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Industrial solar lighting: A comprehensive product Guide

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2022-03-31 16:51:16

Industrial solar lighting: A comprehensive product Guide

More and more companies consider industrial solar lighting options as their go-to lighting solutions. They are convenient and economical to use compared to conventional lighting products. This post highlights everything you need to know about using solar-powered street lights in industrial applications.  

The essential service offered ensures that moving machines and safety hazards are visible. Industrial solar lighting provides sufficient lighting in the manufacturing of products. Solar-powered street light lets you see, identify production faults and operate in a secure environment.

Industrial solar lighting is a reliable source to power a company and secures its parameters. In large-scale productions that operate 24 hours economy, guarantee lighting is necessary. Solar led street light depends on the natural sunlight to generate current, and it does not depend on the company’s leading electricity. This cushions the company against blackouts should make main electricity fail.

Integrated solar street light is a technically improved luminaire that provides sustainable lighting only when in need. The luminaire is designed to provide solar light when it detects movement activity. Industrial solar lighting has a wide array of applications. It can be applied as described below:

Table of Contents

1.    Application of industrial solar lighting
Security in industrial complexes
Airport Lighting
Portable Lighting
Park and Playground lighting
Opencast mining
2.    Benefits of industrial solar lighting
Operational cost reduction
Green Energy
Ease of Installation
No interdependency weaknesses
Smart control
3.    Industrial solar lighting products option
Palm Tree Solar Led Street Light
All-in-one solar street light
4.    What’s next?

  1. Application of industrial solar lighting

Security in industrial complexes

The primary function of solar-powered street lights is to provide security. By delivering light throughout the nighttime, the crime rate is lowered, and vandalism is reduced. Technological improvements in the manufacturers of solar-led street lights have paired luminaire with motion sensors. The intensity of light surges when motion or activity is detected and is reduced when it ceases

Cmoonlight’s Palm Tree Solar Street Light comes with an intelligent microwave sensor with a good movement detection range. It has a higher luminous efficiency LED that provides bright light thought. Visit our website product page for more information.

Airport Lighting

The airport requires enormous amounts of lighting to light up runways, car packs, and social amenities localities. Many people fail to effectively consider the energy needed to light up such vast areas. Industrial solar lighting comes in as an economical and environmental option to light up the airport.

Sunlight maximization is essential in ensuring that industrial solar lighting has sufficient energy to light up the nighttime. Cmoonlight, a leading Solar street light manufacturer in China, deliberates on industrial lighting needs. It produces foldable all-in-one solar street lights that can adjust solar panel angles to maximize sunlight.

Portable Lighting

Industrial solar lighting is relatively easy to install. Similarly, installing it is more straightforward; these features suit industries with a nomadic operation structure, such as construction companies. This company sets up a temporary operating base to be used for a given amount of time. Upon expiry of contract or job completion, the companies relocate. Having a portable solar street light to serve their lighting needs is advantageous.

Cmoonlight’s All-in-One solar street light is expediently installed and is conveniently transported to the location. It is easy to change the locality of solar light without much challenge since no special equipment, techniques, or workforce is required.

Park and Playground lighting

Industrial solar lighting is used to light up public parks and playgrounds to extend service time. Children love to play, and adding more playing time is beneficial to their development. Parks and plazas need solar-led street lights to light up their environment since people feel much safer when lights are on.

Cmoonlight is a leading manufacturer of integrated solar street lights which can endure long lighting hours. Our industrial solar lighting products are manufactured with Class A lithium batteries. These batteries can withstand extremely high temperatures that can exceed 70° Celsius.

Opencast mining

Opencast mining is a challenging and risky operation that requires sufficient illumination throughout excavation. Industrial solar lighting provides the required renewable, green and reliable illumination that minimizes fatalities at work. The benefits you will reap by using green energy surpass the solar street light price by ensuring mining continuity. 

Any solar street light company promises to produce a high-quality solar product. At Cmoonlight, we have experience in manufacturing and installing solar appliances. We recently undertook a solar street light project in Saudi Arabia that works effectively with no operational problems.

2.Benefits of industrial solar lighting

Operational cost reduction

Companies receive substantial electricity bills every end month that service their lighting needs. If your goal is to reduce operation costs, industrial solar lighting is your best option. Conventional lighting options are cheaper to install but are expensive to maintain. You will incur installation charges for Solar-powered street lights. You only need to pay a one-time fee to install solar products and enjoy free and unswerving lighting for over ten years.

The Return on Equity (ROE) of industrial solar lighting is good compared to conventional lighting. It is a considerably profitable long-term investment that minimizes operational costs.

There is no need to worry about light intensity, as Cmoonlight covers all your solar needs. We produce 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, and 120W solar street lights that can produce sufficient light intensity depending on your taste.

Green Energy

Solar-led street light is a renewable power option continuously replenished by the sun. Industrial solar lighting depends on sunlight to produce energy saved on lithium batteries. The energy saved is then used at night to power up solar luminaries. The process is repeated the next day with no support from other power sources.

It is the cheapest source of green energy compared to wind and geothermal power. Solar power is eco-friendly since it does not produce dangerous gases and replaces the negative impact of fuel fossils.

If you want to buy solar street light, Cmoonlight is your ultimate dealer. Our industrial solar lighting products have the best photovoltaic (PV) panels. Quality photovoltaic (PV) panels maximize the conversion of sunlight to electrical energy.

Ease of Installation

Installing industrial solar lighting is way more straightforward than most people contemplate. A product such as an all-in-one solar street light requires only four significant steps to install. The solar street light post is mounted on a solid base while the panels are fixed on the top part. The luminaries can protrude to a sizeable distance depending on the arm’s length.

Cmoonlight innovatively designed Palm Tree Solar Led Street Light such that it requires no cables to install it. The palm tree design effectively suits industrial solar lighting since only two significant installation steps are needed without wires.

No interdependency weaknesses

If you have a perfect understanding of how industrial solar lighting operates, then you know that it is independent. This implies that each solar appliance operates unconditionally from a series of solar-powered street lights set together. Each solar panel converts sunlight energy to electrical energy and stores it in its battery. In solar failure, only the affected solar appliance would fail to operate while the rest function fully.

Solar offers undisputed lighting options, unlike conventional power sources where the luminaires are connected via cables. Industrial solar lighting requires energy sources with little to no interdependency weaknesses.

Smart control

Industrial solar lighting is meticulously manufactured with built-in intelligence. The intelligent control system makes solar street lights more economical since the workforce must regularly control them. The control structure is swift and time-saving, making repairs infrequent.

Foldable all-in-one solar street lights have sophisticated, intelligent control aptitudes fitted with motion sensors. Light intensity increases if movement is recognized and deemed as the motion fades away from the light. These features save the battery lighting time making it more durable.

3. Industrial solar lighting products option

Industrial solar lighting requires a reliable, durable, and convenient product that efficiently lights up your industrial vicinities. This product guide is for you to light up your industrial areas. Here are some of the solar products that you may choose from:

Palm Tree Solar Led Street Light

The palm tree is an exclusive product from Cmoonlight manufactured with explicit attention to detail. It suits industrial solar lighting since it boasts an adjustable solar panel. This solar panel changes its vertical position depending on sunlight’s direction and intensity, ensuring maximization of sun hours.

Figure 1: Palm Tree Solar Led Street Light harnessing sunlight

Install this solar street light brand that is stress-free. Palm tree design guarantees that the solar panel shads the lamp body from direct sunlight, providing a desirable heat dissipation rate. Contact us through our contact page for more information.

All-in-one solar street light

All-in-one solar street light is a comprehensive and technically designed product. It has an elegant shape that distinguishes it from other solar products. The specification of this solar merchandise covers all your needs for industrial solar lighting.

Figure 2: All-in-one solar street light.
Cmoonlight’s all-in-One solar street light has a PIR motion sensor, LiFePO4 Battery, superb controllers, and an aluminum-based structure. It is also equipped with a monocrystalline solar panel boosting of more than 20.0% photoelectric efficacy.

 What’s next?
Industrial solar lighting can be applied to function on several industrial vicinities. It is way cheaper, efficient, reliable, durable, and is free from interdependency weaknesses. Automation of solar products has made it more convenient to install and operate appliances with periodic maintenance.

Cmoonlightis a dedicated solar street light company keen on providing quality solar products. We produce unmatched and exceptional products to fulfill all your industrial solar lighting needs.
Foldable All-in-One Solar Street Light


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Adjustable Integrated Solar Street Light. 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, All-in-One solar street light


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4G Solar CCTV Camera with 25W10Ah

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