Can all in one solar street lights generate electricity in rainy days?

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2021-10-28 15:26:56

Can all in one solar street lights generate electricity in rainy days?

With the vigorous popularization of solar led street light in recent years, solar street lamps have been used in many places, and competition among solar street lamp manufacturers has also been fierce. Among them, solar street lights are an important assessment indicator against rainy and bright weather, and many manufacturers are also boasting how many days they can resist rainy and bright weather. Therefore, when people see this anti-rainy day light, many people think that solar street lights do not generate electricity in rainy days. Today I will answer this question for you: if there is no sun in rainy days, can the solar panels of solar street lights still generate electricity?

Generally speaking, the solar panels of solar street lights can also generate electricity in rainy days. However, the current generated depends on the brightness. Generally, the darker the current, the weaker it is. If it is normal during rainy days, it can generate a certain current, but it is much lower than when the sun is shining.

In fact, a solar panel is a light control device for a solar street light. When there is light, a current is generated. Even if it is dark, a weak current can be generated. This way the controller determines that the light cannot be turned on. The battery will be turned on to power the light source. In rainy days, solar street lights usually do not light up during the day, indicating that there is a current. So don’t worry about solar street lights will fail in continuous rainy weather!

All in one solar street lighting is the future of powering commercial projects, and the work of these solar street light manufacturers has to be lauded. Of course, more innovation, better solutions, and better-patented designs will matter in the long run, but for now, you need a choose a very good quality all-in-one solar street light manufacturer who can offer scalable street lighting options to match your budget. Cmoonlight Solar is a magazine with 15 Years Of experience in the solar street light industry.

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