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What Are The Anti-Corrosion Methods For Solar Street Light Pole?

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2021-11-04 17:34:10

With the application of solar energy, the use of solar street lights has become more and more widespread. Because the working environment of solar street lights is outdoors, the requirements for supporting the poles are better. To prevent the poles from rusting and corroding and reducing the structural strength, the solar street lamp poles must be treated with anti-corrosion. So what are the anti-corrosion methods for solar street light poles? Next, the editor of Century Sunshine Lighting will give you a detailed introduction.

1, surface spray treatment

The first and best method is to hot-dip galvanize the light pole. The zinc layer of the hot-dip galvanized light pole is firmly combined with the steel pole, the zinc layer does not peel off, and the anti-rust effect is particularly good. Then the surface of the light pole is sprayed with plastic, the color can be specified by the customer, and the outdoor high-quality plastic is used, so that the rust-proof time of the light pole can be more than ten years.

2, high temperature plastic spraying

   This is a new technology that has only been developed in recent years. The basic working principle is to spray nylon onto the surface of the workpiece prepared in advance under the heating and melting of the flame to obtain the required spray coating.

3, powder electrostatic spraying

   Powder electrostatic spraying means that the powder is negatively charged. Under the action of electrostatic force and compressed air, the powder is uniformly adsorbed on the workpiece. This method can make the surface of the light pole more uniform and smooth. Of course, electrostatic spraying also has two methods: spray paint and spray plastic.

4, hot-dip galvanizing

The process and method of immersing the pre-treated parts in molten zinc to form zinc and zinc-iron alloy coatings on the surface. The thickness of the zinc layer is 65-90um. The zinc layer of galvanized parts should be uniform, smooth, dripping and excessive agglomeration. The zinc layer should be firmly combined with the steel rod, and the zinc layer should not be peeled off or raised.

orrosion methods for solar street light pole

The above methods of anti-corrosion of solar street light pole are shared here. In addition to paying attention to corrosion, we must also pay attention to the waterproof and anti-theft performance of solar street light poles to prevent rainwater from entering the poles and causing electrical failures.

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