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IECEE and Saber Certification in Saudi Arabia

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2021-09-07 15:39:13


The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization began to enforce the new requirements of IECEE certification on February 15, 2018. The new regulations require that in addition to obtaining the product conformity certificate SC required for customs clearance, traders must also apply for and obtain the IECEE certificate in advance for the products within the control and control to smoothly clear the goods at the Saudi customs.
SASO announced the following products in the scope of IECEE certification control:
1. mobile phone
2. Mobile phone charger
3. Mobile phone accessories, earphones, smart watches, etc.
4. Mobile phone battery
5. Power Bank
6. Water pump
7. Dishwasher
8. Laptop, tablet, mobile computer
9. TV, monitor
10. Car charger, wireless charger
11. Lamps and light sources

Recently, SASO once again announced the follow-up IECEE certification control products that will be added on August 1, 2018
Saudi IECEE certification process:
1. Fill in the application;
2. Provide CB certificate (valid within 3 years, including Saudi deviation: 220V, 60Hz, British plug) and CB test report;
3. Provide the manufacturer’s declaration of conformity or endorsement for the product;
4. Fill in the commitment statement to apply for IECEE

Information required for certification:
CB test report (valid for 3 years, including Saudi deviation: 220V, 60Hz, British plug) and its CB certificate, national difference test report, energy efficiency certificate and label, product photo, product size, manufacturer’s declaration, manufacturer’s production license , Saudi importer business license
Validity of IECEE certification: one year

Saudi Saber
From January 1, 2019, the Saudi Standards Authority (SASO) officially launched the SALEEM conformity certification program, and launched a new online certification platform system SABER.
Saudi Arabia is the main market for Chinese companies in the Middle East. According to the requirements of the Saudi SALEEM certification process, the products on the control list must apply for the product conformity certificate (PCoC) and batch cargo conformity through the SABER system in accordance with the SALEEM certification process. After the certificate (SCoC), the goods arrive at the destination port of Saudi Arabia for customs clearance and enter the local Saudi market for sales.

SABER certification process
Note: SABER certification needs to register an account in the SABER system first, and only local companies in Saudi Arabia can register.
1. Documents required for product certification (PCOC):
1. Application form (with templates)
2. Test report issued by a third-party laboratory (if not, we can do it)
3. Product photos (different products have different requirements)
4. Packaging photos
5. Manufacturer’s business license
6. Importer declaration (with template)
Note: Different products have different requirements. For example, some require GCC certificate, some require IECEE certificate and so on.

2. Documents required for pre-shipment certification (SCOC):
1. Commercial invoice
2. PC certificate or PC certificate number
3. SABER series account and password

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