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Solar powered street light: All in one integrated solar street light

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2021-11-02 11:13:42

Solar powered street light: All in one integrated solar street light

Cmoonlightbrings a new and innovative design that takes the bar on another level. The foldable solar power street light by cmoonlight is one of its own kind. With sleek design, foldable pannels and complete quality control, this solar street light changes the game.

What is new?
The normal solar street lights had the panels facing only one direction. But the new solar powereds street lights by cmoonlight has foldable panels. Not only this, one of the new designs also involves a palm tree. But that’s not all. The new all in one solar powered street light has motion sensors, CCTV cameras and much more.

Why is it foldable?
Being foldble allows the solar panels to get maximum sunlight since they can be folded in the direction where the solar panels faces the sun directly. This increases the efficiency and charging rate which makes sure that the lights will last all night.

Why a palm tree?
the palm tree solar powered street lights is a game changer. It brings a lot more to the tabe than one can imagine. The palm tree solar powered street lights have foldable panels which allows them to get maximum sunlight for charging. This increases their efficiency upto 60%. The summer heat can cause damage to the battery and the LED. The panels of a palm tree solar powered street light can be moved to keep them away from sunlight. Furthermore, the installation of a palm tree solar powered street light is very simple. Just two mounting steps and you’re all good to go.

What is solar powered street light made of?
The solar powered street light is made up of high-quality lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are well known for their ability to be recharges hundreds of times. Furthermore, they have higher stability, voltage capacity, chage density and a low discharge rate which makes them more efficient than other batteries.

Can we trust it?
The solar powered street lamps are properly tested before leaving the factory. Every single thing, from the wiring to the working of the lamp is first tested and approved through a high-end procedure. The certifications of cmoonlight speaks for themselves. These include IP67, IK10, SC, GS, COC, and CB IECEE Saber for Saudi Arabia. People from more than 160 countried have put their trust in cmoonlight and have not been disappointed. With 600+ clients and 999+ projects, cmoonlight is something you can trust completely.

What does ‘all in one’ means?
Different street lights such as solar street lights, split solar sreet lights or simple street lights, they have heir own limitations. These different shortcomings are all dealt with in an efficient manner in the ‘all in one solar powered street light’. Not only does it have high quality foldable mono-solar panels, it also has micro radar sensors,CCTV cameras, PIR sensors, long lifespan, waterproof design, high heat dissipation, free mainntainance and easy installation.All these qualities makes it an leading design.

Additional advantages:
In addition to all these advantages, there are some more qualities which makes it one of its kind. It has a wider solar panel. The normal panels are almost 350-40 mm while the all in one  foldable street lights are 500mm wide which increases the brightness and longer working period. Thesepanels are adjustable to 40-115 mm while the normal solar panels are adjustable to only one certain size. It also has a customizable pattern. The design is made up of high quality aluminium. The all in one foldable solar street lights are  remote controlled. It has Cree 5050 LED chip 210lm and a Heat Sink. Also, the Solar street light manufacturers have made it possible that all of this is available in a very affordable price. Instead of wasting money on things which loses their function after a couple of years, these lights work for upto 10 years.

These are truly a game changer. Cmoonlight always works to bring the best to its customers. With 600+ trusted users in more than 160 countried, and winning the German Industry Design Award Red Dot Award, these solar powered street lights raises the bar to a new height.


Cmoonlight is a world-renowned solar street light, led street light, solar garden light, and smart light pole with 15 years of experience. Conducted in-depth research on mains power complementation and smart interconnection technology.

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