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Solar Street Lighting System: 6 Essential Facts you should know

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2022-03-03 10:22:36

Solar Street Lighting System: 6 Essential Facts you should know


Solar street lighting systems are gaining popularity amidst the push to adopt renewable sources for energy globally. Unfortunately, most people have inadequate knowledge about this cutting-edge lighting technology. Here are the six essential facts about this incredible modern innovation.

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1.What is the solar street lighting system?

A comprehensive solar street lighting system is a go-to option for sustainability that relies on sunlight. It has four major parts: photovoltaic (PV), robust battery, support structures, and light luminaries. Solar systems provide green energy that is reliable and affordable. Solar street light price offers an outstanding value for the cost in the long run due to their durability.

Several solar products are available today, ranging from simple solar light to integrated solar street light. The integrated solar products have tilt-able LED sources that vary their angle based on sun position and the solar beam angle to focus more light on the street. It would help if you bought solar street lights from the proper manufacturer to maximize solar benefits.

A solar street lighting system in use

There are several solar street light manufacturers in China today, with each providing diverse prices for their products. The Cmoonlight family offers the most competitive price for all ideal solar products. Our products are relatively easy to install, require low maintenance, and are easily replaced.

2. How does a street lighting system work?

Many people globally have a limited idea of how solar street lighting systems. Others may have an understanding that it harnesses sunlight to produce energy. While that is correct, it is shallow and uninformative. Solar Street light relies on photovoltaic technology that converts sunlight using solar cells into the flow of electrons. The produced can then be used directly or stored in batteries connected swiftly into the solar cells.

The solar panels must be mounted on the solar street light pole. Post-top positioning ensures that the solar cells are exposed to maximum solar light while the led luminaire is sited appropriately. The battery is mainly located below the solar panels while in some cases placed inside the solar poles.

The solar cells charge the batteries throughout the daytime to provide sufficient energy used at nighttime. The manufacture and installation of solar street lighting systems must adhere to strict consideration. These considerations include location-related factors such as sun hours, weather conditions, and the strength of the wind. Trustworthy Solar street light manufacturer calculates these weather-related aspects based on the client’s location before delivering solar products.

You cannot describe how the solar street light systems work without mentioning the role of batteries. Due to the absence of solar light at night, batteries play a significant role in the lighting of solar lamps. However, some all-in-one solar street light manufacturers use poor-quality batteries ranging between C or D class lithium batteries. Low-class batteries underperform at extreme temperatures.

Cmoonlight, a leading Solar street light manufacturerproduces solar products using A-class lithium batteries. For more information about lithium batteries classes, visit our website’s products page.

3. Different options for a street lighting system

Several solar street lighting systems exist in the market. All products have varied capacities and are sold for fair prices. If you want to buy solar street lights, you choose products that match your lighting needs. Here are some of the best products that you can select a suitable solar-powered street light from:

Foldable all-in-one solar street lighting system

If you are looking for a state-of-art solar system, a Foldable all-in-one solar street lighting system covers all your needs. It can adjust the solar panels to the sun’s direction to maximize sunlight absorption. The highly enhanced solar street lighting system is manufactured with class-A lithium batteries that provide sufficient power overnight and withstand high temperatures. LED lamp beads and controllers are highly sophisticated and primarily used in municipal-level projects like highway solar street lights.

Cmoonlight, a top solar street light companyhas designed the most enhanced and integrated solar system named Palm Tree Solar Street Light. The palm tree is an exclusive design that meets stringent quality assessment and production technology procedures. Palm tree solar boosts proper heat dissipation, which ensures the safety of solar parts. More so, the palm tree design is gorgeous on the sides of the roads.

Split solar led street lights

Split solar led street light is the most common solar street lighting system since it has several applications. Solar split lights typically have their LED light source mounted on top supported with a long extending arm. The older versions of split solar had unique large lead-acid batteries but had a small storage capacity. The improved versions enjoy lithium iron phosphate batteries with better performance than their predecessors.

Semi-split solar street lights were manufactured with batteries fixed inside the lamps or solar panels. The designs were affected by battery damages, mainly during hotter months of the year.

Cmoonlight is the best manufacturer of solar street lighting systems. Our company uses cutting-edge technologies designing split solar led lights and batteries. We creatively integrate the battery and the lamp body, thus minimizing heat conduction in the summer. We produce 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W and 200W solar street light.

All-in-one solar street lighting

All-in-one solar street light is ideal due to its convenience in installation and transportation to the intended locality. It is the most traded solar street lighting system at the international markets. Several manufacturers of solar products are in the market, with each adding some technical aspects to market their products.

Cmoonlight produces the best technically advanced integrated solar street light among several manufacturers, boosting features like the PIR motion sensor. This allows the solar to detect movement and operate at 100% capacity when passing through. As the activity furthers, the brightness of solar street light reduces by 30%. This refined technique saves more energy adding up the battery life. The solar turns on itself automatically at sunset and turns off at sunrise.

All-in-one solar street light boasts of LiFePO4 battery that can withstand over 2000 cyclic charge-discharge sessions. Charging sessions imply that the battery of the solar street lighting system has over eight years. LiFePO4 battery performs well at high temperatures and is eco-friendly.

All-in-one solar street light comes with an MPPT controller that provides general protection. Sunlight intensities vary throughout the day, and solar cells produce fluctuating energy. MPPT controllers cushion the solar street lighting system against excessive voltage, current, charging, or discharging. Integrated solar street light controls their power supply intelligently throughout the changing weather.

As mentioned above, the All-in-one solar street light has several features that make it outstanding. You need to buy integrated solar street lights with the exact quality you are searching for as a buyer. At Cmoonlight, we offer various solar products at an affordable price.

4. Things to consider when picking a street lighting option

There are factors to consider before selecting a suitable solar street lighting system. Failure to adhere to strict consideration while purchasing solar equipment may render the entire project ineffective. Here are factors that you need to consider:


Since solar street lighting system depends on sunlight, the place of installation matters significantly. Existing weather conditions such as the strength of wind and temperatures should be considered. We urge you to buy solar street lights resistant to strong winds and high temperatures. This advice is based on our company experience in undertaking various projects, including a solar street light project in Saudi Arabia.

Software and hardware specifications

The solar street lighting system is manufactured with different IT specifications. It is imperative to check the software and hardware specifications to match the ideal solar system. Poor choices will impact the effectiveness and the efficiency of the solar equipment.

Cmoonlight manufactures all in one Solar Street light, fitted with software that coordinates with hardware efficiently. We attached control modes and motion sensors that can detect movement within the range of 20 meters and turn on the solar led street light.

Ease of installation

As a buyer, installing solar equipment should be a concern. Enhancement in solar production and design has paved the way for a Foldable all-in-one solar street light that is super easy to install. Only two mounting steps are required with no cable use.
At Cmoonlight, we produce the most technically sophisticated solar street lighting system that requires minimal workforce, tools, and cables to install.

Where to use a street lighting system

Solar Street lighting systems have become a helpful illumination tool by providing reliable light overnight and during dark hours. Here are some of the areas in which it can be used:

Street sides

Solar led street lights are primarily used at the busy street sidewalk to provide light to people passing and conducting businesses there. Solar light reduces pedestrian collisions and improves safety. It is used on busy highways to improve visibility and reduce road accidents.

Crime prone areas

Solar street lighting systems provide light overnight in high crimes sectors of towns and cities. Criminals prefer dark areas over lighted areas. That way, it decreases government policing costs.

 6. Final thoughts

Solar street lighting systems are revolutionizing the night illumination landscape. They are cost-effective, durable, and above all, environmentally friendly. It is an ideal moment to invest in this cutting-edge lighting system. Reach us via or our contact us page if you need any assistance or guidance.  


Cmoonlight is a world-renowned solar street light, led street light, solar garden light, and smart light pole with 15 years of experience. Conducted in-depth research on mains power complementation and smart interconnection technology.

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