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Solar street light project in Saudi Arabia

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2021-08-15 12:58:30

Solar street light project in Saudi Arabia


Cmoonlight, with unique and high-quality solar street lights, has done successful projects in various countries including China, Philippine, Spain, Thailand and Nigeria. In addition to all these countries, Saudi Arabia is also a great example of the worldwide success of Cmoonlight.

Saudi Arabia, being one of the largest suppliers of oil in the world, is well-known for its oil products. In addition to this, Saudi Arabia is also known as the largest country without a river. Nearly 95% of the country is a desert or a semi-desert. Due to this, Saudi Arabia has a desert-like climate, with the daytime being extremely hot and dry while the nights are cold. Keeping this in mind, the government of Saudi Arabia planned a project which was to install solar street lights to make use of the Sun’s heat to generate electricity. This was done to lower the rising electricity prices in the country. This project was undertaking by Cmoonlight, and was completed with perfection. 

Palm-tree solar street lights:
Cmoonlight undertook this project and installed palm-tree solar street lights in Saudi Arabia. These solar street lights, with LiFePO4 Lithium battery, foldable mono-solar A-class panels and customizable all dye casting aluminum alloy print are perfect and just according to the demands on the Saudi government. 
  • Various parameters:
These lights have different parameters according to what the customer demands, with varying panel power i.e., 60W, 80W,140W and 160W with battery capacity of 18Ah*12.8V, 24Ah*12.8V, 39Ah*12.8V and48Ah*12.8V respectively.
  • High-end battery:
The high-end lithium battery used in these solar street lights can withstand high temperatures which makes it perfect for Saudi Arabia. The charge time of these palm-tree solar street lights is only 4-6 hours in strong sunlight.
  • High heat dissipation and protection:
 Furthermore, the heat dissipation of these palm tree solar street lights is very high which prevents the battery from getting too heated. These palm-tree solar street lights have detachable solar panels, which can be taken off the solar light. This provides the light with shadow and doesn’t allow it to heat up too much. This is highly significant in warm areas like Saudi Arabia. These integrated solar street light can work in a temperature of -20 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius
  • Greater conversion and absorption rate:
Not only this, but the solar panels used in these solar street lights are 500mm in length while the normal ones are only between 330-430 mm. this ensures more absorption of light. Furthermore, the rate of conversion of these street lights is almost 19-24% while normal street lights have a conversion rate of only 12%. This makes sure that a larger amount of sunlight is converted to electricity. This also means that as compared to normal street lights, these solar powered street lights have a longer backup and can run throughout the night. The LED chips used in these solar street lights has a CREE from the United States of America with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The lifespan of the solar panel is 300 months or 25 years.
  • Moveable panels:
Another great advantage for these street lights is that the panels are moveable and easily controllable. This means that the panels can be moved according to the position of the sun. while the normal solar powered street lights don’t have this ability. This increases the light absorption and efficiency of these panels by 60%.
  • Easy installation:
 These lights can fit with poles of different diameters ranging from 40-115 mm which makes their installation easy. Also, instead of the lengthy and complicated installation methods used in other solar street lights, these palm-tree solar street lights can easily be installed in two simple steps. This makes it easier for the government to manage as they don’t have to worry about lengthy installation process. 
One of the main reasons why the government of Saudi Arabia trusted Cmoonlight with this project is that it has proper certifications such as IP67, IK10, SC, GS, COC, and CB IECEE Saber for Saudi Arabia. Cmoonlight did proper research to supply such quality lights which can withstand the climatic conditions of Saudi Arabia and meet the requirements and demands of the government of Saudi Arabia. The government of Saudi Arabia is very pleased with this project. There is a great chance that the Saudi government would like to work with Cmoonlight on more projects in the future.
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