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Please choose all in one solar street lights carefully

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2021-03-19 11:08:43

Please choose all in one solar street lights carefully

Solar street lights have developed very rapidly in recent years, and many people feel that this is a prospective product when they hear about it. However, the competition of solar street lights is also very large, and it is no longer as good as the previous market. Some merchants try to reduce the price, such as pulling the price very low and making the surface of the product beautiful, but the actual It is flashy.The quality of solar street lights is uneven, so choose all in one solar street lights carefully.

Originally, all in one solar street lights came into our sights with the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, electricity saving, safety and reliability, but now, because of the greed of some unscrupulous businessmen, solar industries such as solar street lights are full of countless hidden rules.

Usually, the solar street lights which made at regular manufacturers are almost maintenance-free, and there is no need to spend the cost of this maintenance. However, it is understood that many merchants now push the price of solar street lights very low, You get what you pay for, so their quality is very bad, resulting in a one-year failure rate for some buyers . It’s as high as 20%, and even less than a year, all the lights are off. Such a figure is scary and makes people feel that this is a solar waste project, which greatly reduces people’s trust in solar energy.

In order to make money, the purse companies put together solar street lights instead of independent research and development. While the price is low, there are many hidden dangers. It is understood that some businesses offered lowest price, but saying that the quality is guaranteed, and three-years warranty. But after buying it back, the solar street lights broke down one by one. After contacting the merchant, we found that the merchant’s mobile phone was changed and the store was also changed, and the merchant still had no factory.

Because of the increasing number of such products, the reputation of solar street lights has been damaged, the road safety of residents has been greatly troubled. Such things are not uncommon, but there are still many buyers who are lucky to buy unprotected low-cost solar street lights.

In summary, when purchasing solar street lights, you must shop around, choose the cost-effective products, and not only use price as the first standard for solar street lights. The most important thing is that when choosing a solar street light, it is best to choose a factory with strong capabilities, and all components are produced by the factory. You can go to the factory at any time. Only in this way the quality can be more guaranteed.

Shenzhen moonlight technology Co.,ltd has patent design for solar street lights, all use top materials for government project. After you shop around, you will find out it is right choice for government road lighting project.

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