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Commercial Solar Lighting: 5 Important Things You Need To Know

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Commercial Solar Lighting: 5 Important Things You Need To Know

Commercial solar lighting is increasingly becoming the go-to illumination solution in modern society. The increase in the adoption of solar lighting solutions is primarily due to a decline in solar prices. This post highlights 5 essential things you need to know about this growing expanse of solar lighting.

Table of Contents:

1. Commercial vs. Non-Commercial Solar Lighting
    Commercial solar lighting   
    Non-commercial solar lighting
2. Why Use Commercial Solar Lighting Systems
    Easy installation
    Energy independence
    Environmental friendliness
    Low costs in the long run
3. Considerations When Selecting a Commercial Solar Lighting System
    How much sunlight does the installation location receive
    Size of the area you intend to illuminate
    Software specifications
4. Approximate Cost Of Commercial Solar Lighting Systems

5. Why Cmoonlight for your commercial solar lighting needs?
6. Conclusion

Commercial vs. Non-Commercial Solar Lighting

Whenever you see solar lights both on a large and small scale, you will likely assume they’re the same thing. Well, that assumption is not valid at all. There are several types of solar lighting systems in use. A solar street light manufacturer does not fall in the same category as your local home improvement solar lights supplier. Here is an in-depth review of commercial versus non-com solar lighting systems;
 Commercial solar lighting   

Solar lighting systems are often classified according to a project’s overall costs and requirements. Any large-scale photovoltaic application requiring colossal investment and extreme hi-tech systems falls under the commercial solar lighting category. 
A  Cmoonlight commercial solar lighting project in Roadwa

Some of these commercial lighting projects include lighting roadways, streets, pathways, and extensive security areas, to name a few. Such lighting projects have high up-front costs due to broad coverage and the advanced technologies you need to employ. However, using a solar-powered street light pays for itself immediately compared to an on-grid system.

Commercial solar-powered lighting systems offer illumination solutions for different applications. Each of these applications may require different operation settings. You may need a high light intensity solar LED Street light for one project and less light intensity for another. Various Commercial solar lighting systems suit different specific needs.

 Non-commercial solar lighting

 Any solar product you can buy at your local home improvement retailer falls in the non-commercial solar lighting category. Although non-commercial solar lighting products serve different needs, their specifications are almost similar. Non-commercial systems have fewer battery storage capacities compared to commercial systems.

 For instance, Cmoonlight’s unique foldable all-in-one solar street light uses an A-class LiFePO4 Lithium battery. This battery is more advanced than any type you would find in a non-commercial system. Solar-powered rope lights, customarily used to illuminate patios, are an example of non-commercial solar lighting products. These products provide a faint illumination and turn off after only 5 hours.

  1. Why Use Commercial Solar Lighting Systems
The use of commercial solar lighting systems has increased steadily in the last decade. While the rise in solar usage stems from a global push for renewable energy adoption, it has several other benefits. Here are some reasons you should switch to solar-powered lighting for all your large-scale applications;
Easy installation
Compared to traditional on-grid systems, installing commercial solar lights is pretty straightforward. Building a good foundation for the pole based on the product’s specific requirements is just about it. The Cmoonlight family is glad to give you a step-by-step guide on installing any of our solar-powered street lights.

Our unique foldable all-in-one solar street light offers easier installation than any commercial solar lighting product. This is primarily because you only need two mounting steps during the installation. This product is your best option if you are looking for the best solar street lighting solution.

Energy independence
A Solar Street light does not require any on-grid power connection. It generates energy from sunlight which is abundantly available for free. Cmoonlight’s solar lighting products also come with high-capacity batteries that store energy. You, consequently, do not need to worry about rainy or gloomy days.

Our products also have intelligent control options that permit you to regulate various features. The Smart microwave sensor, for example, governs light intensity depending on traffic concentration at different times. This increases the efficiency of the system while conserving energy.

Environmental friendliness
Commercial solar lighting systems are environmentally friendly like all other systems that use renewable energy sources. These systems draw energy from the sun and transform it into light energy needed for illumination. In a world where global warming is increasingly becoming a concern, what else could do you think could be better?

Solar panels absorb energy from the sun and charge the battery during the day. The controller powers the LED lights at night using reserve energy stored in the battery. This process repeats itself daily.  

Low costs in the long run

Do you want to buy a solar street light but are concerned about the initial purchasing costs. Well, commercial solar lighting solutions are less costly in the long run compared to traditional on-grid systems. There are no monthly charges, and they require little maintenance.    

Can you imagine the electric bill you would have to deal with to illuminate a parking lot each night? It would be wise to invest in solar-powered streetlights rather than put yourself through the pain of losing money unnecessarily. The Cmoonlight family has worked on several projects, including a solar street light project in Saudi Arabia. We are, therefore, best equipped to guide you through any lighting project. 

  1. Considerations When Selecting a Commercial Solar Lighting System

You will likely come across an integrated solar street light or any other solar lighting product in a major city. Solar street light manufacturers are increasing rapidly due to the rise in demand for commercial solar lighting solutions. Here are some issues you must take into account when selecting the most suitable product;

How much sunlight does the installation location receive
When picking a commercial solar lighting system, the installation location is the first thing you need to consider. The location’s conditions help determine the optimal software and hardware specifications you need from a product. For instance, if the area has several obstructions, you may need a system with a longer solar street light post.

Another factor you need to consider concerning the installation locations is the amount of sunlight. Cmoonlight’s unique foldable all-in-one solar street light comes in handy in low sunlight areas. This is because its design increases the solar panel capacity by up to 60%.  

Size of the area you intend to illuminate
Commercial solar lighting systems often use two distinct luminaires: Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. As a leading solar street light manufacturer, we use LEDs for all our products. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) offer several benefits.

Apart from their impeccable energy-saving capacity, LEDs provide better illumination. A solar LED street light is the most suitable option for an area that requires broad illumination coverage. You should also consider a product with a higher wattage. At Cmoonlight, we offer an extensive range of wattage options, including a 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, and 120W solar street light.

Software specifications
Some commercial solar lighting systems come with Smart technologies, while others do not. It would be wise to select a product that offers different intelligent control tools. Such implements are essential because they increase the overall efficiency of the lighting system and guarantee maximum value for your money.

Cmoonlight’s solar-powered street light products have a plethora of Smart technologies. The Smart MPPT Controller, for instance, increases the efficiency of our products by up to 30%. What better could you ask from a solar street light manufacturer?

  1. Approximate Cost Of Commercial Solar Lighting Systems

Are you thinking about investing in a commercial solar lighting system? Cost is the first thing that comes to mind when deciding which product to purchase. Prices tend to vary depending on the specific solar street light manufacturer. It would be best not to settle for the cheapest supplier in the market.

Well, cheap often translate to low quality. It is wise to consider the product’s price in relation to its features and overall quality. At Cmoonlight, we pride ourselves in the ability to deliver different solar-powered street light products at affordable prices.

It is also worth noting that commercial solar lighting systems are the most pocket-friendly, long-haul illumination solution. Our products use less energy than traditional lighting systems owing to the innovative technologies employed in the manufacturing process. They also use LEDs which are 80% more effective than regular lights.

  1. Why Cmoonlight for your commercial solar lighting needs?

With over ten years of know-how in manufacturing solar-powered street lights, you can trust us to brighten your surroundings. Cmoonlight’s patent product, the Foldable all in one solar street light, is a testament to our dedication to quality. This unique product has been hailed as a game-changer in the global solar market.

We also test all our raw materials to meet all industry quality standards. As a leading solar street light manufacturer in China, we boast several quality certifications. Some certifications include IP67, IK10, SC, GS, COC, and CB IECEE Saber for Saudi Arabia. What else could you want from your solar street light supplier? 

6. Conclusion
There is no healthier time to buy a commercial solar lighting system than now. Whether you are curious about our solar lighting products or looking for advice on your project, Cmoonlight is at your service. Please feel free to send us your queries through our contact us page or via We are enthusiastic about being your go-to partner for all your solar lighting needs.

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