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The Cmoonlight’s solar street lights with LED employ modern technology that leverages the sun to light up the streets and other public areas. By incorporating battery technology and being completely off-grid, these street lights reduce dependence on traditional energy sources significantly.

LED solar street lights specifically use photovoltaic cells to absorb solar energy. The cells convert this energy into the usable electricity that makes the lamps work. The light-emitting bulb (LED) is a semiconductor material that produces light whenever an electric current passes through it. So every time the sun is up, the PV cells generate electricity which makes the LED produce light.

As you may infer, this process stops during the night because the sunlight is no longer available. However, the Cmoonlight street lights are still useful thanks to the battery technology. The LED lamp continues to operate, drawing power from the battery.

Our LED solar-powered street lights are designed to work everywhere, making them a perfect solution for areas where power access is an issue. Moreover, the products are environmentally friendly and portable, so they can be an excellent replacement for conventional street lights.

The solar power street light comprises several components, and each will have its lifespan. With good maintenance and careful selection of a provider, the entire solar street light set should serve you for at least three decades.

One of the most crucial components and a determinant of the lifespan is the battery. Generally, you have to choose between lithium-ion and gel types. Each of these batteries has pros and cons.

The working environment of the battery can affect lifespan. For instance, if you install the solar street light under a shade, its battery will remain in a non-saturation state for extended periods. The resulting intermittency of the power supply will affect battery life and by extension that of the entire system.

When looking at the lifespan of solar-powered street lights, you want to consider the materials used to make the various components. This is especially essential for the controllers, solar panels, and batteries. Products purchased from unreliable providers may fail within months, but those from Cmoonlight are high quality and therefore stand the test of time.

The quality of fixtures and LEDs also affects the lifespan of the product. Not many years ago, LED lights were giving about 50k hours. Today’s lights have advanced to the level of 100k hours and beyond. That’s about 2 decades of dusk to dawn lighting!

Note also that the working conditions may affect the performance and lifespan of the solar street lights. The batteries are particularly sensitive to heat. Since these products work outdoors, core components – batteries, charge controllers, etc. – may need waterproofing.

Cmoonlight is excited to present to you three product ranges namely the foldable all-in-one solar street light, the split solar LED light, and the all-in-one solar street light.

Palm All-in-One Solar Street Light - Cmoonlight

Foldable All-in-One Solar Street Lights

PALM Tree Series Features: Solar Panel is Fodable Design, has a better sunlight absorption Power Rate: 40W 60W 100W 120W
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Adjustable all-in-one solar street light, Its Bracket is adjustable.

Adjustable All-in-One Solar Street Lights

ST Series Features: Lamp Body Angle is Adjutable, can be installed vertically and horizontally Power Rate: 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W 140W
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Split Type Solar Light, All-in-Two Solar Street Light - Cmoonlight

Split All-in-Two Solar Street Lights

SPLIT Series Features: Solar Panel can adjust its angle Power Rate: 40W 60W 80W 100W 150W 160W 200W
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Our flagship solar street light is the foldable integrated solar street light. It is designed to adjust to the sunlight characteristics of the area to achieve solar panel absorption efficiency for excellent lighting results. You can be sure that this street light has undergone stringent quality inspection and the best production technology processes available.

We also have split solar street lights. These have the broadest range of applications among our products. Atop the light pole is the solar panel, while the LED light source is extended from the light pole support arm. This product also incorporates a battery, a lithium iron phosphate type to be specific. We use this type of battery because of its excellent performance. Our battery is integrated into the lamp body to ensure that the solar panel faces the sun for maximum performance, and to avoid heat conduction from the solar panel to the battery.

Also on our product list for solar street lights is the all-in-one solar LED Street light. For their ease of installation and transportation, these lights are increasingly becoming popular in the international market.

Available too are handy solar street light poles for use with solar street lights. Our main products in this category are solar road steel poles, high poles, street light poles, signal poles, and monitoring poles. With an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons, rest assured that we can support your projects reliably. Cmoonlight street light poles have undergone strict quality management to meet international standards. At present, our poles are available in a wide range of countries including Egypt, the UAE, Malaysia, the United States, and Pakistan. 

Please visit our  Solar LED Lighting page for additional details and specifications.

If you have been looking to drastically reduce your electricity consumption, then you need to try the Cmoonlight’s Palm Solar Street Light. It is an opportunity to go 100% off-grid with the best product and save a lot of money in the process. This shift will not cost you much in terms of installation and maintenance. No need to dig sizeable trenches when using these lights.

Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co. is a top-tier solar street light manufacturer with 12 years of experience in Shenzhen China. Our team is constantly engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of solar LED street lights in the country and beyond. We have our products doing well in Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the UAE, Nigeria, Malaysia, and other places.

All in One Led Solar Street Light - Palm solar street light
Features include: 
  • High-quality solar streets with the highest level of craftsmanship that makes installation simple and effective
  • Passed CB Saber IECEE IK10 Salt-Spray test
  • 5 Years Warranty and after-sale options provided
  • Made from tough quality materials that are estimated to last for 15 years even in harsh weather conditions
Foldable All-in-One Solar Street Light 
  • Integrated design, simple installation
  • The solar panel is isolated from the lamp body, so that the battery, lamp bead and controller are in a very low temperature environment, which can protect and prolong the life.
  • The solar panel can be folded and unfolded, which has better absorption efficiency than traditional integrated solar street lights
  • Beautiful appearance, like a palm tree
Adjustable All-in-One Solar Street Light
  • The lamp body can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Very cost-effective
  • The product is mature, the delivery time is fast, and the market has a large amount
  • Integrated design, simple installation
  • The internal resistance of the circuit is very low
  • Batteries are not easily stolen
Split Type Led Solar Powered Street Light
  • The solar panel have no limits and can be huge
  • The solar panel can face the direction of the sun
  • The battery has no limit and can be big
  • The LED lamp body dissipates heat well
  • The LED lamp body can be extended out, and the light distribution angle is better

Projects Application of solar street lamp

Foldable All-in-one solar street light installed in Village

Solar Light in Village

The 100W Foldable All-In-One Solar Street Light Project installed in village, width of road is 12m, pole to pole distance is 30m

Palm All-in-one solar street light installed at Sea Port

Solar Light in Seaport

The 100w Palm led solar street lights are installed on the 8m light pole in the Philippine port, one pole installed with two solar lights

Best All-in-one solar street light installed in the middle of the road

Solar Road Lamp

The 60W foldable integrated solar street lighting installed on the 6m pole in the main road in city.

Top All-in-one solar street light installed in the highway

Solar Highway Light

The 120w Palm led solar powered street lights are installed on the 9 m light post in the highway in Saudi Arabia, one light pole with two solar highway lights.

Solar Street Light Project installed in the UniversityIn Nigeria

Solar Parking lot Light

The 64Watt Foldable all in one solar led street light, installed on 6 meter pole, width of road is 17m, each road width 8m, on medium, 12 hours lighting per night.

Foldable All-in-One Solar Street Light Project installed in the Parking Lot

Split All-in-Two Solar Street Lights

The 100 Watt Commercial Solar Parking Lot Light installed on 8m pole, and each pole installed with two solar parking lot lights with sensening mode.

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Palm Tree Series | Foldable All-in-One Solar Light
ST Series | Adjustable All-in-One Solar Light
SPLIT Series | Split LED Solar Light

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