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Solar street lights have controller to control the photovoltaic panel to charge the  battery and provide a load control voltage for the voltage sensitive device. Now there are two types of solar controllers in the market, PMW and MPPT controllers.

The pulse width modulated PWM controller uses the digital output of the microprocessor to control the analog circuitry, a method of digitally encoding the analog signal levels. Digitally controlling analog circuits can significantly reduce system cost and power consumption. PWM controllers are included in many micro-controllers.

The MPPT controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is also the maximum power point tracking. It refers to the design of an intelligent calculation in the controller and the implementation of tracking devices to monitor the solar panel’s power generation voltage, and to track the highest voltage and current (VI), output the highest power, so that the system can use the highest efficiency on the battery. Charging to achieve maximum power point tracking function charging. The MPPT tracking efficiency is 99%, the overall system power generation efficiency is as high as 97%, and the battery charging phase is divided into MPPT charging, constant voltage charging and constant voltage floating charging.

We know that in order to charge the battery, the output voltage of the solar panel must be higher than the current voltage of the battery. If the voltage of the solar panel is lower than the voltage of the battery, the output current will be close to zero. Moreover, the output of the solar panel is not fixed, but varies with various conditions such as radiation intensity, ambient temperature, etc., and whether the solar panel can always work at the maximum value of the IV curve, the designer is different. Level and ability.
The traditional solar charging controller PWM has its operating parameters set. It uses the set parameters (or constant voltage, or constant current) to transfer the solar panel’s power without changing according to the surrounding environment. And the change; while the natural environment of solar irradiance, ambient temperature and humidity is changing all the time; therefore, the energy of converting solar panels in a fixed way is easy to cause the battery to be always full. State, on the other hand, when the weather is good, the solar panels cannot be fully utilized, resulting in waste.

The MPPT controller is undoubtedly a good choice. It is an electrical system that enables the solar panel to output more power by adjusting the operating state of the electrical module to efficiently store the direct current generated by the solar panel in the battery. The MPPT controller detects the solar panel’s generated voltage in real time and tracks the highest voltage and current value (VI), allowing the system to charge the battery with maximum efficiency. The tracking method is completely automatic and does not require user adjustment. When the maximum power point of the solar panel changes with environmental conditions, the controller automatically tracks the maximum power point of the solar panel to ensure that the maximum energy of the day is obtained, thereby effectively improving system efficiency and reducing system cost. The application of MPPT solar controllers in solar power systems, coordinating the work of solar panels, batteries and loads, is a very important component in solar systems. It is also very suitable for use on large solar street lights.

Although the cost of the MPPT controller is higher than the cost of the PWM controller, many solar street lamp manufacturers are not willing to use it, but it can increase the charging efficiency by 30%. The limitation of solar panel conversion efficiency, charging effect is particularly important, so we recommend solar street lights to choose MPPT controller

Product Feature

 Professional design to comprehensively promote system reliability

  • Using international well-know brand semiconductor device such as IR, ST, ON and so on.
  • Industrial grade MCU full digital technology, no need for any adjustable resistance, strong anti-interference ability, no aging and drift problems
  • High LED driving, significantly reduce the product temperature.
  • IP68 protection degree without any buttons, further improve the waterproof ability.

High efficiency MPPT tracking technology

  • MPPT tracking efficiency ≥99.9%, system power generation efficiency up to 98%, improve system efficiency and reduce system cost

High conversion efficiency

  • Charging conversion efficiency up to 98.4%
  • Constant current drive LED efficiency up to 97.4%

Very small static power consumption

  • Static power consumption current ≤12mA(12V),≤9mA24V

Intelligent battery management

  • Intelligent charging management, MPPT charging, constant voltage equalizing and constant voltage floating charging, greatly extending battery life
  • Significantly extends the battery lifetime up to 50% base on intelligent temperature compensation charge and discharge management.
  • Intelligent energy management of the battery to ensure that the battery works in a shallow charge and discharge state, greatly extending the battery life

Intelligent LED drive management

  • LED Light control function, automatically lights up the LED in the dark, automatically turns off the LED in the daylight
  • Five-stage time control
  • Dimming function, each stages can control different power output
  • Morning light function
  • Time control and morning light function in sensor mode

Flexible parameter setting function

  • Support Infrared wireless communication, 2.4G communication, bluetooth communication

Perfect protection

  • Battery reverse connection protection
  • Solar panel reverse connection protection
  • Prevent battery from discharging to solar panels at night
  • Battery undervoltage protection
  •  LED output short circuit protection
  • LED output open circuit p
2. Technical parameter
  • ItemContentModelUnit
    Battery parameterBattery typeLead acid battery/Lithium battery
    Rated system voltage12VLead acid(auto identified)12/24Vlithium(need to be set)
    Max. Charge current1015A
    Charge voltage range815830V
    Boost charge voltage(settable)14.414.4(12V),  28.8(24V)V
    Float charge voltage(settable)13.813.8(12V),  27.6(24V)v
    Battery under voltage(settable)10.811(12V), 22(24V)V
    Clear undervoltage (settable)1212.5(12V), 25(24V)V
    Temperature compensation coefficient-4mV/℃/2V②
    PV max.input power355585V
    Max. PV power130130(12V)260(24V)180(12V)360(24V)W
    MPPT tracking range15≤Vmp≤3515≤Vmp≤50(12V) 30≤Vmp≤50(24V)15≤Vmp≤70(12V) 30≤Vmp≤70(24V)V
    Turn on LED PV voltage≤5≤5(12V), ≤10(24V)V
    Drive LED current504000mA
    Drive LED voltage range16351655V(12V)
    Drive LED max. power8080(12V), 160(24V)W
    Drive current accuracy≤3%FS
    Dimming can be divided into time stage5
    LED dimming range0100%
    System parameterMPPT efficiency≥99.9%
    Charge conversion max efficiency98.4%
    Drive max efficiency97.4%
    Static current≤12≤9mA
    Communication methodInfrared wireless, 2.4G,Bluetooth communication
    Storage/working temperature-3060
    Storage/working humid0100%RH
Storage/working humid0100%RH
Protection levelIP68(1.5m,72h)
Mechanical parameterweight0.260.340.515KG


  • (Battery type: lead acid, LiFePO4/Li ion battery)
  • Lithium battery does not have this option
  • Test conditions: battery voltage 24V, solar panel voltage 30V (optimal operating point of solar panel is 30V), charging power 10A
  • Test conditions: battery voltage 24V, output voltage 31V, output power 60W (10 series 10 and LED)
3. Efficiency curve
3.1 Drive LED efficiency LED typical curve

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