Split All-in-Two Solar Street Lights

SPLIT Series Features: Solar Panel can adjust its angle Power Rate: 40W 60W 80W 100W 150W 160W 200W
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All in One Led Solar Street Light - Palm solar street light

Why Should You Choose a Solar Street Light?

Solar street lights are applicable anywhere there is sunlight, even in temperatures as low as -10℃. Hence, they’re suitable even in Chile, where the temperature is often cold.

You can do good for the environment by cutting on electricity consumption.

You don’t have to worry about power interruption. Also, you can save a lot of money as sunlight is available everywhere.

Solar lights are safe as accidents like fire or electric shock don’t happen in them.

Types of solar street lights we offer

1. Foldable-all-in-one solar streetlights

Want to buy a solar streetlight but not want to miss out on any benefits? Palm Tree Solar Street from Cmoonlight is the option you should consider. This flagship product from the company offers the benefits of split solar street lights, semi-split solar street lights, and integrated solar street lights. 

The following features make Palm Tree Solar street light a value for your money:

  • Adjustable solar street panel that ensures maximum solar panel absorption efficiency.
  • High-end solar panels, lithium batteries, controllers, and LED lamp beads that make your solar light suitable for high-end solar street lights, highway lights, municipal projects, and solar road light projects.

Cmoonlight also keeps quality in the highest regard and ensures the solar street lights go through strict quality inspection and production technology processes before reaching your hands.


The foldable-all-in-one solar street lights from Cmoonlight are available in the following options:

A. Palm Tree Solar LED Street Light with CB IEEE Saber

Do you want to install solar street lights in places where trees are planted at the side of the road? Getting adequate sunlight will be a major challenge because trees block most sunlight. 

  • This unique solar street light from Cmoonlight solves this problem by offering the following features:
  • Adjustable solar panels that increase solar panel efficiency by 60% by facing the sunlight from both sides of the road.
  • Separated hot solar panels that increase battery lifespan by 60% by preventing the heat from being conducted to the battery.
  • Easy installation as the solar street light has only two mounting steps. 

You can learn more about Palm Tree Solar LED Street Light with CB IEE Saber here

B. Solar Street Lights With CCTV Cameras

  • This unique solar street light variant offers a CCTV IP camera with motion sensors and 128 TF card support, allowing you to capture high-quality videos and images. Other impressive features it offers: 
  • Compact Lithium LifeP04 batteries with a clever power management system. It ensures your solar street lights work even in conditions like extreme cold.
  • You don’t need any connection to the grid as these solar street lights are self-sufficient.
  • The solar street light also has to infrared induction probe to conserve energy.

 You can learn more about Solar Street lights with CCTV cameras here.

C. 100W Solar Street Light

Looking forward to installing a solar street light in your parking lot? Look no further than the 100W solar street light from Cmoonlight because it has everything you need: a compact design, corrosion-free construction, and energy efficiency. Besides, it can continuously deliver 16000 lumens for 50000 hours, setting you free of worry for the next 15 years.

Here are some other features of this solar street light:

  • A tempered glass cover with IP7 water resistance. Hence, it would withstand 20-25 years of extreme weather conditions. 
  • A-class solar panels with 21% photoelectric conversion efficiency, leading to maximum solar panel absorption efficiency. 
  • CREE5050 chips that can last 50000 hours, much better than most LEDs.
  • 600K color temperature that illuminates a bright and refreshing light that’s pleasing to the eyes.
  • LiFePo4 battery that guarantees long-lasting backup and lifespan of your solar street light.

2. Split Solar Street Lights

We install a solar panel at the top of the light pole and extend the light source from the light pole support arm in split solar street lights. They also feature an external battery for storing and discharging electricity. 

Such solar streetlights are common and have a broad range of applications. You can use them on the highway, car roads, country roads, etc.

You can buy these solar street lights from Cmoonlight in 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 150W, and 200W. They’re available in the following variant:

All-in-two Split Type Solar Street Lights

This solar street light features an improved design with two mounting options, motion sensors for street roads and gardens, and post-top mounting & side entry mounting installation options. It has an LED luminous efficiency of up to 190lm/w. 2000lm-8000lm. A highly tensile die-casting aluminum light body with excellent heat dissipation is also available. 

You can also adjust the solar panels manually, vertically, and horizontally to ensure the maximum efficiency of solar energy.

Learn more about all-in-two split solar street lights here.

3. All-in-one LED Solar Street Lights

We also manufacture high-quality all-in-one LED solar street lights with A-class lithium batteries. They’re among our top-selling solar streetlights in Chile as they are affordable. These LED solar streetlights are available in 40W, 60W, 100W, 120W, and 180W.

The following features make all-in-one LED solar streetlights unique:

  • A high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel that guarantees up to 30 years of service life.
  • It’s an IP65-certified product, which can seamlessly operate in all weather conditions.
  • The US-made 3030 Cree LED chip offers an enhanced luminance of 160lm/w. 

You can learn more about our all-in-one LED solar streetlights here.

4. Solar Street Light Pole

Looking for a solar street light pole instead of a fully-fledged solar street light? We can also help in that as we also build and supply high-quality hot dip galvanized solar street light poles. 

Here’s what you’ll get in our solar street light poles:

  • An incredible yield strength of over 235MPa with our low-carbon steel Q235 offering
  • 30 years of anti-corrosion life with our innovative anti-corrosion that firmly sticks to the galvanized surface.


We can also supply solar-powered LED road stud lights with 100000 hours of working time. These solar LED road studs have a USA-brand solar panels with a fast charging rate, Japanese-brand casting AI material that bears extreme pressure, and high-quality epoxy resin glue to fix the solar stud.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which battery is the best for solar streetlights?

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP or Li-IP) batteries are brilliant for solar street lights as they’re cost-effective, less toxic, and easy to maintain. These batteries also guarantee a long lifespan.

2. How much do Solar Street Lights cost?

The expense of solar streetlights depends upon the solar light component specifications. In addition, the level of the light post, the size of the lithium battery, the size of the solar panel, the style of the light head, and the lighting time impact the solar streetlight cost.

3. What information should we give you to best customize our solar street lights?

  • Hours for which the sun shines in your city.
  • Rainy days during the rain season. It is essential because solar street lights can only last up-to 3-4 days without sunlight.
  • Time in which you want the solar street light to operate.
  • Width of the road or the street and the height of poles.
  • Picture of the solar street light installation location. It would help us better plan the streetlight installation.

We will reply you within 6 hours 

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