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Top 5 Best Solar Parking Lot Lights in 2022

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2021-12-23 14:37:16

From LEDs to Solar lights, there’s a variety of options for solar parking lot lights in the market. But which one will you buy for your parking lot? It becomes really complicated to choose one when you have a collection of quality products and brands. Luckily, we have researched and listed the five best solar parking lot lights to solve your confusion.

When it comes to brightening your parking lot, you require bright lights with sufficient coverage for the best results. How’s about taking an environment-friendly step by installing solar parking lot lights? Besides conservating resources, solar streetlights are more efficient and cost-effective than electric ones.

Before we jump to our list of products, you must know some aspects to consider while choosing a solar streetlight.
So, let’s get started!

How to Choose the Best Solar Parking Lot Lights?

  1. Design & Build Quality:

If you’re looking for solar light for your parking lot, nothing is more important than design and build quality. We recommend buying a product with sturdy and foldable construction for the best results. With this, you can separate the LED from the main panel for better efficiency and overheat protection. 

  1. Efficiency:

Here efficiency, includes battery backup, illuminance, and energy utilization. For instance, look for LED lights instead of halogen bulbs because they deliver better illuminance and battery backup using solar energy. Furthermore, it will be even better if a product comes with a LifePo4 Lithium battery. 

  1. Lifespan:

A solar parking lot light isn’t something that you need to replace after every month or year. It’s a one-time investment, and you should make it count. Some products are there that offer a lifespan of more than 15 years. Also, we recommend buying a product that features at least five years warranty for a worthwhile investment. 

  1. Installation:

Besides other features, a hassle-free and convenient installation is also necessary for a solar light. Here you should buy a solar streetlight that doesn’t require any cables or power outlets during the installation. Moreover, we recommend choosing a product with a 2-step mount instead of 3 for the best results.

5 Best Solar Parking Lot Lights to Buy in 2022:

1. PALM Tree Solar Street Light
2. Lepro LED Parking Lot Light
3. AntLux Parking Lot Light
4. WERISE Solar-Powered Street Light
5. Tenlison Solar Parking Lot Light

1. PALM Tree Solar Street Light:

PALM Tree Solar Street Light (ML-PALM-120) is the industry’s leading solar light for parking lots. It features a Die-cast aluminum alloy that stays corrosion-free and durable enough to meet your needs. If we talk about the design, you will appreciate its foldable and 2-step mount design during the installation. As discussed above, this construction offers 60% higher efficiency than static designs.

Besides the design, the solar-powered light comes with a LiFePo4 Lithium battery. The battery may have a higher price but offer four times better performance than Lead-acid batteries. Also, it supports a multi-functional remote with four working modes for better accessibility. You can choose from Demo, light, time, and microwave mode according to your needs. 

2. Lepro LED Parking Lot Light:

Lepro Solar LED Parking Lot Light offers a blend of decent specifications at an affordable price. The product delivers an output of 150W and 19500lm radiant white light. Interestingly, it works with Philips Lumileds and helps you save energy costs by 60%. But it got a static design that may experience overheating after frequent usage.

The solar streetlight also has DLC 5.0 certification that ensures its energy efficiency. Furthermore, it comes with a dusk to dawn sensor to dim or bright light after the sunset. You also get IP65 waterproof certification and a 5-year warranty with this product. If you find any fault in the product, you can contact customer support and get it fixed for free.

3. AntLux Parking Lot Light:

AntLux Parking Lot Light is another popular product on our list. With a 5000K LED bulb, it produces 18600 lumens of light and 150W output. The product features a 1-step mount design for convenient installation and better sturdiness. However, its static design may not offer much efficiency and overheat protection like a foldable light.

If we talk about the additional features, you get in-built photocells that turn on the light during dusk. Besides this, the product comes with IP66 waterproof certification for seamless performance. It means you will not face technical defects or short circuits due to rainy weather or snowfall.

4. WERISE Solar-Powered Street Light:

WERISE Solar-Powered Street Light is an energy powerhouse with a 32000mAh battery. The battery may take 8 hours to charge, but it illuminates more than 11 hours on a single charge. Besides this, the product has 234 LED chips to deliver up to 300W output. It means the LEDs offer sufficient brightness and illuminance at your parking lot.
Whether you want to mount it on a wall or a pole, it supports both types of installations. The product is a blend of aluminum, resin, and glass for decent durability. Furthermore, you need not worry about water or rain because it has IP65 waterproof certification. If you experience any faults in the solar streetlight, the manufacturer offers three years of warranty on the product.

5. Tenlison Solar Parking Lot Light:

Tenlison Solar Parking Lot Light is ending our list as an efficient 6V multi-crystal solar panel. Using a 6V panel, it charges faster and delivers a battery backup of up to 10 hours. The product may have a 18000mAh battery, but it’s an iron phosphate battery. Hence, you may experience less battery efficiency as compared to LiFePo4 batteries.

Keeping the battery aside, the product features 9600 lumens to deliver 6000k white light and 120W energy output. It’s the first product on the list made of non-metallic material. The ABS plastic lasts long and offers a sturdy construction. Also, you get two years of warranty from the manufacturer and 24/7 customer service for better convenience.

Expert Verdict:

Solar-powered streetlights are the most innovative way to brighten up your parking lot while saving electricity bills. Installing these lights is your step towards sustainable development and utilizing renewable sources. As it works on sunlight, you can enjoy free-of-cost lighting in your parking lot without harming the environment.

Considering the benefits, we have compared the top 5 solar parking lot lights in 2022. You might have noticed that PALM Tree Solar Street Light offers the best specifications among all. Whether you say build quality or installation, the product has exciting specifications at a worthwhile price. That’s why it’s leading the industry as the best solar parking light.

PALM Tree Solar Street Light is a quality product designed and manufactured by Cmoonlight. Since the start, we hold pride in being the industry’s leading solar street light company in Malaysia. If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective parking lot light, contact our experts for the quote.


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All in one solar street lighting is the future of powering commercial projects, and the work of these solar street light manufacturers has to be lauded. Of course, more innovation, better solutions, and better-patented designs will matter in the long run, but for now, you need a choose a very good quality all-in-one solar street light manufacturer who can offer scalable street lighting options to match your budget. Cmoonlight Solar is a magazine with 15 Years Of experience in the solar street light industry.


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