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2021-08-21 22:10:56

Solar Street Light Project In Thailand


has done many succesful projects in various countries. After making a repute for itself all around the world, it is now further expanding it’s domain in the world of solar streetlights with more advanced products and new countries like the Solar street light project in Thailand. 

Thailand is well-known for its beautiful nature, beaches and many temples. It is well-known for good resorts which are a popular attraction among both the locals and the tourists. The Government of Thailand wanted to conserve energy. For this, it decided to reduce the cost for electricity production. the method method for this is using the solar energy to produce electricity. Cmoonlight was assigned this project which they carried out with perfection.
Palm-tree solar street lights:
Cmoonlight, after much consideration, decided that their most recent product will be the best according to the demands of the Government for the streetlight project in Thailand. This product is called the Palm-tree Solar Streetlights.
Why Palm-Tree solar street lights?
Thailand generally has a tropical climate, which means that it has very warm summers. Monsoon rains occur between june to october and in some regions, these rains can last up till december. Due to such varying climatic conditions, the lights that were most suitable for Thailand were the palm-tree solar street lights.
 General specs:

The palm-tree solar streetlights have LiFePO4 Lithium battery, foldable mono-solar A-class panels, customizable all dye casting aluminum alloy print with a Lifespan of upto 10 years. It has customizable panel powers such as 60W, 80W, 140W etc. Street lights of 100W were installed in Thailand.

A high-end Lithium battery is used in these palm-tree sola street lights. It is because Lithium has great energy storing capacity with lifespan of upto 20000 charges and discharges. Furthermore, it can withstand very high and low temperatures which makes it ideal to use in Thailand where the tempreature changes all around the year. The battery used in these streetlights are customizable with variances such as 18Ah*12.8V, 24Ah*12.8V, 39Ah*12.8V and48Ah*12.8V respectively

.Managing high temperature:

These street lights are constructed in such a way that tey can easily mange high temperatures. The battery of these palm-tree solar street lights have a high energy dissipation which reduces its temperature. Also, these streetlights have detachable panels which are detached from the battery and are used as a cover to provide shade to the battery. This reduces the temperature of the battery. This makes it ideal for use in Thailand where summers are extremely warm and humid.
 Greater conversion and absorption rate:

These solar street lights have been constructed to absorb and convert a greater amount of sunlight than normal solar streetlights. The panels of these streetlights are 500mm in length which are bigger than the panels of normal solar street lights. Also, the light conversion rate of these solar street lgihts is upto 24%. The panels used in these streetlights are also moveable and can be controlled with a simple remote controller to face the Sun. that increases the light absorption by 60%.
Easy installation:

These lights are easy to install and require just two steps for installation. Furthermore, these solar streetlights can fit poles of various diameters from 40mm to 115mm which makes them further compatible with many more poles than normal street lights.
 Proper certification and high-quality of Cmoonlight:

The reason why Cmoonlight was trusted by the government of Thailand is because o its rpoper certifications like the IP67, IK10, SC, GS, COC, and CB IECEE Saber from Saudi Arabia. The solar streetlight project in Thailand was a hige success. The Government of Thailand trusted Cmoonlight over the fraud companies and were very satisfied. It is hoped that there will be further projects in the future with Thailand.

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