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Solar Street Light Project in UAE (Abu Dhabi)

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2021-10-31 21:22:39

Solar Street Light Project in UAE (Abu Dhabi)
Solar Street Light Project in UAE (Abu Dhabi)

Abu Dhabi is the city of United Arab Emirates (formerly Trucial States, or Trucial Oman), and the federation’s national capital. The city takes up the majority of the same-named small triangular island just off the Persian Gulf coast and is connected to the mainland by a short bridge. Abu Dhabi was once an undeveloped town of only local importance, but the emirate’s oil revenues allowed it to develop into a modern city with fully developed infrastructure. One of the UAE’s most appealing features has always been its robust and modern infrastructure. Roads and highways in the UAE are designed to meet the country’s connectivity needs as well as the country’s environmental conditions. In addition to improving traffic efficiency and inter-emirate connectivity, all major expressways in the UAE serve as the underlying foundation of the country’s overall infrastructure.

More solar streetlights are being installed around the world, and they are gradually becoming more than just the best way to illuminate the roads at night. But what exactly are the distinctions? The following are a few of the reasons and differences why such new strategies are becoming popular. Solar street lighting systems are classified into two types: Grid-tied and off-grid. Off-road solar lights use no grid power and generate their own self-sustaining power on each rod, allowing for a zero electric charge for the system’s lifetime.  Grid-connected solar lighting methods feed power from solar panels into the grid during the day and then use grid power during the night.

These approaches are typically sized for net-zero machine design, which means they generate enough power during the day to cancel the electricity used by their lights at night. For a long time, conventional streetlights have met at least one of these criteria. Typically, a metal halide lamp rated at 250 to 400 watts can be used inside a traditional Cobra head fixture. Spacing, light degrees, and even energy intake are not considered. Once we advance in technology and understanding, with new rod installations, even traditional streetlights are beginning to consider more of the solar lighting industry that has existed for decades. Traditional streetlights are gradually being phased out in favors of newer LED fittings, which require much less maintenance and have a higher efficacy of used strength. Reduced wattage fixtures are increasingly being equipped to easily replace older style fixtures.

Renewable energy sources are used to power Smart LED Solar Street Lights. Solar powered street lights are made up of a solar panel, a controller, a rechargeable battery, a lighting fixture, and a pole. The controller will use the Photovoltaic effect to convert solar energy into electrical energy, which will then be stored in the battery. During the night, the battery will convert the chemical energy into electrical energy, which will be used to light the roads. Its modular design and distinct technological features represent a game-changing step forward in integrating clean energy, cloud-based data management, wireless communication, and digital services to create energy-efficient smart cities.

Cmoonlight is well-known for its high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Cmoonlight began in China and now has markets all over the world, with more projects planned in the future. The Solar Street Light project in UAE will be one of the examples.

UAE is one of Cmoonlight’s most important markets. The UAE, which is home to the world’s tallest building as well as the world’s largest dessert, has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. The UAE is technologically advanced, with a strong interest in new and modern products that make life easier for locals and tourists alike. The UAE government intends to upgrade its streetlighting system to a more advanced system. It is possible.

The main advantage of Solar Powered Street Lights is that they use solar energy, which is renewable. Our Solar Street Lamps feature integrated die-casting modeling, a dust-free design, high efficiency, and a high level of stability. The street lighting’s main body is made of aluminum alloy, which has excellent thermal and heat dissipation properties. We can design a system that is tailored to your needs. In addition to choosing your own street lighting, you can also customize other key parameters. Such as the material of the column, the number of solar modules, and the finish of the column. We can modify the street light to meet your specifications. Furthermore, using cutting-edge light-emitting diode technology, special task lighting can be applied to a lawn instead of the traditional refractors that blast light in all directions. In contrast, what does all of this mean? Assume you’re dealing with grid-connected electric lights. In that case, the most viable solution for cancelling or reducing your energy consumption is to switch to LED lighting and install solar panel systems to feed the grid on a daily basis.

If you’re dealing with a new job or an area where grid power does not yet exist and is difficult to bring in, off-grid solar lighting systems are the ways to go. Various types of fittings are traditionally used; however, with LEDs becoming more prevalent in various fixtures, the tolerance of decorative style fittings is now solar lighting software accessible. LEDs provide better lighting levels and allow for much better visibility than previously, and the long term expands the maintenance conditions. In the long run, knowing exactly what your needs are and understanding the cost differences between going solar, net-zero, or installing traditional electric lights may be beneficial. Using LED fixtures in new installations ensures that the least amount of energy is consumed while providing the best lighting possible. It’s amazing how far technology has come in the last few decades Business Management Articles, and I can’t wait to see where it will be in another 10 to 20 years.

Palm-Tree Solar Street Light:
The best street lights for the UAE would be Cmoonlight’s newest product, the Palm-Tree solar streetlight.

What’s the deal with the palm-tree solar street light?
The Palm-Tree solar streetlight is ideal for the United Arab Emirates. It is both a streetlight and a palm tree. The UAE, particularly Dubai, is well-known for its date palms. This is supplemented by these streetlights. Furthermore, in terms of battery, lifespan, and resilience, these streetlights are the best option. These palm-tree solar streetlights are one of a kind because they are made with only high-quality materials.

General information:
These lights have a LiFePO4 battery, foldable panels, and a 20-year lifespan. It also has a customizable high-quality aluminium alloy coating and can be easily controlled with a remote controller.

The panels include:
The solar panels used in these streetlights are made of high-quality aluminium and are much wider than standard streetlight panels. Furthermore, these panels are foldable and moveable, which is a novel feature in solar streetlights.

Power and capacity:
Depending on the buyer’s needs, these streetlights come in a variety of power and capacity configurations. The power of a solar panel, for example, can range from 60W to 260W. Similarly, the power of an LED can range from 40W to 120W. Battery capacities range from 18Ah*12.8V to 24Ah*12.8V, 39Ah*12.8V, and 48Ah*12.8V. The best streetlight for the UAE would be one with a power output of 100 watts.

The lighting:
These solar streetlights are powered by high-quality LED chips. These LED chips are CREE from the United States and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. These LED chips are controlled by a remote controller and can thus be dimmed and brightened as needed. The battery is constructed of high-quality Lithium. Lithium is used instead of any other element because it has a high charge storing capacity and can withstand extreme temperatures. It also has a relatively long lifespan of nearly 2000 charges and discharges. All of these factors combine to make it ideal for use in streetlights. As a result, these streetlights are ideal for the UAE, where the climate is desert-like.

Heat protection:
These lights have features that protect them from heat. These streetlights’ panels are detachable and thus separate from the battery. This gave the battery some shade. Light storage and conversion: Because the panels used in these streetlights are larger than standard ones and can be moved to face the sun throughout the day, these streetlights absorb nearly 60% more sunlight than standard streetlights. Furthermore, these streetlights convert a greater amount of sunlight to electrical energy. As a result, more sunlight is used.

Installation is a breeze with these streetlights. There are no complicated wires or methods needed. Only two simple mounting steps are required, and you’re done. Furthermore, these streetlights can be mounted on poles of various diameters. This greatly simplifies the installation process.

50W Solar Street light -X5 X5EQ50W

Location: Pocket Garden – Abu Dhabi
Product: 50W Solar Street light -X5 X5EQ50W
Overview of the Project

Camping under the stars is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors in Abu Dhabi. We understand that sleeping on sand or rocks does not appeal to everyone. As a result, Abu Dhabi has established a new camping area. The park is primarily designed to be environmentally friendly and green. As a result, using solar energy for lighting is the best option.

Our solution
180 X5EQ50W solar street lights are provided as a solution. This all-in-one solution provides stable functionality while also meeting the park’s lighting requirements, providing adequate lighting and improving park safety. The finished off-grid solar system does not necessitate complicated installation or wiring. 180 X5EQ50W systems were installed in every corner of the garden park escorted by PBOX’s customized X5 Series solar street lighting solution. The X5 solar system incorporates the most recent advances in efficient solar lighting technology while adhering to architectural design principles. The solar lights do not distract drivers even when they are on the side of the road. Each X5 solar system is customizable.

Bottom Line
Solar lighting has been installed in the park’s pocket gardens and activity areas, which not only provides a perfect outdoor environment for campers but also makes the neighborhood feel safer and more likely to enjoy park activities after dark. One of the most beneficial improvements to local parks and gardens is the use of clean energy lighting. Inadequate lighting in public parks frequently contributes to an increase in local crime and other anti-social behavior. It can be difficult to use a park or outdoor space at night if it is not adequately lit. A well-lit environment can improve the well-being of local residents while also improving community safety.

Cmoonlight is without a doubt one of the best in the business, and there is a good chance that it will do future projects in the UAE. Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co.,Ltd (Brand name Cmoonlight) is a professional solar powered street light manufacturer in China with high quality and over ten years of experience. All-in-One Solar Led Street Light, All-in-Two Solar Led Street Light, and Solar Light Post are among our products. For Saudi Arabia, we have IP67, IK10, SC, GS, COC, and CB IECEE Saber certifications. Cmoonlight has 20,000 square metres of factory space, 245 employees, and customers from over 180 countries. We spent an entire year inventing foldable all-in-one solar led street light to replace standard all-in-one solar led street light, with hundreds of details designed.
In 2010, Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., Ltd. was founded. It is devoted to the research and development and sales of solar power systems, solar led street lights, split solar street lights, solar traffic lights, solar flood lights, and integrated/all-in-one solar street lights.

Cmoonlight believes that integrated/all in one solar street lights will be the future trend, so we are concentrating our efforts on accumulating a large amount of technical knowledge in integrated/all in one solar street lights. We spent a year inventing the foldable all-in-one solar street light and tested it for a year to ensure product quality. Our Palm tree foldable solar street light and solar garden light are well-known in the industry. Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech solar light factory dedicated to smart solar lighting, solar street light, and providing excellent smart photovoltaic solutions, as well as supporting equipment and services to clients worldwide. The company combines research, production, sales, and service to form a strong capability in photovoltaic technology. Domestically and internationally, a comprehensive sales and service network has been established. The products are in use in over 120 countries and over 400 counties and cities around the world, and they work well. 

Foldable All-in-One Solar Street Light


Solar Street Light Pole with Hot-dop Galvanized



Adjustable Integrated Solar Street Light. 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, All-in-One solar street light


4G Solar CCTV Camera with 200W100AH


4G Solar CCTV Camera with 25W10AH

4G Solar CCTV Camera with 25W10Ah

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