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Solar Powered Street Light Project in Nigeria

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2021-08-19 10:46:20

Solar Powered Street Light Project in Nigeria
Cmoonlight has been gaining rapid popularity with its unique and high-end products. it has customers from Saudi Arabia, China, Spain, Thailand and Nigeria. It has done more than 999 successful projects worldwideand has more than 600 satisifed customers.
Recently, Cmooonlight has installed a solar powered street light project in Nigiria.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, having one of the greatest ethical diversities in the world. It has the twenty-seventh largest economy in the world. It is considered to be an emerging market by the world bank. It has varied climate throughout the country. There are a total of 138 universities in Nigeria. The Government of Nigeria, wanting to make it easier for students to travel to universities at night, wanted to install solar street lights in the university. This is where Cmoonlight comes into the picture.

Palm-Tree Solar Powered Street Lights:
After much consideraton, it was decided that the best lights according to the climatic conditions and demands of the government would be the latest solar street lights by Cmoonlight i.e. Palm-Tree solar powered street lights.     
  • The parameters:
These street lights have varying parameters which can be adjusted according to the demands of the buyer. To fufill the demands of the government of Africa, 64W Palm-Tree solar street lights were installed in the university of Nigeria. Other wattage of these lights could be 60-160W based on the demands.
  • The battery:
A high-end lithum battery is used in these streetlights which can eas ily store energy and can work for upto 20000 cycles of heat storing and usage. Also the lithium can bear high tempreatures which makes it ideal for use in Summers. The bettery capacity of these solar street lights can be varying i.e. 18Ah*12.8V, 24Ah*12.8V, 39Ah*12.8V and48Ah*12.8V..
  • Protection against heat:
Additionally, these palm-tree solar street lights have high het dissipation. Furthermore, these have detachable solar panels which can e used to provide shade to the streetlight, thus reducing the temperature of the streetlight. These streetlights can work in temperatures from -20 degrees to +70 degree celcius. Since Nigeria has all sorts of climtes, it is very important that the streetlights can work in a variety of climatic conditions.
  • Conversion and absorption of sunlight:
These lights have 500mm wide solar panels while the normal solar streetlights have panels ranging from 330-430mm. Also, these street lights have a much higher conversion rate than normal streetlights with upto 24% conversion rate. This ensures higher absorption and conversion of light. Furthermore, it ensures that these streetlights can run throughout the night, making it safe for the students to visit the university in Nigeria at any time of the night.
  • The panels:
One of the best advantages is that the panels of these solar street lights are moveable, i.e. they can be easily moved or controlled with the help of a remote. This is because when the sun moves from one position to another, the panels can be moved accordingly to ensure more light absorption. That is why these panels are 60% more efficient than normal streetlights.
  • Less risk of accidents:
Other solar streetlights, even the municipal streetlights have an issue that they involve complex wiring, which sometimes can malfunction. This not only causes risk of a streetlight exploding, but also risks the people around it. Cmoonlight, after an year of constant reaserach, were able to make these palm-solar streetlights such that it is installed in two easy steps with no complex wiring. This ensures the safety of the students in Nigeria and also, allows the government to not be worried about the extensive installation process.
  • Proper certifcation:
The reason why the Nigerian Government trusted Cmoonlight with this project in the most populated country of Africa is that it has proper certification i.e. IP67, IK10, SC, GS, COC, and CB IECEE Saber.
 Furthermore, the increasing popularity of Cmoonlight worlwide also shows that this company is trustworthy and values the time, money and the feedback of it’s customers.. Hopefully in the future, Cmoonlight will be able to do more projects within Nigeria.
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