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Solar led street light project in China

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2021-08-18 11:26:23

Solar led street light project in China
Cmoonlight has been able to create a reputation worldwide with its high-quality products. With the rapid increase in its popularity in different countries around the globe, it is of no surprise that Cmoonlight will also attract a massive popularity in it’s country of origin, China.

China is well-known for it’s inventions and progress. The four great inventions: gunpowder, priting, paper making and the compass, all were invented in China. It is of no surprise that China has emerged as one of the strongest world power with a strong economy. Cmoonlight, being a company based in China and having worldwide success, obviously also did projects in China which proves to be a great success and added to the list of achievements of Cmoonlight.

All-in-one Solar street light:
The all-in-one solar led street lights are one of its kind. many streets in China have been illuminated by these solar street lights. These lights, just like the name suggests, include many different features which could only previously be found in separate divices.
  • Various features:
Taking the solar street light game up a notch, these street lights include many more things than just a normal street light. In addition to being made of high-quality aluminium, these street lights also include a high-quality motion sensor and a CCTV camera. This changes the game by bringing next level security to the streets and parks in China.
  • Battery:
LiFePO4 battery is used in these streetlights. These batteries, which are used in these solar street lights, are made up of lithium with a lifespan of 8-10 years. Lithium is well-known for its energy storing capacity and long-lasting lifespan. That is why, Cmoonlight used only the best quality litthium in their lights to ensure that the streetlights can work to the best of their abilities ensuring enough illumination at night.
  • CCTV camera:
These all-in-one integrated street lights also include a CCTV. These CCTV cameras are of high quality. Installed in the parks and on the highways of China, these solar powered street lights increases the security doublefolds and makes it safe for people to be out at night without any worries.

  • Motion sensor:
These all-in-one solar street lights include high qualty motion sensors. The sensors used in these lights are PIR sensors (passive infrared sensors). These sensors are able to detect motion of any object. These sensors help in the detection of an object when it moves near the light. When people of vehicles near these streetlights in the parks or on roads in China, these streetlights detect their presence and increases brightness accordingly.
  • Working hours:
These street lights get charged in 6-8 hours and can work for upto 12 hours at night making them ideal for use. The LED lights used in these streetlights have greater than 80,000 hours of working lifespan. The battery of these streetlights have 2000 charging and discharging capacity.

  • Efficient energy saving:
These streetlights have an efficient energy saving system. In addition to having high energy conversion rate, these lights have automatic brightness control system which increases the brightness by detecting a human or a car nearby and lowers the brightness when it no longer detects the person within its range. The detction range of these streetlights is 15m to 20m. This is extremely useful as this means that even in 4-5 rainy or cloudy days, the lights conserve enough energy to work throughout the night. This is very effective in China which has clear cut differnce in summer and winter season with summers being hot and humid and winters being wet and cold.
  • Certification and warranty:
These lights have the certification of CE, RoHS, FCC, IP65, SGS with a warranty of upto 3 years. This makes it ideal for use. That is why the Chinese government trusted these lights to be installed in public spaces.

Due to the immense increase in popularity of solar street lights worldwide, Cmoonlight has been working on constantly improving its quality and providing more benefits to the people. This is the reason why the all-in-one solar street lights were installed in verious public spaces in China as they provide both the government and the public with the necessary things to feel safe to step out of their homes or travel at night without having to deal with the dark, poorly lit areas or roads. Tit is hoped that there will be more projects in the future for Cmoonlight in the future from the Chinese government.
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