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2022-11-01 14:18:19

Commercial Outdoor Solar Lights

More often than not, companies opt for traditional lighting systems over commercial outdoor solar lights owing to their friendly initial cost. If your company is one of those that have been doing so, I can unequivocally inform you that you’ve been making a wrong choice. This article covers everything you need to know about commercial outdoor solar-powered lights.


How do outdoor solar-powered lighting systems work?

Commercial outdoor solar light features

The Process of Outdoor Solar Light Project

Commercial outdoor solar lights for decorations

Commercial Outdoor Solar Lights with LED options

Why Cmoonlight Commercial Outdoor Lighting?

Final thoughts


How do outdoor solar-powered lighting systems work?

Outdoor Solar street lights operate in the same way as traditional outdoor lights. They rely on sunlight energy to power their panels which transmit the energy to the batteries for storage. Due to advancements in solar technologies and manufacturing designs, the cost of solar panels has reduced considerably. This enabled the production of small solar panels that have adequate abilities to power outdoor solar lights.

Cutting-edge technologies have been developed to support sunlight conversion, recharging and LED lighting. During sun hours, UV light protons heat photovoltaic solar panels, which initiate electron movements. The solar panel converts considerable sunlight to chemical energy depending on the sun’s strength. When the sunlight is intense, the battery is swiftly recharged. The recharging process may take longer if the sunlight is weaker or  

Whether you are looking for ground lights or flood lights to serve your outdoor lighting, the solar panel and battery capacities matter. The optimum commercial outdoor solar should provide sustainable lighting that is convenient and sleek for your business.

Cmoonlight provides the best technically advanced commercial outdoor solar light. We have flexible solar panels that adjust their positions based on sun direction. Our solar products are designed with an electrical management system; controllers supervise the charging processes and prevent overcharging.

Commercial outdoor solar light features

Solar manufacturers have produced various products for commercial solar light with varied features. Each outdoor solar product feature is based on the intended commercial application. Depending on your outdoor lighting requirements, you must prudently select a desirable product with features that suit you. Here are some of the features you should consider:

  1. Solar panel

The solar panel should produce sufficient watts depending on your lighting needs. This should range from 40W to 300W Foldable solar street light

  1. Battery capacity.

The commercial outdoor solar battery should store adequate energy to power the solar LED light throughout the night and dark hours.

 High-end lithium batteries are recommended for commercial outdoor solar lights. The battery should also withstand extreme weather conditions outdoors. Batteries are affected by high temperatures, which reduce saving abilities.

  • Technical amenities

Commercial outdoor solar lighting should have LED lamp beads and controllers. These include sensors that detect movement and turn the light on or off if there is no activity. Sensors ensure only necessary and convenient lighting while controllers protect and prolong battery and LED lamp life.

The Process of Outdoor Solar Light Project

  1. You should hire experienced lighting engineers to survey outdoor environs. The engineers should evaluate lighting conditions and provide actionable advice on the type and quantity of commercial solar lights.
  2. We configure the right solar appliances that match lighting requirements. This can be different depending on your locality, sun hours, and intensity.
  • Our engineering team develops a CGI model for you. This allows you to operate the outdoor lighting with a tap. We provide a user-friendly model that is easier to learn and use. Visit our product page to learn more about our products.
  1. Earn value for your money. We attest that our budgetary needs will provide value for your hard-earned money. Cmoonlight delivers the best commercial outdoor solar lights solution for your money.
  2. Our commercial outdoor lights are comparatively easy to install. Less capital and human power are needed since the solar parts are easily hinged. It takes less than a hundred minutes to install outdoor solar lights. If you have a larger order, installation may be completed within a few days.
  3. Cmoonlight clients are always connected to the company. We provide after-sales services and are ready to serve any technical issues and maintenance challenges that may arise in the future. We have provided services in several lighting projects across the world. Visit our projects page to learn more.

Commercial outdoor solar lights for decorations

You can use commercial outdoor solar lights to decorate your surroundings. Carefully placed lamps create beautiful scenery that boosts the design of your commercial entity. Solar manufacturers have designed delightful lights that serve beautification purposes.

Commercial decorative lighting systems are conveyed with a tunable solar power assembly that allows you to set light fixtures to your test. These lights are equipped with commercial solar LED decorative lights that are considerably brighter than customary ones.

Commercial outdoor solar light features
Figure 1 Palm tree solar street light

We at Cmoonlight have manufactured high-end performer commercial outdoor solar lights uniquely designed. Palm Tree Solar Street Light is still new on the market and has notable features and a decorative palm tree design. Its panels are extendable and maximize up to 60% more sunlight, whiles its battery has excellent heat dissipation.

Commercial Outdoor Solar Lights with LED options


The quality of palm tree solar is excellent since it surpasses all checks and certifications. Heat dissipation is significantly achieved using the newer panel designs. The boards are wider-reaching 500mm, while customary solar has wideness of 400mm or 300mm. The extra-large solar panels allow heat dissipation, easily exceeding 60° Celsius. The battery power is adequate to light up the LED lamps for four days. Visit our product page for more information.

We can customize solar patterns to match your commercial outdoor light tests. We understand the different people’s varied tastes and preferences. The quality of solar appliances will be maintained while customizing them.

Commercial Outdoor Solar Lights with LED options

To light up pathways, gardens or outdoor patios, you need commercial outdoor solar lights that minimize the need for fragile and challenging wiring systems. LED lamps use minimal energy to light up while providing full illumination that is needed on a busy pathway or outdoor vicinity.

If you require accent lighting for an unfussy environment, use more miniature Commercial Outdoor Solar Lights with LED. This arranged light setting provides a stylish appearance that is highly desirable. Depending on your outdoor design, you may install solar-powered flood lights. However, these are built for lighting purposes with little to no decorative intent. They have an extensive light angle that provides sturdy illumination for a vast area. These lights suit commercial locations that need security since they are also supported by motion sensors that direct lighting to specified locations.

You can also use fairy lights to provide a new sense of style to spice your outdoor. These commercial outdoor solar lights have a decorative style and warm lighting that suits the garden. The light intensity shifts ascetically from slow fades to sturdy twinkling. They are several commercial outdoor solar lights on the market; here are some of the best choices: Cmoonlight’s Foldable Solar Powered Street Light is a robust commercial solar light that is affordable, convenient, technically advanced and durable. Other outdoor solar lights comprise split solar street lights, semi-split solar street lights, or integrated street lights. These solar products are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide precise lighting.

Why Cmoonlight Commercial Outdoor Lighting?

Cmoonlight, formally registered as Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co, produces cutting-edge solar products. We have Commercial outdoor solar lights that are of high quality and are unique in the market. What makes our products special?

Cmoonlight is a top Solar street light manufacturer in China, and we presently hold the original patent for the foldable all-in-one design. We fully invest in research and development of all our products before manufacturing them. This allows our R&D teams to work on every product detail and examine its performances under varied conditions. Our products pass all the certifications before we release them to the market.

Final thoughts

Considering product features is a must when preparing to purchase commercial outdoor solar lights. Finding the most appropriate product that matches all your outdoor lighting needs is a challenging duty. As mentioned above, many outdoor solar lights have varied specs, features, power controllers, robustness, and solar panel dimension, to name a few. Remarkably, you might want to consider outdoor lighting needs to have a fair glimpse of the required solar product. Commercial outdoor solar lights are extensively manufactured to serve a designated lighting or decorative purpose. Some outdoor solar products have combined lighting and decorative intent. So, which commercial outdoor solar light is the best option?

Cmoonlight’s Palm Tree Solar Street Light is the undisputed commercial outdoor lighting option. Its notable features, decorative palm tree design and extendable panels maximize sunlight whiles its battery has excellent heat dissipation. It is a great and unique product that everyone planning to buy commercial outdoor solar lights should consider.


What is the difference between commercial and residential lighting?

Residential lighting provides indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for your households, while commercial lighting is for commercial enterprises such as hotels, institutions, contemporary workspaces, hospital facilities and other business amenities.

What is the price range for Commercial Lighting?

The features and specs of a commercial outdoor solar determine its prices. More lighting features would surge the solar price. On average, the cost for commercial lighting ranges from $20 to $5000

What color temperature is best for outdoor lighting?

Halogen-type landscape lighting Warm White (2700K) is the most preferred color temperature since it is more welcoming and soothing to people.

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