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Solar Parking Lot Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

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2022-11-01 14:18:19

Solar Parking Lot Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

As a business owner or manager, you are likely always searching for cost-effective and long-term solar parking lot lighting solutions. Well, our extensive range of products is great for any business This post walks you through everything you need to know concerning solar parking lot lighting.

Table of Contents

Solar parking lot led technology systems

Solar parking lot light technology

How solar parking lot lights work

Why do you need solar parking lot lighting?

Why Cmoonlight’s solar parking lot lights

Final thoughts


Solar parking lot led technology systems

Solar light developments have advanced over the years with cutting-edge technologies being manufactured. Solar parking lot lighting has experienced tremendous changes in designs that have ensured continuity in producing sufficient and ample light in the parking lots. Street solar manufacturers have consistently worked with lighting engineers to ascertain that the correct illumination of light is applied based on the intended use.

Based on your business needs, you choose between a decorative and commercial solar parking lot system. The architects who designed the parking lot may recommend suitable solar parking lot systems that suit the business premises. However, decorative and commercial solar systems offer satisfactory illumination to serve parking lot purposes. Decorative solar systems serve beatification purposes amid lighting, while commercial systems are solemn to help lighting resolution.

At Cmoonlight, we provide a range of solar parking lot led technology systems such as Foldable All-In-One Solar Street Lights, Split Solar Led Street Lights and All-In-One Solar Street Lights. These solar products offer varied lighting specifications and technologies that suit your business needs. We also have solar garden lights that enhance the decoration of the parking lots, improving your business reputation.

Solar Parking Lot Lighting
Solar lighting at parking lots

Solar parking lot light technology

There are several technologies employed in the manufacture of solar parking lot lights. These pioneering technologies earn provide the features that make solar lighting startling. Here are some of the features and technologies embedded in solar parking lot lighting:

  1. High-quality LED Lamping

Parking lots need high-quality Led Lamping that provides abundant lighting for the entire parking area. Most qualities led lamping ranges from 40W to 200W solar street light. If you choose less bright led lamps, you might need to reduce solar poles distancing to enhance light illumination throughout the lot. Appropriate post distancing ensures equitable lighting throughout the premise based on the led capacity.

Immense technologies have been developed to produce high-quality led lamping lights that do not interfere with driving. Parking lots need soft lights that produce 15-200 lumens, creating a warm amber glow. Using excessively strong light that produces higher lumen rating up to 787 can blur drivers and cause accidents within the parking vicinity.

  1. Product specification

Solar parking lot lighting needs a reliable solar panel that maximizes sun hours to produce adequate light energy. As such, the solar panel needs to be flexible to adjust its panel position based on the sun’s direction. The battery must also be strong and resilient enough to withstand the extreme summer heat. Reliable batteries are essential since they ought to power solar lamps throughout dark hours and dark days.

At Cmoonlight, we innovatively designed Palm Tree Solar Street Light that serves parking lot lighting. It boasts high-end lithium batteries, splendid solar panels, LED lamp beads and light controllers.


  • IES files available

An efficient Lighting Systems file provides information regarding light intensity on a spherical grid. It offers more data based on photorealistic lighting effects than other lighting distributions. As buyers, you need to check the IES files to guarantee the solar parking lot lighting quality.

 At Cmoonlight, we avail all necessary IES files for our solar products. We also have 3D Dialux Photometric Simulation of Solar Light technologies that attest to our products.

  1. Dark Sky Certified fixtures are available

Our solar parking lot lights are specially designed to decrease glare and lessen light trespass and sky glow. The led lamps are fully sheltered to minimize the blue light released into the nighttime environs.

We pass the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA Fixture Seal of Approval program) requirement. Our light products have a diverse line of fixtures, Turtle Friendly fixtures and are FWC Certified. We gladly join the world in combatting any form of light pollution.

How solar parking lot lights work

Solar parking lot lightings are designed primarily like convectional solar lighting products. They have robust solar panels that use photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert sun energy to electric energy, then stored in batteries. The solar batteries are typically placed below the panels or at the top solar pole to minimize the distance between them and save on wiring costs.

During the day, the sun’s energy is converted into chemical energy and stored in the batteries. This energy is then passed to LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs, producing light at night or during dark hours. The led bulb allows electrons to move freely through its points, creating radiant electromagnetic energy.

Our solar products are equipped with LED bulb technologies which are up to 90% more efficient and energy-saving than incandescent and fluorescent lighting. This saves the amount of energy used to light up and surges the duration and intensity of light emitted. LED bulbs also have a longer lifetime.

At Cmoonlight, we have technically enhanced our solar parking lot lighting with sensors and controllers that supervise lighting and control charging. These advancements prevent overcharging, thus protecting and prolonging battery life. We also heightened our services and developed Solar Parking Lot Light with IP Camera connected to motion sensors, SIM Card 32GB, 64GB, 128 TF and Wi-Fi. These mechanisms improve security within your business vicinity.

Why do you need solar parking lot lighting?

Several factors might necessitate the need for solar parking lot lighting. Here are some of the significant factors:

  1. Serving lighting needs

The primary reason for investing in solar parking lot lighting is to provide illumination at your vicinity’s parking. This ensures that all entrances and exits are visible at night or during dark hours. Pedestrians and drivers can easily maneuver through the parking lots minimizing accidents. All parking spots need to be observable

  1. Enhancing security

A poorly lit parking attracts vandalism or burglary to your business and parked vehicles. Solar parking lot parking lighting provides adequate illumination that discourages malicious behaviors within the parking lots. All in one Solar Street Light with CCTV offers additional security with advanced technology, including a solar-powered Wi-Fi camera. These processes real-time imagery and high definition and record all movement activities. Lighting deters the possibility of crime happening in your parking lots.

CCTV imagery and videos capture all activities and provide a reliable follow-up in case of theft.

Why Cmoonlight’s solar parking lot lights

Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co; Cmoonlight is China’s best solar parking lot lights manufacturer. We have original solar Patent Designs that are unique globally and boast of 10-15 years’ Lifespan. Our products have CB IECEE Saber Certification Guaranteed and the ISO9001:2005 quality management system. Visit our product page for more information concerning our products.

We produce various solar products: Foldable All-In-One Solar Street Lights, Split Solar Led Street Lights and All-In-One Solar Led Street Lights that can be used for solar parking lot lighting. This product branches into  Palm Tree Solar Street Light and advanced Solar street lights with CCTV cameras.

Cmoonlight solar products are high quality and are trusted to perform in high-end municipal projects. We have undertaken projects in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the Philippines and other notable countries. You can check out more about our solar projects on our projects page.

Final thoughts

Considering solar products’ features is a must before making a purchase. It is challenging to buy solar parking lot lighting since various aspects must be deliberated. Besides the solar prices, the product features such as panel photoelectric conversion aptitude, battery capacity, and technological elements such as sensors, controllers, CCTV and Wi-Fi are perceived.

Cmoonlight is one of the leading solar lighting products manufacturer in China. We offer a wide array of revolutionary solar parking lighting products that you can count on. We have Foldable All-In-One Solar Street Lights, Split Solar Led Street Lights and All-In-One Solar Led Street Light, Palm Tree Solar Street Lights and radical Solar street lights with CCTV cameras. Which is the best solar parking lot lighting? All products are suitable, but Solar street lights with CCTV cameras are unmatched when it comes to lighting and guiding your parking lots.


Are solar parking lot lights worth the investment?

Yes, investing in solar parking lot lighting is a long-term project and is worth it.

What lighting is best for parking lots?

 LED flood lights with a wide beam angle are suitable for parking lot solar lighting

How many lumens do you need to light a parking lot?

The lumens required are dependent on height. Taller solar posts require higher lumens, while shorter poles of less than 20 feet need about 15000 to 20000 lumens.

Why do parking lots use black lights?

These lights are designed to keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

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