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Five reasons why people choose lithium battery as solar street lights battery?

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2021-11-01 18:19:57

Five reasons why people choose lithium battery as solar street lights battery?

Five reasons why people choose lithium battery as solar street lights battery?

With the technology is constantly improving, and the application of batteries is becoming more and more extensive. In today’s solar street light batteries, in addition to the commonly used lead-acid batteries and gel batteries, lithium batteries are also becoming more and more popular.

Why can lithium batteries be recognized by people? It is very important that the service life of the lithium battery is completely higher than the service life of the other two batteries, which greatly reduces the cost. In addition, what other advantages do the lithium batteries used for solar street lights have?

1. Lithium battery has high storage energy density, light weight and convenient installation

The current solar street lights, if using lead-acid battery packs, because of the large size, they need to be buried under the ground around the pole, and if lithium batteries are used, they can be hung on the battery board due to their lighter weight. The opposite of time, saving time and effort. And the storage energy density of lithium batteries is very high, which can reach 460-600Wh/kg, which is about 6-7 times that of lead-acid batteries.

2. Controllability and no pollution of lithium battery
Lithium batteries are pollution-free, while lead-acid batteries are polluted by heavy metal lead. In addition, the service life of lead-acid batteries is very short, and the service life of lithium batteries is generally greater than 10 years, and the service life of LED light sources is also 10 years. Very good match.

3. Lithium battery is smarter
If the solar street lamp uses a lithium battery, it can perform intelligent optimization calculations on battery capacity, duration, weather conditions and other factors according to user needs, can reasonably allocate power levels, and realize light control, time control and storage memory functions to ensure that It can be turned on continuously for 10 days in rainy weather.

4. The lithium battery has strong temperature adaptability
The temperature adaptability of the lithium battery is very strong, it can work normally in the environment of -20 ℃ -60 ℃, even in the cold north -45 ℃ environment, it can still work as usual.

5. Lithium battery is safer
Lithium battery is a dry battery. It is a controllable, non-polluting energy storage battery, which is more stable and safe than lead-acid batteries.

Lead-acid batteries and colloidal batteries are no longer able to meet the increasing demands of people now. The continuous development of technology is pushing the solar street lamp industry forward. Nowadays, lithium batteries can be widely used in solar street lamps, which can be regarded as a solar street lamp. Changes in the industry, we still need continuous efforts in the development of the solar street lamp industry.

Summary: If you have requirements on the life and quality of solar street lights, the batteries eliminated are not recommended for use in solar street lights. If you have no requirements for the product, Belinda still recommends that regardless of the manufacturer, engineering company, or even government departments, you should choose high-quality products to serve the public, be responsible for products, users, and society.
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