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Solar Street Light Price: A Comprehensive Analysis of Key Pricing Parameters

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2022-04-12 15:42:43

Solar Street Light Price: A Comprehensive Analysis of Key Pricing Parameters

Most people shy away from adopting solar owing to the misled notion that solar street light prices are too high. If you share that belief, consider yourself lucky because you are in the right place. This post demystifies solar-powered street light pricing issues and guides you towards the right decision on lighting matters.

Table of Contents
1.    Traditional vs. solar street light price comparison
   Initial costs comparison
   Installation costs comparison 
   Maintenance costs comparison
2.    ROI Analysis on Solar Street Price
3.    Factors that affect the solar street light price
   The forces of demand and supply
   Price of raw materials 
   Taxation policy 
   The general state of the solar market economy
4.    Things to consider when comparing solar street light price 
   Solar lamp technology
   Power rating 
   Controller technology 
5.    Final Thoughts

  1. Traditional vs. solar street light price comparison

A search on the internet will reveal that solar street light manufacturers have increased three-fold in the last decade. More and more individuals are switching to renewable energy sources, creating a lucrative market. Traditional lighting systems are losing the appeal that they had a decade ago. This raises the question, which is more expensive between a solar Street light and a traditional lighting option?

To provide a clear and accurate answer to this question, we need to analyze different pricing aspects. Here is a comprehensive analysis of each element: 

  • Initial costs comparison

Whenever you think of the solar street light price, you are likely confining your thoughts to the initial cost. A traditional street light is less costly than a solar-powered street light. Does this mean a conventional on-grid lighting system is the ideal option? Making a decision based on the initial cost is unwise. You must examine other monetary details before making your decision.

  • Installation costs comparison

The difference between one product’s feasibility is the cost associated with its installation. In this regard, solar-powered street lighting options are more feasible than traditional on-grid systems. Installing a conventional on-grid street light requires lots of ground, including trenching and underground wiring. These tasks undoubtedly drive up the cost of installation.

General cost analysis of traditional versus solar street light price

Using solar products will save you much money, especially on medium and large-scale lighting projects. Solar street lighting products do not require extensive work during installation. Let us take Cmoonlight’s unique all-in-one solar street light as an example. You only need two steps during installation. Thus, it is correct to say that the solar street light price is more pocket friendly in the long run.  

  • Maintenance costs comparison

Solar street lighting products mostly employ LED technology to generate light. This technology is not only energy-efficient but also requires little maintenance over time. The illumination mechanism of Solar LED Street light vitiates slowly and does not require regular maintenance. On the other hand, traditional on-grid lighting systems are susceptible to various hazards, including power surges and lightning.

You also do not have to repair solar street lights frequently. The battery is the only part of the system that you need to watch out for, and even then, it needs your attention every 5 to 7 years. Taking this into account, do you still think that the solar street light price is too exorbitant? Any wise individual’s answer to this question is undoubtedly no.

  1. ROI Analysis on Solar Street Price

Before investing your hard-earned cash, you need to consider its returns against cost. The initial cost of a conventional on-grid street light is less than the price of a solar-powered street light. The main query you need to ask yourself is which product offers more significant returns on your investment?

Every individual hopes to save as much money as possible while reaping maximum benefits from their investment. When working on a lighting project, several factors inform your ultimate Return on Investment (ROI). Here are some steps to help you figure out your return on investment:

  • Calculate your project’s total expenditure, including solar street light price, installation costs, and any other costs you may incur.
  • Consider your current expenditure on lighting. You must factor in your monthly electricity bill if you currently use traditional on-grid street lights. Solar street lights have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. How much would you have saved in that time, considering that solar products have no monthly bills?   

While shopping for a solar lighting system, you must also consider the ideal wattage for your intended application. The higher your wattage needs, the greater the Return on Investment you will get from a solar-powered street light. At 100 watts or more, solar lighting products are less costly in the long run.

As a leading solar street light manufacturer in China, Cmoonlight offers several wattage options. Our wattage options include 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, and 120W solar street lights. With our extensive experience in solar lighting projects, our experts can advise you on the most suitable wattage for a project.  

  1. Factors that affect the solar street light price

Different manufacturers offer solar street lighting products at different prices. This is because several factors affect the solar street light price. Knowing some of these factors will help you make the right choice when buying any product, including the all-in-one solar street light. Here are some price-determining factors you should know;

  • The forces of demand and supply

Most of us take the impact of the forces of demand and supply on product prices for granted. Let’s assume you have a project in a country experiencing heightened demand for solar street lights but low supply. Solar street light manufacturers working in an economy with high demand and low supply will likely raise their prices. So, what should you do?

In today’s day and age, overcoming the negative impact of demand and supply is an easy task. With a few clicks of your phone or computer, you can order any product you want from a dependable overseas manufacturer. This raises the question, why should you trust Cmoonlight when you encounter such a predicament?

We also pride ourselves on the ability to produce quality products consistently. The Cmoonlight family offers the most competitive solar street light price globally. More importantly, we have extensive experience in overseas projects, including a solar street light project in Saudi Arabia.

  • Price of raw materials

A solar street light’s price is directly related to the raw materials used in its manufacture. If a solar street light manufacturer opts for high-end costly raw materials, their production will rise and, subsequently, their prices. Should you then settle for a manufacturer that uses cheap raw materials?

Cheap often translates to low quality. So, choosing a supplier that uses cheap raw materials is not a wise decision. Buying expensive solar street lights manufactured using quality raw materials guarantees maximum returns on your investment.

    • Taxation policy

Currently, China is the chief manufacturer and exporter of solar-powered street lights. The country’s taxation policies enable manufacturers to produce and supply their products at relatively low prices. If a country’s a high tax on solar products, manufacturers will raise their solar street light price to offset taxation costs.  

  • The general state of the solar market economy

A poor overall market economy has a price-increasing effect on any product produced. Buying from a manufacturer in a stable economy guarantees the best prices on solar products, including an all-in-one solar street light. This is one of the reasons Cmoonlight is your best option. We operate within the second-largest economy in the world and, therefore, can offer the best prices you can imagine.

  1. Things to consider when comparing solar street light price

Several solar street light manufacturers produce and sell products at different prices. Contrary to what you may want to believe, settling for the lowest solar street light price is not a wise choice. Here are some factors to reflect upon if you are interested in a product that will guarantee maximum value for your money:

  • Solar lamp technology

Your choice of lamp technology determines the lighting efficiency of your solar-powered street light. Two standard technology configurations are used for solar power lamps: High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

LED technologies offer more energy efficiency and durability compared to HID technologies. Consequently, a solar LED street light is more expensive than any solar product that uses HID technology. The question is would you choose an HID-based product because of its relatively low solar street light price? LED lights are the best option for you.

    • Power rating

Solar street light manufacturers produce street lights with different power ratings. Cmoonlight offers street lighting products with power ratings ranging from 40 watts to 120 watts. A light’s illumination and coverage area grow with the increase in wattage. You should select a solar-powered street light’s wattage based on your specific needs.

  • Controller technology

Solar street lights have controllers that perform several functions, including switching the lights on and off. The type of technology the controller uses affects the solar street light price. Nonetheless, it is advisable to buy products that use high-quality controllers. The Cmoonlight family uses high-tech smart MPPT controllers.

  1. Final Thoughts

 It would be best to consider several variables before buying a solar street light. The solar street light price is not one of those variables. Buying the cheapest product in the market is a costly decision in the long run. Do you need advice on the most suitable product for your project? Feel free to contact us. We are eager to guide you and respond to any queries. 


Cmoonlight is a world-renowned solar street light, led street light, solar garden light, and smart light pole with 15 years of experience. Conducted in-depth research on mains power complementation and smart interconnection technology.

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