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In the realm of urban innovation, the Solar Cylinder Street Light Post emerges as a beacon of modernity and sustainability. Designed to meet the demands of premium projects that seek both aesthetics and performance, this revolutionary concept takes solar-powered lighting to new heights. A testament to cutting-edge engineering, the Solar Cylinder Street Light Post is not just a fixture; it’s a transformative piece of urban artistry.

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What is Solar Cylinder Wrap Street Light Post?

(ie. Vertical Solar Light Pole)

The pinnacle of this innovation is the vertical solar module, featuring slim mono-crystalline solar panels that boast an impressive efficiency of up to 24%. With a lifespan exceeding 20 years, this technology not only ushers in the future but also ensures prolonged benefits for urban environments.

Imagine a streetlight that not only illuminates the city but also captivates with its aesthetic allure. 

The Solar Cylinder Street Light Post with solar wrapped panel is a breakthrough innovation unveiled in 2019, surpassing traditional solar street lights in both design and functionality. It’s a composition of elegance and efficiency, a vertical masterpiece that redefines how we perceive lighting infrastructure.

Crafted with precision, the Solar Cylinder wrap Street Light Post comprises three integral components: the solar module, the solar LED light head, and the hot galvanized pole. This minimalistic design not only radiates sophistication but also streamlines installation, making it an optimal choice for projects that demand both visual appeal and unwavering performance.

At the heart of this innovation lies sustainability and autonomy. The vertical solar pole operates independently, harnessing the power of the sun to provide continuous illumination without relying on standard utility power. Its self-sufficiency makes it a versatile solution for a plethora of settings, including streets, parking lots, highways, and even rural landscapes.


Vertical Solar Light Pole With Flexible Solar Panel
Vertical Solar PV Poles
Vertical Solar Street Lights
LED Vertical PV Solar Street Light Post

Difference between Solar Cylinder Wrap Street
Light Posts and Regular Solar Street Light

The differences are glaring, each element is purposefully designed to elevate the Solar Cylinder Street Light Post
beyond traditional solar street lights:

Wind Resistance Beyond Measure

Regular solar panels atop lighting columns often struggle to withstand strong winds, leading to potential damage. In contrast, the vertical design of the Solar Cylinder Street Light Post confers exceptional wind resistance, making it a sturdy choice for even the most challenging environments. Whether it’s coastlines, mountains, or typhoon-prone areas, this innovation remains steadfast.

Aesthetic Unveiled

While traditional solar panels collect dust and debris, compromising efficiency, vertical solar poles mitigate this issue. The panels’ design discourages accumulation, ensuring that rain becomes the natural cleanser. Furthermore, the sleekness of the vertical panels creates an aesthetic appeal that harmonizes with urban landscapes

Adaptability Reinvented

The flexibility of vertical solar PV poles is unparalleled. Their compatibility with various lighting styles and the ability to integrate surveillance CCTV cameras with WiFi or 4G signal showcases their adaptability. In addition, the incorporation of a Smart Wireless Control System allows centralized management, ushering in a new era of intelligent urban illumination.


Vertical Solar Light Pole With Flexible Solar Wrapped Panel

Photometric Simulation

Customizable Flag pole

LED Vertical PV Solar Street Light Post

Custom height/Diameter available

IOT Smart Solution

Vertical Solar Wrap Garden Light Pole for Park

Customization Process

Tailoring Your Vertical Solar Light Pole Based on Your Specs


Submit product specifications 

Submit an inquiry of your desired product specifications 


Schedule meeting to finalize details

Our engineers will discuss with you in depth and help you finalize the product design


Produce a sample product

We will deliver a workable prototype to meet your requirements


Mass Production

After the prototype get your approval and start producing them in bulk.

About Cmoonlight

Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., Ltd. isn’t just a company; it’s a movement towards a brighter, greener future. Established in 2010, our journey has been marked by innovation, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


Vertical Solar Light Pole With Flexible Solar Panel

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Why Cmoonlight?

Technological Prowess

 At the heart of Cmoonlight lies a deep understanding of photovoltaic technology. Our products aren’t just lights; they’re the result of meticulous research, relentless development, and a passion for harnessing the power of the sun

Pioneering Innovation

Cmoonlight has pushed the boundaries of what solar lighting can be. Our focus on integrated/all-in-one solar streetlights places us at the forefront of innovation. We’ve gone beyond the ordinary, inventing the foldable all-in-one solar street light – a testament to our commitment to reshaping urban illumination.

Global Reputation

With a reputation that spans the globe, Cmoonlight is a name associated with trust and quality. Our Palm tree foldable solar street light and solar garden light have garnered admiration within the industry. We’ve solidified our position as a top three solar street light manufacturer with a decade of expertise..

Comprehensive Solutions

We’re more than just a manufacturer. We’re a complete solution provider, offering a range of smart photovoltaic solutions and comprehensive support. Our sales and service network spans the globe, ensuring that our expertise is within reach wherever you are.

Pioneering Innovation

Cmoonlight doesn’t just light up spaces; we transform them. Our solutions marry functionality with aesthetics, creating lighting infrastructure that seamlessly blends with urban landscapes. We don’t just illuminate; we elevate the essence of the city.



When you choose Cmoonlight, you’re choosing a partner that shares your vision for a sustainable and illuminated future. Our commitment to customization, innovation, and quality makes us the beacon guiding cities toward a brighter, greener horizon.


In a world where lighting isn’t just about brightness but also about harmony, efficiency, and identity, Cmoonlight stands tall, illuminating not just spaces but also the way forward. Let the Solar Cylinder Street Light Post redefine your urban experience, one customized beam at a time.



Main Benefits of Vertical PV Street Lights

The array of benefits offered by the Solar Cylinder Street Light Post is a testament to its innovative design
and functionality:

Snow & Hail Resistant

Vertical solar panels defy snow accumulation, ensuring uninterrupted functionality in snowy climates. Moreover, the unique design wards off hail damage, eliminating risks and reducing maintenance costs.

Robust Wind Resistance

A triumph of engineering, the Solar Cylinder Street Light Post’s vertical panels not only resist damage but also enhance the pole’s wind resistance. In windy areas, such as coastlines and islands, this innovation holds its ground, reducing concerns of pole damage.

Effortless Cleaning

Unlike conventional solar panels that require lift trucks for cleaning, vertical panels are easily cleaned from the ground. This streamlined process saves time, effort, and costs.

360-Degree Efficiency

Wrap-around panels ensure optimal power generation from all angles. Coupled with hexagonal designs for maximum morning and afternoon exposure, efficiency is heightened even in low-latitude areas..

Smart Control System

The power to control your solar street lights from a central hub is a game-changer. Our Smart Wireless Control System empowers you to manage your entire lighting network effortlessly. Efficiency, convenience, and innovation come together in a single solution.

Branding Identity

Your project is more than just an infrastructure endeavor – it’s a statement. With Cmoonlight, you can imprint your unique identity by adding silkscreened logos to your solar lighting products. Make your mark on the urban canvas with elegance and distinction.r

FAQ’s about

Solar Cylinder Street Light Post

Got questions about the Solar Cylinder Street Light Post? We’ve got answers! Here are some common
inquiries to shed light on your journey toward sustainable urban illumination.

Absolutely. Cmoonlight offers customization options such as silkscreened logos, allowing you to imprint your project’s identity on the lighting solution. We ensure that your solar streetlights align seamlessly with your vision.

Yes, it can. Unlike traditional panels, the vertical panels prevent snow accumulation, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even during snowy weather.

Yes, you can. Our Smart Wireless Control System empowers you to centrally manage and control multiple solar street lights with ease.

Yes, you can. At Cmoonlight, customization is key. You have the power to tailor the battery capacity and LED color temperature to suit your project’s specific needs.

Yes, it can. Whether it’s a new installation or retrofitting existing poles, the Solar Cylinder Street Light Post’s modular design allows for easy assembly on a variety of poles.

Got more questions? Reach out to us and let’s illuminate your path to a greener, more efficient future!

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