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Solar Street Light Installation Cost: A Comprehensive Free Buyers Guide

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2022-04-11 17:28:47

Solar Street Light Installation Cost: A Comprehensive Free Buyers Guide

When shopping for a solar-based street light, the first factor you will consider is the solar street light installation cost. More often than not, individuals make the wrong choices because of failure to perform an accurate installation cost analysis. This blog post seeks to provide a solution by addressing all cost parameters associated with installing a solar-powered street light.

Table of Contents
1.    Traditional vs. Solar Street Light Installation Cost
2.    Factors Affecting Solar Street Light Installation Cost
Product Type
Foldable all-in-one-solar street light
Split LED solar street
All-in-one solar street light
Connection type
The geographical location of the installation site
Sunlight conditions
Orientation, Inclination, and Latitude of the installation location
Climatic conditions     
End Usage of the solar street lights
3.    Final Thoughts

  1. Traditional vs. Solar Street Light Installation Cost

If you want the best street lighting product, you must consider several factors, including its price, resilience, and quality. In most instances, people settle for traditional solar lighting products because their initial cost is friendlier than solar street lights. You must reexamine your decision-making criteria if you often focus on the initial price of a product when shopping.

Each lighting project has specific requirements that may raise or lower its overall cost. Nevertheless, the installation cost is an essential aspect that you need to consider when buying a street lighting product. So, which is more costly, between traditional and solar street light installation costs?

The most significant difference between the cost of solar light and traditional one rests in the charges associated with their installation. Unlike solar lighting options, you have to connect conventional street lights to the electrical grid where they generate power. Connecting a traditional lighting product to the grid raises additional trenching and underground wiring costs.

In contrast, solar lighting products, including the all-in-one solar street light, are autonomous and do not require an on-grid connection. This means you will not have to incur any expenses associated with trenching and underground wiring. You will not also have to buy any cables, thus, driving down the overall solar street light installation cost. 

  1. Factors Affecting Solar Street Light Installation Cost

Different factors come into play when installing a solar-powered street light. The cost incurred for one project may not be similar to another project’s cost, even if their magnitudes are similar. Here are some aspects that may impact the overall installation cost when dealing with solar street lights: 

Product Type

Different Street light manufacturers operate in today’s solar market, offering various products. Cmoonlight, a leading solar street light manufacturer in China, focuses on three distinct street lighting product types, namely; 

  • The foldable all-in-one solar street light
  • Split Solar LED street light
  • All-in-one solar street light 

The foldable all-in-one solar street light installation cost

The Cmoonlight family launched the unique foldable all-in-one Palm Tree Solar Street light in 2021. This product has several unique features that make it an undeniable replacement for traditional lighting products in today’s market. Apart from better heat dissipation and foldable panels, this product guarantees easy installation. The Palm Tree all-in-one solar street light is the best product if you plan to minimize solar street light installation costs.

Figure 1: Solar Street lights lighting up a road

You only need two mounting steps to complete the installation process when dealing with this unique product, proudly patented by the Cmoonlight family. More importantly, its installation does not require any cables or on-grid connection. Here is a comprehensive video on installing the unique foldable all-in-one solar street light. What better product could you desire from a solar street light manufacturer? 

Split Solar LED Street light

The all-in-one kind and split solar LED street lights are the most common product options available in today’s solar market. Most people assume that their installation costs are similar, but that is far from true. Installing a split-type light takes longer than an all-in-one solar LED street light.

Split solar street light installation requires you to dig pits for the pole and battery since it is stored underground. You also need to fix the solar panels, the lighting lamp, and other vital kits because they are separated. Upon finishing all the tasks above, you need to perform some wiring to make the whole system work. Typically, you spend one to two hours when installing a split-type solar-powered street light.

Installation cost generally involves two parts: accessories and labor expenses. The longer it takes to install a solar street light, the higher the labor cost. We can, therefore, conclude that solar street light installation cost is higher when dealing with a split-type product. 

All-in-one solar street light

Installing this type of product only takes a few steps, namely, erecting the pole and fixing lighting screws. Essentially, there is much difference between the installation process of the unique foldable-type and the common all-in-one solar street light. So, why should you settle for the unique Palm Tree product over the standard all-in-one solar street light?

The solar street light installation cost is similar, but the Palm Tree all-in-one solar street light offers several benefits. Some of the pros you need to remember include:

  • Adjustable solar panels– The unique solar street light’s design allows you to adjust its solar panels to face the sunlight’s direction at both sides of the street. Access to direct sunlight at both sides increases the panel’s efficiency by up to 60%.
  • Better Heat Dissipation– The separated shades the battery and lamp body, preventing them from conducting heat to each other. This keeps the battery and lamp body cool, increasing their lifespan and efficiency by 40%.

Connection type

Most of us imagine standalone fixtures that rely on sunlight alone when we hear of a solar street light. The truth is that there are two types of products according to connection: standalone solar-powered street lights and grid-tied ones. Grid-tied products use solar energy, but you also have to connect them to the electrical grid. The upside of using such a product is that the electrical bill is less than a conventional on-grid product’s bill.

So, what is the difference between the grid-tied-type and the standalone solar street light installation cost? When installing a grid-tied product, you have to perform trenching and underground wiring, thus, driving up the installation cost. When shopping for a lighting product, you must confirm whether it’s a standalone or a grid-tied system.

At Cmoonlight, we are proud manufacturers of standalone high-quality solar street lights. Our Class A, LiFePO4 Lithium batteries ensure that your lights keep on working even in times of low sunlight. More importantly, they have a long-lasting lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

The geographical location of the installation site

Solar street light installation cost varies depending on the geographical features of the site you intend to illuminate. Some factors that affect the solar street light installation cost vary depending on geographical location. Some of these factors include:

End Usage of the solar street lights

Solar-powered street lights come in handy across different commercial and industrial lighting applications. Solar street light installation costs may vary depending on your intended application. For instance, installations in factories may require additional work to increase fortification to protect the lights against probable hazards. More work translates to additional installation costs.

 Final Thoughts

After looking at all the information above, you may still be asking yourself some questions. Some of those questions include;

  •  Can I minimize the cost of installing my solar-powered street lights?
  • Does my choice of solar street light supplier impact the installation cost?
  • Can a solar street light manufacturer guide me on how to minimize installation costs? 

Whether you plan to install new solar street lights or replace existing traditional ones, the Cmoonlight family has your back. Cmoonlight has extensive expertise in solar lighting projects in different parts of the world, including a solar lighting project in Saudi Arabia. With this experience, we can help you select a product that suits your specific needs.  

More importantly, our experts can guide you on how to minimize your street light installation cost. We only require you to reach out to us through our contact us page and give us some information about your project’s scope and location. We will eagerly get back to you with answers and expert guidelines on how to carry out your project.  

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