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Cmoonlight — High-Power Solar Street Light Supplier in Malaysia

Malaysia, the “Truly Asia”, is famous for its cultural and environmental preservation while growing the economy. The country has various structures from Petronas Tower to Batu Caves that symbolize its structural excellence. 

Cmoonlight helps you maintain your country’s legacy offering all-in-one solar street solutions for your project. Being an innovative solar street light supplier in Malaysia, we can fulfill your bulk orders of high-power solar-powered LED lights. 

Our R&D team has designed the world’s most unique foldable integrated solar street light with an adjustable solar panel. Thanks to this incredible innovation and creativity, our Palm Tree solar street light holds the German Industry Design Award and Red Dot Award. 

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 Solar Street Light Supplier in Indonesia 

Serving Modern Malaysia with Modern Lighting Solution 

With over 32 million population, Malaysia is known for its infrastructure and tourism. Being a bulk solar street light supplier in Malaysia, we cover almost every main city and region of the country. Cmoonlight can ship solar lighting products to,

• Kuala Lumper

• George Town

• Kota Kinabalu

• Johor Bahru

• Shah Alam

• Tawau

• Kajang

• Ampang Jaya

• Sepang

• Pasir Mas



At Cmoonlight, we have dedicated the whole team to replacing old-school solar lights with an all-in-one solar street light solution. So, here we are with our award-winning integrated solar street light “Palm Tree Solar Street Light”.

Palm All-in-One Solar Street Light - Cmoonlight

Foldable All-in-One Solar Street Lights

PALM Tree Series Features: Solar Panel is Fodable Design, has a better sunlight absorption Power Rate: 40W 60W 100W 120W
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Adjustable all-in-one solar street light, Its Bracket is adjustable.

Adjustable All-in-One Solar Street Lights

ST Series Features: Lamp Body Angle is Adjutable, can be installed vertically and horizontally Power Rate: 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W 140W
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Split Type Solar Light, All-in-Two Solar Street Light - Cmoonlight

Split All-in-Two Solar Street Lights

SPLIT Series Features: Solar Panel can adjust its angle Power Rate: 40W 60W 80W 100W 150W 160W 200W
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Top Solar Street Light Supplier in Malaysia

Palm Tree — Solar Street Light for Every Project

Palm Tree is the most innovative all-in-one solar street light designed and manufactured by Cmoonlight. Thanks to our in-house team of R&D experts, we have created a foldable and integrated solar street light for versatile usage. 

In addition to its versatility, this product aims to improve solar efficiency by 60% and ensure better heat dissipation. Here we offer several variants of Palm Tree including 40W, 64W, 100W, and 120W solar street light in Malaysia. 

It’s an incredible blend of durability, features, and certifications making it a great choice for your lighting project. While there’s a collection of specifications that are worth your intention, here are some top features of Palm Tree Solar Street Light.

• Cree 5050 LED chip (210lm/w)

• A-class LiFePo4 lithium battery (8-10 years lifespan)

• Double-sided mono-crystalline silicon solar panel

• 6000K color temperature

• All die-casting aluminum allot

• Certifications: CB, TUV, CE, RoHS, CB, IP65, CB, IECEE, COC, IP67, IK10

• Smart MPPT controller

How Palm Tree Can Add Value to Your Project?


Weatherproof build quality

Indonesia has a tropical climate that experiences humidity, heat, and rainfall. We made our 100W solar street light with die-cast aluminum alloy with anti-rust and corrosion-free zinc plating. It’s the same material we use in our solar street light poles.

Also, the all-in-one solar street light features IP67 water and dustproof certification ensuring its robustness in every weather.

In-house manufacturing

No doubt, Cmoonlight is an exclusive solar street light supplier in Malaysia. But we hold the pride of being an experienced manufacturer of high-tech solar lighting solutions. Our 20000 square meter factory allows us to research, innovate, manufacture and manage innovative products. 

With over 245 employees, Cmoonlight efficiently manages bulk production of solar LED lights and fulfills the requirements of its customers in more than 180 countries. 

Compliance with Malaysian standards

Malaysia is one of our main markets in Southeast Asia offering over 30% sales turnover. So, we dedicated ourselves to offering high-quality products to the country based on JKR standards. Cmoonlight’s solar street lights feature local certifications such as SIRIM, EMAL, and CB for hassle-free installation in Malaysia. 

In addition to this, we also adhere to safety and efficiency certifications such as IP67, IK10, SC, GS, and IECEE Saber. 

ISO9001:2005 Quality Management 

As a leading solar street light manufacturer, we test every raw material according to the ISO9001:2005 quality management system. It allows us to ensure the finest quality of our products that last long and are efficient enough to meet your needs.

Unlike local manufacturers, we produce and age the solar lights before assembling them for the expected productivity. 

MPPT Controller for solar street light

Weatherproof products

With an average rainfall of 98 inches, the tropical climate of Malaysia may pose challenges for the iron poles. That’s why we have invested in the corrosion-free die-cast aluminum alloy that can stand strong in every weather. 

Besides this, electronics accessories are protected with IP67 water and dustproof rating for better durability. Even on rainy days, our all-in-one solar street light solutions offer 4-5 days of backup using the LiFePo4 batteries. 

Exclusive range of products and integrations

While buying a solar street light in Malaysia, you may have a frequently asked question in your mind, “How to find/buy quality solar street light supplier in Malaysia?” Cmoonlight is the best answer to this with an exclusive range of products and integrations. 

From solar street pole to CCTV integrations, we can fulfill your requirements for any type of solar solution at an affordable price. 

High-quality support services 

Cmoonlight has not restricted itself to just manufacturing and selling quality products. Along with that, we can help you with the shipment, customization, and after-sale services. Our expert can do EXW, FOB, CIF, and CNF terms and door-to-door double clearance service.

Also, you can even become an exclusive distributor of Cmoonlight with a small order and at least 20 customers. 

One Product, Countless Applications

Rural lighting projects

Who says high-power solar lights are for big cities only? Thanks to its versatile design, Palm Tree is a great solar light for village roads and streets. We have provided 100W foldable all-in-one solar street light solutions to various rural projects with 12 road widths and 30 pole distances. 

Similarly, it can also be installed on streets and storefronts as an energy-efficient solution for government and community projects.  

Seaport lighting 

Seaports and airports need a reliable solution for clear landings and other related purposes. Whether it’s day or night, there should be no compromise with the operations of seaports and airports. 

Palm Tree comes up as a weatherproof solution with IP65 certification making it perfect for similar projects. For instance, our 100W Palm Tree Solar Street Lights are installed on 8m light poles at the Philippine port. 

Solar parking light

Solar parking lot light is one of the best applications of our Palm Tree Solar Street Light. With motion sensors, our all-in-one solar street light solutions can add reliability and safety to your project. The best practice could be using the 100W solar street light on an 8m pole and enabling the sensing. mode.

Cmoonlight is an experienced manufacturer and solar street light supplier in Malaysia. We can even integrate CCTV based on 4G and Wi-Fi into your desired solar lighting solution. 

Highway lighting projects

Malaysia has over 30 expressways making it one of the best expressway networks in Asia. So, here we are providing the country with a highly reliable and versatile lighting solution. Palm Tree Solar Street Light features a great battery backup and luminance perfect for highway projects.

If you want to buy solar street light for your highway project, we recommend you choose a 120W Palm Tree light and use it on a 9m light post for the best results.

Security lights

Our Palm Tree Solar Street Light is a great choice for adding safety to your storefront and backyard. Thanks to the integrated motion sensor, the product can identify slight movements and turn the LEDs on to notify you.

Also, Cmoonlight can integrate CCTVs with 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity to add an additional layer of security to your project. 


Make Your Investment Worthwhile with High-Quality Solar Solutions

Make Your Investment Worthwhile with High-Quality Solar Solutions

Cmoonlight holds the pride of being the best solar street light supplier in Malaysia offering innovative products across the country. Be part of our eco-friendly yet innovative and high-tech revolution today! 


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ST Series | Adjustable All-in-One Solar Light

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