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Hot spot effect in solar street lights

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2021-11-01 14:18:19

Hot spot effect in solar street lights

The hot spot effect of solar panel 
Integrated solar street light, including solar panels and batteries, controllers and LED lights, which are important components.It is easy to install so is preferred by customers. However, during the installation process, if you do not pay attention to the hot spot effect of the solar panel, it will have a serious impact on the lamp.

What is the hot spot effect?

Solar panels are usually installed in an open, sunny area. In the long-term use, it is inevitable to fall on the obstructions such as birds, dust, leaves, etc. These obstructions form a shadow on the solar cell module, and the spacing between the large solar cell modules is not suitable and can form a shadow with each other. The solar street lamp Too long at the top of the pole will also block the sun from forming a shadow. Due to the presence of local shadows, the current and voltage of some of the battery cells in the solar cell module change. As a result, the product of the local current and voltage of the solar cell module is increased, thereby causing a local temperature rise on these battery components. Defects in some of the battery cells in the solar cell module may also cause the components to locally heat during operation. This phenomenon is called “hot spot effect”.

In the actual use of solar cells, if the temperature generated by the hot spot effect exceeds a certain limit, the solder joints on the battery assembly will melt and destroy the grid lines, resulting in the scrapping of the entire solar cell module. According to foreign authoritative statistics, the hot spot effect reduces the actual service life of solar modules by at least 10%. Hot spot phenomena are unavoidable, although the effects of shadows should be considered when installing solar modules, and protective devices should be added to reduce the effects of hot spots. In order to indicate that the solar cell can be used for a long period of time under specified conditions, it is necessary to test the solar cell module through a reasonable time and process to determine its ability to withstand the hot spot heating effect.

So Installation caution of integrated solar street lights, Pole don’t exceed lamp too long, in case of shadows on solar panel. Tree don’t exceed lamp too high, in case of shadows on solar panel.

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