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2021-11-01 11:25:51

ProjectNasarawa State University Keffi, Nigeria, 64watt Foldable all in one solar LED street light, 6 m poles, total width is 17m,each road width 8m, on Medium, lighting 12 hours per night.


  1. Street light use mains supply or solar energy? Which is better?
  2. Can solar panels charge in cloudy or rainy weather?
  3. Mono-Crystalline solar panels and Poly-Crystalline solar panels: which is better?
  4. Why foldable solar panel is better than flat solar panel?
  5. Which battery is the best for solar LED street light?
  6. How to choose the best LED Watt and Poles-height for solar LED street light?
  7. What benefits does Hot-dip galvanizing lamp-post have?
1.Street light use Mains supply or Solar energy? Which is better?

Street lighting with mains supply requires significant infrastructure, engineering, and costly installation including trenching of cables. Power from the grid is required to utilize the lights, causing long-term duration costs and maintenance of equipment and infrastructure.

Solar LED Street Light eliminate grid power consumption. They are self-sustainable, solar powered, LED lighting systems which intelligently provide light at night without the need for external management or control. Its most appealing advantage is easy installation.  

Our Moonlight Foldable ‘All-In-One’ solar LED street light only have 6 pieces same screws for spare parts. Installation within 10 seconds, or ten minutes, maximum!

That is why solar LED street light are getting global attention and becoming more popular.
1. It can save much cost for the sunk cord.
2. This, because of its independence from mains supply or frequent power cut.
3. It is maintenance-free; Ten -10- years, if you choose LiFePO4 battery.
4. It can save much cost from the traditional electricity charge, eventually giving a viable power-alternative.

2.Can solar panels charge in cloudy or rainy weather?
Yes, it can. But in cloudy and rainy weather without sun, the solar panel output current is only less than a tenth or even a hundredth of the usual midday sun. So, with little ability to charge during rainy season, Solar  LED street light with battery inside, have 3~4 backup days .Battery capacity and performance is very crucial in solar street lights during the wet, rainy season.

If the local continuous rainy days are longer, we must calculate it first when we choosing the specification of solar street lights. Larger solar panels and larger batteries are very important. Ensure that solar LED street light can keep working normally in long rainy days. At this time, we need tested, professional and guaranteed solar street light manufacturers.

3.Mono-crystalline solar panels and Poly-crystalline solar panels, which is better?

Mono-crystalline solar panels are made of high grade silicon, so they have high conversion efficiency and long life span, up to 25 years. The poly-Silicon solar panel process is simple with low cost, only use less amount of crystalline silicon.

The conversion efficiency and the heat resistance of poly-silicon solar panels is lower than mono-crystalline solar panels. The heat will affect the performance of solar cells and shorten their life.
Moonlight Solar Street light choose Mono-crystalline solar panel for long lifetime.

4.Why Foldable solar panel is better than flat solar panel?

1. The solar panel can rise up and fold for good sunshine. The solar panel efficiency increase 60% than flat solar panel. Please check the picture on the right, solar panel can face the sun direction on both sides of road.

2. In hot summer, the temperature of solar panel is up to 90 degree, but the battery heat-resisting temperature is only 75 degree, High temperature will destroy the battery. This led to our invention of ‘Foldable solar panel’, The separated hot solar panel has a shadow for battery, it can protect the battery from high temperature.

5.Which batteryis the best for solar LED Street light?
The quality of battery divided into:A-Class LiFePO4 battery and B-Class LiFePO4 battery. Ternary Lithium-ion battery; Gel-Lead Acid battery and Broken detached battery from abandoned electric-car and electric buses. Low quality battery, like detached battery itself is big electricity resistant. It has large system consumption, so the actual capacity for LED is very small and shorten lifetime in future.

* Some factories also use Ternary Lithium-ion battery, What is the difference between A-class LiFePO4 battery and Lithium-ion battery?

1. The charge and discharge times of LiFePO4 Lithium battery is 2000 times, but Li-Ion Lithium battery is only 800 times. Lifespan of LiFePO4 is 2.5 times than Li-ion.
2. In hot summer LiFePO4 Lithium battery is stable, but Li-Ion Lithium battery is easy on fire.

LiFePO4 battery is twice expensive than Li-on lithium battery, and more stable. Lifespan of LiFePO4 is ten-10- years, Li-ion battery, only 4 years.

So, in high temperature countries, you must choose A-class LiFePO4 battery.

6.How to choose the LED watt and poles height for solar street light?
First you need to know the width of the road. For example, Nigeria project specification: the total width is 17m, each road is 8m. Isolation strip is 1m. We suggest 64watt with 6m poles together, one pole with two lights. We also supply 3D dialux simulation photometric to this customer.

From the pictures, you will image the scene after the installation of the lights. With these professional pictures, you can get the project more easily.
If you have other widths, 6m, 8m 10m, please check the pictures as below:  

Moonlight Engineers can make the professional 3D dialux simulation photometric according to your specification of the road’s width.

7.What Benefits does Hot-dip galvanizing lamp post have?

Usually poles technological process compels division into Hot-dip galvanizing and Cold galvanizing
How to compare them?
1. Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe are galvanized in the inner and outer walls, while cold-galvanized steel pipe is galvanized only in the outer walls;
2. The cold plating layer is uniform and the thickness is very thin, about 3~5um; the hot plating layer is thicker, and the thickness is uneven, exceeding 10um.
3. The appearance of cold plating is bright, and the color of hot plating is darker.
4. Because the cold coating is thinner, the corrosion resistance is poor; the hot coating is tens of times thicker than cold galvanizing, and it forms an infiltration layer with the base metal, which has good corrosion resistance.

Going forward. You must choose Hot-dip galvanizing pole which has better corrosion resistance, though the price is a bit expensive than cold galvanizing.

If you need solar street lights with poles together, Moonlight can supply all, Usually Palm Tree series are matched with 4~12m poles. and make sure the pole is high quality with hot-dip galvanizing. We await your inquiry!

Moonlight has 10 years experience in solar street lights industry, Especially Palm Tree Foldable all in one solar street light is a revolutionary product compared to the normal All-inone Street light, with numerous detail being designed. Solar panel can rise up and fold for maximum energy absorption. This feature enhances its effectiveness when the panel cannot be rotated. Moonlight insist on top-quality materials for government project orders all the time,
Sincerely looking forward to a mutually satisfactory association with you!

USES AND APPLICATIONS GUIDE:Streets lightingParking lotsHigh waysBranch roadsResidential roadsPublic parks. Sports Stadium lighting.

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