What is the difference between solar street lights and ordinary street lights?

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2020-12-15 17:46:01

What is the difference between solar street lights and ordinary street lights?

There is a certain difference between solar street lights and general street lights. Both in terms of price and actual service life, there are advantages and disadvantages. In general, solar street lights have more advantages. The following is a simple analysis.

The difference between solar street lights and general street lights:

1. According to the product’s own price and initial investment cost, solar street lights are more expensive than ordinary lamps.

2. Operation protection cost. The cost of general lamps is obviously higher than that of solar street lamps, and it is getting higher and higher as the use time increases (including electricity and labor, etc.).

3. If calculated according to the service life, 15 years of operating costs and street lamp protection costs are taken into account, then the total cost of solar street lamps during the life cycle is lower than the total cost of ordinary lamps.

4. Good safety and stability. The solar street light’s lamps are free of protection and have high safety performance. There will be no electric shock. The stability can be enhanced by changing the control method. However, general lamps are relatively safe, with stable functions, and need to be protected all year round.

The specific advantages of solar street lights LED light source are as follows:

1. High luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life and low working temperature.

2. Strong safety and reliability.

3. The response speed is fast, the unit volume is small, and it is environmentally friendly.

4. Under the same brightness conditions, the power consumption is one-tenth of that of incandescent lamps and one-third of fluorescent lamps, and the life span is indeed 50 times that of incandescent lamps and 20 times that of fluorescent lamps. The fourth generation of lighting products after the lamp.  

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