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Cmoonlight’s Solar Street Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Cmoonlight is a brand name representing the Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Company Ltd. The company has more than a decade of experience in street lighting products manufacturing. We manufacture and supply incredible Solar LED street light products since 2010. Currently, Cmoonlight is one of China’s top five all-in-one solar street manufacturers

The Palm tree Solar LED Street light is our Company’s most recent crowning achievement.  This incredible product features a unique, foldable all-in-one design that offers multiple benefits including, better heat dissipation and easy installation. This product can replace conventional integrated street lighting solutions if its features are anything to go by. Other quality solar street lighting products that Cmoonlight manufactures include;

  • Split Solar LED street lights
  • Solar Street light poles
  • Conventional all-in-one solar street lights

Welcome to buy samples of solar street lights from us for testing. Low MOQ, 1pc for sample checking is available. Mixed samples are acceptable. The available payment is Bank TT, Paypal, Western Union.

Most solar street light manufactures tend to offer unreasonable MOQs. This is why we are your best bet when it comes to Minimum Order Quantity. You can order as low as one product. Any wise individual will agree that this is an excellent offer especially when dealing with small and medium projects.

Our solar street lights can stay lit for up to 15 hours per night, 3~4 backup rainy days. This is primarily because Cmoonlight’s products have an assortment of smart features such as Microwave sensors and auto shut-off features. Such features help the battery to maintain its charge a little longer than most street lighting solutions available in the market.

It is also essential to note that our models use LiFePO4 that offers a strong battery life. This battery can keep the lights on at full intensity for the whole night when fully charged. Any solar street lighting expert will attest that such battery capabilities are a huge plus.  

Please tell us the width of the road and more detail information of the road, we will supply professional 3D Dialux photometric simulation to you soon.

Yes, Cmoonlight offers top-of-the-line solar street lighting solutions. When it comes to solar street lighting projects, the concept of one product fits all is not applicable. A product that works perfectly for one project may not deliver the same impressive results in another project. Do you need an all-in-one solar street light or any other product with specific design alterations?

If the answer is yes, please feel free to reach out to us and tell us exactly what you need. Our technical team is highly trained and can easily comprehend your specific needs including sizing and application requirements. You can rest assured that the resulting customized solar-powered street light will put a smile on your face. 

The Cmoonlight QC team does the quality check for every order carefully first. We will take responsibility for any defective products under the warranty time. And our sales team will give you the feedback within 24 hours.

Cmoonlight would like to establish a stable business ship with local distributors all around the world. To confirm the mutual profits, the exclusive agency rule is necessary. Welcome to contact us.

Yes, our solar lights are designed and constructed to withstand damage from vandalism. Most of our systems are designed for 145 mph winds. In hurricane zones, we’ve created systems that can handle winds up to 180 mph.

We have a project in a port near the sea in the Philippines, where there are many typhoons, and it’s still no problem after 4 years of installation.

Cmoonlight provides 5 years warranty for A-class LiFePO4 Lithium batteries, 3 years warranty for B-class LiFePO4 lithium batteries.

Yes, Each component of the solar street light of Cmoonlight have passed very Rigorous quality testing CB certificate for the Saudi Arab market, and all of our products have passed CE, RoHS, IES, and TUVIP66,IS9001 certification, in line with Africa, Europe, Japan, the United States, South Korea, and other countries and regions.

It is determined by the working temperature of the battery.
Charge and discharge temperature of Li-ion Lithium battery is -10 degree~+50 degree.
Charge and discharge temperature of LiFePO4 Lithium battery is 0 degree~+60 degree.
Charge and discharge temperature of NI-MH battery is -40 degree~+60 degree.

The working temperature of a solar street light has a significant impact on the performance of each component. Our products’ working temperatures are heavily dependent on the battery’s operating temperature. Cmoonlight’s default battery option is the LiFePO4 battery whose charge and discharge temperatures are 0 degrees and +60 degrees respectively.

Do you reside in a country that experiences rampant low temperatures? If the answer is yes, we can replace the default battery with the NI-MH battery. This battery has a charge and discharge temperature of -40 degrees and +60 degrees respectively. Therefore, it is the most suitable option for cold regions such as Canada.s.

Yes, we can add the mains supply complementary. Solar energy supplies power in ordinary times, if there is a long rainy and cloudy, and solar power is not enough, it will switch to the mains supply automatically.

Yes, we can. Cmoonlight team uses the latest wireless technology in the world. Each lamp has a built-in 4G module.

The customers only need to insert the 4G SIM card of their country. The customers need to tell us the name of the local Telecom operator in advance, and it is better if customers can send us 2 pcs phone cards which have international roaming service. We will customize the 4G module according to the local Telecom operator.

It does not need any wires. The solar panel converts solar energy to the battery in the daytime. At night, the battery releases energy and light on. No need wires of the mains supply.

This is an all-in-one design, and the battery is integrated inside the light.

With sufficient sunlight in the daytime, the voltage generated by the solar panel is more than 5V; the controller indicates that it is daytime now and turns off the light automatically.

No need. It turns on the light at night automatically. Due to the insufficient sunlight at night; the voltage generated by the solar panel is below 5V, the controller is indicated that it is night now and turns on the light automatically.

So when there is a lack of light indoor, or unplug the wire between the solar panel and the light, or there are obstructions on the solar panel, in these three cases, the voltage generated by the solar panel is below 5V, the controller is automatically indicated that it is night now, and turn on the light even at daytime.

Yes, must. If the pole exceeds the light too long, it will cast shadows on the solar panel, and this will seriously impair the absorption efficiency of the solar panels. 
Even a 5% shaded area will reduce the 95% efficiency of the solar panel (hot spot effect).

Our pole includes: Q235 rolled steel ( Hot-dip galvanized anti-rust process is done both inside and outside), Flange, foldable ground cage, and screws for installation.

Our Palm tree solar street light can match the pole diameter between 40mm~150mm. We suggest customers purchase a Straight pole without an arm, Spray silver paint, the diameter of the top of the pole is 70mm

Yes, IP67. All components are internally waterproof; even if some rainwater enters into the lamp body, it doesn’t matter.

In the same quality products, our price is the cheapest, because our profit is the lowest. Our factory assembles solar panels and batteries to make sure the quality by ourselves, The internal management of our company is relatively flat, the combined cost is lower than other companies.

Our lamp has a lifespan of 15 years. After 15 years, the lamp will still be on, but the battery capacity will be reduced to 70% of the original, and the lamp's brightness will drop a little.

Our lamps are suitable for quality-focused commercial applications and municipal road applications.

Solar street lights do not need wiring and electrical power supply equipment, not need electricity bills. Besides our solar street lights are bright and have a long life span, so our solar street lights can definitely replace city circuit lights

Solar street lights are usually tailored to meet specific needs. An all-in-one solar street light that works perfectly in a London street may not deliver the same results in Dubai. Are you searching for a reliable solar street lighting solution? This FAQ guide answers some common questions that our customers ask when shopping for a solar street light.   


1. How does your solar street light work?

The Cmoonlight family manufactures different categories of solar street lighting products including the unique foldable all-in-one solar street light. All our street lighting products have a similar working principle. They use energy from the sun otherwise known as solar, the most celebrated renewable source of energy.

Generally, solar street lighting systems have three distinct components namely, the solar panel, battery and the light source. The solar panels absorb energy from the sun during the day. This energy is converted into electric energy and stored in the battery for use at night. It is essential to note that our products come with LED lights that offer several benefits.  

2. How do I choose a solar street light?   

There are three options that you can choose from when selecting a solar-powered street light. These options include the split solar LED street light, conventional all-in-one street light, and the unique foldable all-in-one solar street light. It is important to take a keen look at each option’s design, components, features, and overall performance.

Cmoonlight’s Palm tree Solar LED Street light is currently the most ideal option. It offers several benefits, including easy installation, better heat dissipation, and 60% more efficiency. This unique product guarantees an excellent return on your investment and is most likely to replace conventional street lighting options.

​​​​3. Which information do you need to give us for solar street light customization?

There is a broad list of essential factors that we need to consider when manufacturing a customized Solar LED street light. These factors often vary from one customer to the next. Consequently you need to supply us with some vital information when ordering a customized solar street light. The most essential information that you need to give us include; 
  • The sunshine hours per day at the location you intend to install the street lights
  • How many continuous rainy days do you usually experience at the installation location? This information helps us to ensure that the street light can work for up to four days with minimal sunlight requirement.
  • What brightness level would you prefer? (For example, 100 watts or 120 watts)
  • What is your preferred solar street light working time daily? (For instance, do you want it to work for 8 hours or 10 hours?)
  • The width of the street. It is always advisable to send us some pictures of the installation location. This will help our design team to come up with a product that meets all your specific needs.

4. How long do your solar street light’s batteries work?

Unlike most of our competitors, we assemble the batteries and solar panels ourselves. Apart from that, Cmoonlight ages all solar street lights for three days before releasing them for shipping. This ensures that all solar-powered street light components including the battery achieve maximum durability. We generally use A-class and B-class LiFePO4 Lithium batteries with a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

What happens if your battery sustains some damage? Cmoonlight offers a 5-year warranty for any A-class LiFePO4 Lithium battery. We also provide a 3-year warranty for the B-class LiFePO4 Lithium battery. Essentially, Cmoonlight, a leading solar street light manufacturer in China, is your best bet for durable batteries.

5. What are some of the common applications of your solar street lights?

All-in-one solar street lights and any other solar-powered street lighting solutions are products of modern science and technological advancements. This incredible products offer a broad range of benefits including ample long-term returns on initial investment. Most people assume that they are only applicable in street lighting. The truth, however, is that solar-powered street lighting solutions are common across several applications including;
  • Rural road lighting
  • Lighting farms, courtyards, and barns
  • Lighting homestays, resorts, and hotel outdoors
  • Lighting mining areas and remote areas with regular power shortages
  • Lighting public squares, playgrounds, and parking lots
  • Lighting industrial zones and science and technological parks  

6. Are your solar street lights ‘smart’?

Yes. Cmoonlight solar street lights have several ‘smart’ features. You can set and monitor all our products remotely. They also have a smart microwave sensor that effectively regulates the light intensity based on traffic around the lighting installation.  Other smart features worth noting include;
  • Smart  MPPT controller
  • Automatic on and off switch

7. What weather resistance capabilities do your solar street lights have?

Cmoonlight’s solar-powered street light products are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. Most of them can withstand a wind velocity of up to 145 mph. However, we increase the weather resistance capabilities of products meant for high risk zones.

Do you reside in a hurricane prone area? The Cmoonlight family manufactures specialized systems that can withstand a wind velocity of up to 180 mph specifically for such areas. A lighting project in the port of Philippines is a testament of our products’ resilience. Four years down the line, our solar street lights are still working perfectly even though the area has experienced several typhoons.

8. What are the maintenance requirements for your solar street lights?

Generally, Cmoonlight’s products are designed to guarantee unmatched durability and low maintenance. However, in some regions with extreme conditions, some maintenance is necessary to keep the lights functioning well.  Exposure to dust, snow, ice or any other hazardous material may dame your solar LED Street light. Here are some things that you should do to prevent such an unfortunate scenario
  • You should inspect your street lights at least once a week to ensure they are working well
  • Inspect the solar panels and clean them after every two months
  • Try to replace the battery every seven years whether it is an all-in-one solar street light or a conventional street light

9. What are the advantages of your solar street lights over traditional lighting options?

Cmoonlight’s solar street light products have several advantages compared to traditional lighting solutions. First, they offer an excellent return on investment since because they are durable and do not require regular costly maintenance. Here are other advantages of our   solar-powered street lights that you should know;
  • Simple installation- You can easily install any of our products within a short time.
  • Environmental-friendly and energy-saving- Our products have excellent energy saving capabilities and do not produce any form of pollution or radiation.
  • Safe and long-lasting- Traditional lighting solutions often have several hidden safety risks. Our solar LED street lights are safe and can work optimally for up to 15 years.
  • Advanced technology- Our solar street lights use cutting-edge ‘Smart’ technologies that guarantee the best performance.

10. Do your products have quality certifications?

Yes. The Cmoonlight family values quality above all else. Each component of our all-in-one solar street light and other product options undergoes rigorous quality tests. Consequently, we’ve earned several quality certifications and recognition in different markets including Saudi Arabia, Japan, the USA, Africa and Europe.

Cmoonlight boasts of a CB quality certification in Saudi Arabia, one of most lucrative markets. It is also essential to keep in mind that all our products have several other quality certification requirements for different markets. The most noteworthy certifications include;

  • ISO 9001
  • RoHS
  • IES
  • TUVIP66
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