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Which is preferable: an integrated solar street light or a split solar street light?

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2021-09-16 10:56:39

Which is preferable: an integrated solar street light or a split solar street light?

With the rapid advancement of photovoltaic and LED lighting technologies, solar powered lighting items are becoming increasingly popular from top 10 solar street light manufacturers. The ideal combination of photovoltaic and high efficiency LEDs provides excellent financial benefits for lighting as well as significant environmental benefits due to the clear renewable solar energy. The installation of integrated solar lamps is simple and quick in terms of product structure. Skilled workers can complete the installation process in just 5 minutes. This is a comparative advantage to split type for batch installations.

Consider that a split solar street light necessitates a gel battery pit, which must be waterproofed before inserting the gel battery. This method takes longer than the integrated method. The installation includes one more step than the integrated solution, and gel batteries are hung on sole light poles. When the construction project deadline is rushed, this complicated installation method becomes a major issue.

We now have two generations of solar powered lights, each with a different structural design. The latest generation of integrated all-in-one solar streetlights and the previous generation of split-type solar streetlights. What are the benefits and drawbacks of these two solar lights? Let us make the following evaluation:

The split type solar street lamps are powered by lead acid batteries, whereas the integrated all-in-one solar street lamps are powered by lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are nearly 100 percent efficient in both charge and discharge, and we use a Level A standard lithium battery in our lamp. It will not only have a 5-fold longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries, but it will also have charging depth protection. It will significantly extend the battery’s lifespan to 8 years. Lithium batteries provide higher-quality performance in a safer, longer-lasting, smaller, and lighter package. Lithium-ion batteries are a much cleaner technology that is better for the environment.

 Split-type solar streetlights are significantly more expensive, costing 40-60% more than integrated all-in-one solar streetlights.

The project installation costs will be affected by the installation speed. We need to dig pits for the pole foundation and battery box before we can install the split-type solar streetlights. Then we must install solar panels, LED street lights, a light controller, and repair all of the kits. Finally, we must wire the entire system. It only takes three simple steps to install integrated solar streetlights. Digging the cage, tightening the screws on the lights, erecting the pole, and the installation is complete. Installing a split-type solar streetlight takes about 1-1.5 hours. The solar panel, LED lamp, battery, smart sensor, and c are all included in the integrated solar powered streetlights.

When something goes wrong with traditional split-type solar streetlights, manufacturers must send technical personnel to the local repair shop. They must troubleshoot the battery, photovoltaic panels, LED lamp, wires, and so on. It will take much more time if the maintenance worker does not bring enough spare parts. Some factories, on the other hand, are unwilling to send technical workers to installation locations due to the high costs. Customers for all-in-one solar powered street lamps only need to send the entire integrated solar lamp to the factory for maintenance, which is very simple and convenient.

Lighting effectiveness
The higher the photoelectric conversion efficiency, the larger the area of the same battery panel, and the capacity of the battery is proportional to the volume. As a result, the volume of integrated led solar street lights is limited, as is the area of the battery panel and the volume of the battery. As a result, it is not suitable for some places with relatively high lighting requirements, and it can only be used in places with low configuration requirements. The split solar streetlight is more adaptable. We can tell the difference between an all-in-one led solar street light and a split-type light from the comparison above‍

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