Case Study: 60W Foldable All-In-One Solar Street Light Project In Nigeria Africa

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2022-03-26 19:50:47

Case Study: 60W Foldable All-In-One Solar Street Light Project In Nigeria Africa


Nigeria Africa


From Old solar street light to new solar street light, using existing poles, local people get the brightness again. Before installing new solar street lights, old solar street lights are broken already and the night was black. Driving cars and walking are very dangerous. Now with the lighting, It is safe.

The social benefit of installing solar street light

This Foldable All-In-One solar street light is 12hrs continuously working at night. Highly reliable, low maintenance cost, reducing highway hazards for drivers at night


Using CMOONLIGHT 64watt Foldable All-In-One solar street light with 6m poles, quantity: 300pcs, poles distance is 35m. The project is Jos-Makurdi Road, Lafia

Cmoonlight is a professional All-In-One solar street light manufacturer with high quality and ten years of experience in China. The products are used in more than 120 countries and over 400 cities globally, and they are running well. 5 years warranty with 10~15 years lifetime, Welcome to contact with Cmoonlight if you have solar street light project-inquiry. 

Thanks to Mr. Nawada and your team and sharing with us many installations and real pictures.

Pictures from our partner about solar street light in Nigeria Africa.

All in one solar street lighting is the future of powering commercial projects, and the work of these solar street light manufacturers has to be lauded. Of course, more innovation, better solutions, and better-patented designs will matter in the long run, but for now, you need a choose a very good quality all-in-one solar street light manufacturer who can offer scalable street lighting options to match your budget. Cmoonlight Solar is a magazine with 15 Years Of experience in the solar street light industry.

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