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Case Study: Solar Street Light project in UAE

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2021-08-22 14:41:36

Case Study: Solar Street Light project in UAE

Cmoonlight is widely known for it’s high quality products and excellent service. Beginning from China, now Cmoonlight has  markets all over the world with more future projects planned. One of the examples will be the Solar Street Light project in the UAE.

UAE is one of the major marketplaces of Cmoonlight. Being home to the tallest building in the world as well as the biggest dessert, UAE  has become one of the biggest attraction for tourists. UAE is technologically advanced, with great interest in new and modern products which makes life easier for people, both local and tourists. The government of UAE has plans to further improve its streetlighting system to a more advanced system. It can be hoped that Cmoonlight will be the one to take this project due to its immense popularity all over the world, especially it’s success in Saudi Arabia.

Palm-Tree Solar street light:
The best street lights for UAE would be the latest product of Cmoonlight i.e. the Palm-Tree solar streetlight.

Why the palm-tree solar street light?
The Palm-Tree solar streetlight is perfect for UAE. Not only is it a streetlight but also a palm tree. UAE, epecially Dubai is famous for date trees. These streetlights complement that. Furthermore, these streetlights are the best choice in terms of battery, lifespan and resilience. Using only high-quality products for manufacturing, these palm-tree solar streetlights are one of their own kind.

General specifications:
These lights have a LiFePO4 battery, foldable panels and a lifespan of 20 years. Furthermore, it has customizable high-quality aluminium alloy coating and can be controlled easily with remote controller.

  • The panels:

The solar panels used in these streetlights are made up of high-quality aluminium and are much wider than the panels of normal streetlights. Furthermore, these panels are foldable and moveable, which is a new feature in these streetlights and have not been seen before in any other solar streetlights.

  • Power and capacity:

These streetlights offer a variety of power and capacities based on the demands of the buyer. For example, the solar panel power can vary from 60W to 260w. similarly, the LED power can very from 40W to 120W respectively. The battery capacity can be 18Ah*12.8V, 24Ah*12.8V, 39Ah*12.8V  and 48Ah*12.8V. for UAE, the streetlight that will work the best would be of 100W.

  • The light:

The light used in these solar streetligths is made up of high quality LED chips. These LED chips are CREE from USA for high brightness and have a 50,000 hours lifespan. These LED chips can be controlled by a remote controller and thus, can be dimmed and brightened according to one’s need.

  • The battery:

The battery is made up od high-quality Lithium. The reason why Lithium is used instead of any other element is because Lithium has high charge storing capacity and can resistance to extreme temperature. It also has a long lifespan of almost 2000 charges and discharges. All of these factors makes it perfect to be used in the streetlights. This makes these streetlights perfect for UAE where the climate is desert-like.

  • Protection from heat:

Features have been added in these lights to protect them from heat. The panles used in these streetlights are detachable and thus, are separated from the battery. Thiss provided shade to the battery. Furthermore, the heat dissipation of battery is very high which also helps in preventing overheating. This is very important is places like UAE because the summer season is extremely hot there.

  • Light storage and conversion:

Since the panels used in these streetlights are larger than the normal ones and can be moved to face the sun throughout the day, these streetlights absorb more sunlight than normal streetlights, almost 60% more. In addition to this, these streetlights also convert more amount of sunlight to eletrical energy. Thus more sunlight is used.

  • Installation:

These streetlights are very simple to install. There are no complex wires or methods required. Just two simple mounting steps and done. Also, these streetlights can fit poles with a veriety of diameters. That makes the installation process much easier.

Cmoonlight is, undoubtedly, one of the best in the game and there are good chances that it will do future projects in UAE.

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