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4 main factors affecting the life span of LED lights

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2021-11-03 10:28:53

4 main factors affecting the life span of LED lights

If you use a light source for a long time, you will get huge economic benefits and reduce your carbon footprint. According to the system design, the luminous flux reduction is a normal process, but it can be ignored. When the luminous flux decreases very slowly, the system will maintain a good condition without long maintenance.

Compared with other light sources in many applications, LED lights are undoubtedly superior. In order to keep the system in good condition, the following 5 factors need to be considered.

1. Efficiency

LED lights and LED modules are manufactured and driven within a specific current range. According to its characteristics, LEDs with currents ranging from 350mA to 500mA can be provided. Many systems are driven in the high value region of this current range.

2. Acidic conditions

Under some acidic conditions, LEDs are also easily affected, such as in coastal areas with high salt content, in factories that use chemicals or manufacturing products, or in indoor swimming pools. Although LEDs are also manufactured for these areas, they must be carefully packaged in a fully enclosed enclosure and have a high IP protection level.

3. Temperature

High temperature will affect the luminous flux and life cycle of LEDs. The radiator can prevent the system from overheating. The heating of the system means that the allowable ambient temperature of the LED lamp has been exceeded. The life of the LED depends on the ambient temperature.

For example, LED lamps and other equipment in life, research data shows that when the junction temperature of the LED chip is 25 degrees, the light emission is 100%, then when the junction temperature rises to 60 degrees, the light emission is only 90%; the junction temperature is At 100 degrees, it drops to 80%; at 140 degrees, it’s only 70%.

Although the LED will not burst like an incandescent lamp because the temperature is too high, this is why many people use the LED lamp to become darker and darker. Maybe the conductor chip is still in the service life, but because the temperature rises As a result, the LED lights cannot be used normally as usual.

The higher the temperature, the shorter the lifespan. The life of the LED has such a close relationship with the temperature. It is undeniable that the heat dissipation of the LED is extremely important, so the quality of the radiator is a very important indicator.

4. Humidity

The performance of LEDs also depends on the humidity of the surrounding environment. Because in a humid environment, electronic equipment, metal parts, etc. tend to be damaged quickly and begin to rust, so try to keep the LED system from moisture.

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