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Four suggestions for buying good quality solar led street lights!

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2021-10-28 16:35:42

Four suggestions for buying good quality solar led street lights!

  Four suggestions for buying good quality solar led street lights!

Misunderstanding 1: Blind pursuit of high brightness

Solar street lights have different lighting standards on different occasions. If blindly pursuing high-brightness solar street lights, it is a waste of resources and may cause harm to pedestrians. Therefore, when purchasing, please be sure to confirm the lighting needs, and then choose the solar street light that meets your needs.

Misunderstanding 2: The power of solar street lights is different

Solar street lights can be intelligently controlled, so you can manually adjust the power according to your needs at different times, so they use different rated power.

Misunderstanding 3: Differences in the service life of street light accessories
The life of ordinary LED lamp caps can be as long as 50,000 hours, but the solar street light system is composed of solar cells, batteries, controllers, light poles, light sources and other components. The service life of the solar panel is 25 years, the service life of the battery is 3-5 years, and the service life of the solar street light controller is 2-5 years. Their service life is different.

Misunderstanding 4: Set products by price

Price reflects the combination of cost, quality and brand value. Although ultra-low prices are very attractive, inferior products cannot guarantee long-term use. Super high prices are also undesirable. Excessive prices will inevitably lead to waste of funds, because the configuration exceeds the demand or the virtual high.

In short, reasonable configuration is the key link to purchase solar street lights. You must be careful when buying, do not misunderstand these four main misunderstandings.
Solar street light is a complete system, including solar panel, storage battery, solar street light dedicated controller, LED street light head and lamp post. It is an automatically controlled working system, as long as the working mode of the system is set, it will run automatically. With the increasing public demand for lighting, the procurement of solar street lights has become a problem for the government and tender companies.

How to choose the right solar street light for them.
Are street lights with the same power and high brightness must be good products? Generally, solar street lamps use LED street lamp heads, and their brightness is several times or even ten times that of traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. The brightness is too high and the light distribution is not good. First, the efficiency of LED street lights is wasted, and secondly, it is easy to cause glare.

Can’t just look at the price of solar street lights
 Purchasing solar street lights will naturally consider the price factor, but solar street light manufacturers are profitable. As the saying goes, the price is the same as the price. If the price is too low, the quality of solar street lights cannot be guaranteed. However, too high a price usually means too high a configuration, so the price of solar street lights will not be as high as possible.

Solar street lights must have professional technical solution configuration
 The rights are good. Tailor-made solar street light configurations are usually best suited to local lighting environments. It is a very good professional technical plan configuration to carry out special optimization design according to local conditions and to minimize product cost under the premise of meeting customer requirements.

Solar street lights must have perfect after-sales service guarantee
 No one can guarantee that their solar street lights will never fail. Therefore, after-sales service is the most critical. Being able to go online as soon as possible after a failure is the most important service content.
Cmoonlight has been committed to providing and producing high-quality solar street lights.
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