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Outdoor solar street light: A free guide to illuminating your outdoors

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2022-03-31 16:51:16

Outdoor solar street light: A free guide to illuminating your outdoors

Are you searching for the best outdoor solar street lights to spice up your outdoors? You are in the right place. This post walks you through everything you need to know when shopping for outdoor solar lighting products.

Table of Contents

1. Factors to consider when shopping for an outdoor solar street light
Your outdoor size and Lighting efficacy
Product Appearance
Solar product technology
Outdoor solar street light operational flexibility
Outdoor Solar Street Light Cost
2. Outdoor solar street light Product options
Landscape solar garden lights
Split solar led street lights
Foldable all-in-one solar street lights
3. Final thoughts

Factors to consider when shopping for an outdoor solar street light

Your outdoor size and Lighting efficacy

Your outdoor size is the first concern that will determine several other factors. You need powerful outdoor solar street lights to light up if you have more extensive vicinity. To match your lighting needs with the suitable solar street light brand should not be underlooked. Light efficacy is a significant concern for all solar-powered street lights.

Your outdoor size determines the types and technical aspects that would be considered before mounting outdoor solar street lights. Floodlights can suit some huge outdoor localities such as Industrial, more extensive gardens, and Construction Sites. Some small landscape features such as residential areas, parks, and garages resonate with spotlights. Solar garden light is the most suitable outdoor lighting option for on-off floodlights and spotlights.

If you anticipate garnishing you outdoors, give more consideration to lighting efficacy than solar street light price. Your outdoors deserves better lighting to make it more secure and refreshing to stay on.

Product Appearance

Your outdoor solar street light extends beyond serving your lighting needs. They need to possess a stylish and gorgeous look. In essence, landscape solar garden lights decorate your compound through their appearance and lighting ambiance. Take a considerate amount of time to deliberate on fashionable appearance that would match your vicinity. A simple yet classy design is beautiful and modern throughout.

Residing in an aesthetically pleasing environment increases mood and surges confidence. You are more likely to perform better if you are in an intelligent locality. Marvelous outdoor solar street light provides the right light to alter your sense of wellbeing positively.

Solar street light post height matters the most when setting up your ideal garden, residential, or business vicinity. The solar lamp is mounted on the top part of the solar pole ranging from 8 to 14 feet high. Optimal is height is calculated based on the distribution of luminaries and their capacities. Miscalculation can result in insufficient lighting or excessive glare.

All-in-One Solar Street Light is used to light up parks, public utility places, joins, walkaways, and other outdoor areas. The lighting aims to promote security during night hours, increase joint accessibility, improve recreation and sports activities, promote events, and illuminate landscapes. For these reasons, outdoor solar street light deserves to have elegant appearances to enhance the look of the vicinity. Careful use of solar-powered street lights should be ensured to limit unnecessary, misused, or obtrusive illuminations.

Cmoonlight, the unsurpassed solar street light manufacturer in China, produces stunning products. We have varied spectacular outdoor solar street lights that suit your vicinity’s needs. Visit our product page for more information.

Solar product technology

Outdoor solar street lights have been advancing since the onset of the 21st century. There are several solar street light brands in the market today, each boasting of the latest technology. Before buying solar street lights, consider all the technical aspects that might suit your residential and business outdoors areas.
Generally, technological advances are meant to enhance the overall outlook of the solar street light. You should be able to control your outdoor solar street lights remote control. This allows controlling the lighting power and intensity. The solar control nodes should be changed easily.
Outdoor solar street lights should have wireless solar panel interconnection to ensure a seamless operation. The lamp body should house upper lithium batteries, solar appliances, and micro-controllers. These features reduce light pollution and save battery performance since light is only used if necessary. 
All-in-One solar street light top features such as PIR motion sensors are also required. This features senses motion and increases light illumination until all movement ceases. The lighting is then reduced progressively, and the circle repeats if motion is sensed. Solar-led street light relies on battery capacity to perform better; you should consider and always maintain safe battery practices.

Outdoor solar street light operational flexibility

Outdoor solar street lights to be used in villas, villages, squares, courtyards, farms, schools, prairies, and paths need to be flexible. These solar-powered street lights have a wide array of applications in outdoor lighting. Operating the solar appliances should be easy and apt.

Installing the outdoor solar street light is simple since only a few significant steps are required. You mount the solar lamp and panels on the solar light pole and fix the post to a solid base at a 90° degree angle. The solar panels should be flexible and adjustable vertically and horizontally, depending on the sun’s intensity and direction. Integrated solar street light needs to maximize the sun’s hours to convert more photoelectric energy to usable electricity.

Solar garden light allows you to set your preferences and lighting tastes. You should be able to control the lighting of the outdoor solar street light. The amount of illumination illuminated at night is based preferred working mode. 

At Cmoonlight, we supply outdoor solar street lights with six working modes. The manufacturing default mode is U but can be changed depending on the user preferences and the sunshine conditions.

Outdoor Solar Street Light Cost

Outdoor solar street light cost counts. If you intend to buy solar street light, contemplate the product features vis-a-vis its cost to earn value for your money. It is prudent to purchase quality and durable products expansively than to purchase cheap products that have failed to meet expectations.

There are varied outdoor solar street light product options, and each product has specified costs. You need to choose products that you can afford to purchase, install and maintain.

At Cmoonlight, we offer bulk discounts for solar-led garden lights. This is an opportunity to save on the purchasing cost. You can reach us through our contact page.

Outdoor solar street light Product options

Solar street light manufacturers produce a wide variety of outdoor lights. Here is a list of outdoor solar street light products option you can choose from:

Landscape solar garden lights

Outdoor solar street light requires a durable, reliable, and easily controlled product. At Cmoonlight, we creatively designed and enhanced solar garden lights. Our product boost of latest features, such as a microwave sensor that outshines the PIR. Microwave sensors can pass through pieces of glass, wood, and plastics, thereby increasing their sensing ability.

Motion sensing capability is significant in increasing the battery life. It would be best to consider that wind, temperature, and dust do not affect microwave sensing ability. These weather conditions are regular outdoors, thus necessitating robust technology.
 Neat installation of outdoor solar street lights surges the beauty of the vicinity. The design shape is elegant, modern, and straightforward. We premeditated on a wireless connection and microcontrollers to enhance solar garden light.

Figure 1 A working solar garden light

Our outdoor solar street light has a remote control system to select a suitable operating mode. The solar panels are adjustable with maximum light effectiveness based on the same illumination.

Since we employ seamless production practices, our solar garden lights are cheaper and lighter. Installing it is extensively simple, with only a few mounting steps. If you are interested in purchasing solar street light, this is the best deal since it is affordable and easy to transport.

The solar garden light is advantageous as compared to conventional solar products. It can cooperate with smart devices within your residential areas, such as smart doorbells and enriched windows. You can reprogram outdoor solar street lights to produce different hues and intensities of light.

Split solar led street lights

Split solar-led street lights are the most common street lamps since they have many applications. In general, type III light lamps are used for vicinity lighting needs.

Split solar-led street lights to have reliable batteries placed inside the lamp body, shaded by the panels. Decent heat dissipation sustains the battery to over 2000 cyclic charges. Its high LED Luminous efficiency makes it a reputable outdoor solar street light. Visit our product page for more information on the split solar led street.

Foldable all-in-one solar street lights

Palm Tree Solar Street Light is an exclusive lighting product from Cmoonlight. We have spent resources researching solar-led street lights technologies and features.

Figure 2 foldable solar street light design

The palm tree design adds value to your vicinity since it is fashionable. Unlike other outdoor solar street lights, it has top features, including a Smart MPPT Controller, LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, and doubled-sided solar panels. It has as top Luminous Efficiency lamps and is also fitted with a smart microwave sensor.

If you are interested in technically advanced outdoor solar street lights, palm trees are your ideal product. Enquire more about Cmoonlight’s Palm Tree Solar Street Light at our website.

3. Final thoughts

Choosing an ideal outdoor solar street light is not an easy task. There are several factors you need to consider before buying the most suitable outdoor lighting product. Luckily, the Cmoonlight family has got your back covered.  The insights shared in this post will guide you to a product that suits your specific needs.


Cmoonlight is a world-renowned solar street light, led street light, solar garden light, and smart light pole with 15 years of experience. Conducted in-depth research on mains power complementation and smart interconnection technology.

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