CmoonLight Solar Street Light

Vertical Solar Wrap Light Pole with

Flexible Solar Panel

Vertical PV Solar Wrap Street Light PostCylinder solar panel

Cmoonlight’s LED Vertical PV Solar Wrap Street Light Post comes with a cylindrical solar panel system aligned vertically around the pole. The approach of aesthetically installing solar panels improves aerodynamics, solar utilization, and energy production with brilliant looks. 

Unlike traditional solar lights, the vertical solar tube can access the sunlight from 360 degrees resulting in a 24% higher conversion rate. We further added a CREE LED chip and light sensors on a rotatable light head to unlock the true potential.

The product comes with global certifications including CE, RoHS, UL, CB, and TUV. Therefore, the Vertical Solar Light Pole is eligible for solar lighting projects in countries such as UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, America, and Australia.

What’s more? Here are our exclusive customization options!


  • Flag inclusion

  • Custom pole height and size

  • 4G IoT Smart Integration for remote monitoring

  • Hybrid solar & grid power

Specification of Palm Series All-in-one Solar Street light

Solar Wrap Light Pole

Durable and corrosion-free
Solar powered street light poles

4 sizes available


Taking Over the Traditional Solar Street Light Poles

Sleek and Beautiful

In a realm of top-mounted solar panels, Cmoonlight’s Vertical Solar Light Pole sets a new trend with its sleek and elegant finish. Our professionals designed the pole for a clean look avoiding the fuss and complications. 

Highest Energy Absorption

In addition to appearance, the innovative design also focuses on solar energy absorption from all angles. We installed a lightweight photovoltaic tube featuring high-efficiency heterojunction monocrystalline cells for access to solar energy even in the dark days. 

Low Wind Resistance

Intense winds, sandstorms, and similar weather conditions can damage the vertical solar street lights. Our Vertical Solar Light Pole with Flexible Solar Panel has an aerodynamically designed cylindrical architecture for low wind resistance. The shape of the product makes it perfect for solar lighting projects in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.   

Convenient Installation and Maintenance 


At Cmoonlight, we provide a complete set of vertical solar light pole with flexible solar panel. The panels are soldered with -/- cables so that installers can directly put the cylinder through the pole and fasten the components conveniently. Also, we have integrated a separate battery compartment and internal controller making the product easy to maintain. 

Flexible vertical solar panels


No dust accumulate


Beautiful and elegant


Absorb solar energy 360 degrees


High conversion rate>24%


Cylindrical low wind resistance


Complete set with Pole


hot-dip galvanized inside
and outside,the surface
is finely polished and finally
sprayed with high-quality
fluorocarbon paint

Steel lamp arm

LED Lamp

30W Power, Cree high-brightness chip 182 LM/W, die-casting aluminum

Night view
Real time shooting

Solar Panel Tube

Photovoltaic description:
high-efficiency, light-weight winding
heterojunction solar module chips
High-efficiency heterojunction monocrystal
cell efficiency of 24% and above.

Lithium Battery

A-Plus LiFePO4 lithium battery


Cmoonlight supplies the cylindrical solar panels
soldiered with +/- cables and fixed a fastening item on
both ends. Customers will directly put the cylinder
through the pole and use the fastening items to fix
the cylinder to the pole.



Vertical Solar Wrap Light Pole With Flexible Solar Panel

Customizable Flagpole

Custom height/Diameter available

LED Vertical PV Solar Street Light Post

3D Dialux Simulation

Vertical Solar Light Pole With Flexible Solar Panel


Vertical Solar Light Pole With Flexible Solar Panel

Lamp Certification




Battery Certification







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