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4 ways to clean solar photovoltaic panels

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2021-11-01 10:13:01

First of all, we need to know a concept: photovoltaics are solar power generation, and weather conditions are the biggest factor restricting power generation. Secondly, to avoid losses caused by electrical equipment failures, photovoltaic panel cleaning is particularly important.

The pollution on the surface of photovoltaic modules has a significant impact on the efficiency of power generation.
First, the pollution on the surface affects the transmittance of light, which in turn affects the amount of radiation received on the surface of the module.
Second, the dirt adheres to the surface of the solar panel and will form a shadow, which will cause a hot spot effect on the photovoltaic module, and then affect the photovoltaic module. Damage to the panel will affect the power generation rate and shorten the life of the photovoltaic panel.

When the power generation rate of the photovoltaic panel is lower than 85%, it must be cleaned.

Currently, the cleaning of solar photovoltaic panels is commonly used in various methods such as manual cleaning, high-pressure water cleaning, photovoltaic electric cleaning machines, automatic cleaning, and large-scale cleaning vehicles.

1. Manual cleaning.

Manual cleaning of solar photovoltaic panels is the most primitive way of module cleaning, which is done entirely by manpower. This cleaning method has low work efficiency, long cleaning time, high labor cost, and potential personal safety hazards.

2. High pressure water cleaning.
High-pressure water flushing is to spray water on the surface of the solar photovoltaic module by the nozzle connected to the waterwheel (or water pipe), so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The pressure is generally not more than 0.4MPa. This cleaning method is better than manual dry cleaning, and the cleaning efficiency is higher. But the water consumption is larger.

On the other hand, excessive water pressure will cause the photovoltaic module cells to crack, resulting in a large-area short circuit, which will reduce the power generation efficiency. In addition, after the water-washed components are air-dried naturally, water stains will be formed on the surface of the solar components, forming micro-shadows, and affecting the power generation efficiency. In winter, the high-pressure water guns will produce ice, the ice will severely weaken the optical effect of the solar components, especially in northern areas.

3. Electric photovoltaic cleaning machine.
The electric photovoltaic cleaning machine uses the frictional force of the electric brush rotation while spraying water to remove dirt and bird droppings on the surface of the solar photovoltaic panel. Electric-driven cleaning is the most water-saving cleaning method, which saves a lot of water compared to water-driven cleaning machines. Photovoltaic washing machines include single-head photovoltaic washing machines and double-head weighing power washing machines. For a single-head photovoltaic washer, it can clean about 1,500 square meters a day, and for a double-headed scale power photovoltaic washer, it can clean about 3500~5000 square meters in 8 hours a day, about 0.7MW.

At present, there are many brands of photovoltaic cleaning machines on the market, so you must choose reliable products to buy and use.

4. Automatic cleaning, large cleaning truck.
The automatic cleaning method is to install the cleaning device on the photovoltaic module array, and accomplish the automatic cleaning of the photovoltaic module by the device through the automatic program to control the rotation of the motor. This cleaning cost is high and the design is complicated. Large-scale cleaning vehicles have relatively high cleaning levels (domestic price is 80W~90W, imported ones are more than 100W). The reliability of equipment is not easy to guarantee, the cleaning effect is sometimes not ideal, and the site conditions are restricted.

In a comprehensive comparison, the photovoltaic cleaning machine has the following advantages over other cleaning methods:

1. Saving manpower:
The photovoltaic cleaning machine does not need to invest too much manpower, reducing the physical labor of cleaning service practitioners and reducing safety risks, greatly improving operating efficiency.

2. Cost saving:
The cost of cleaning robots and cleaning vehicles ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the cost of imported photovoltaic cleaning machines ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The cost of an electric photovoltaic cleaning machine is about 3,000 to 50,000. low cost.

3. Save water resources:
Photovoltaic cleaning machines can save a lot of water resources compared with higher pressure cleaning machines.

4. Increase the power generation rate:
One time investment can increase the power generation rate by 8% to 25% every year.

5. Very convenience:
simple and easy to install, strong operability, and lithium battery can be used in conjunction with the environment where electricity is inconvenient.

6. Safe and reliable:
Professional cleaning equipment, exclusive patent, full protection of photovoltaic panels.

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