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Solar street light project in the Phillipines

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2021-08-20 16:49:37

Solar street light project in the Phillipines

Cmoonlight has made a reputation for itself worldwide. Wwith constant sucecsses in different pojects in countries like Spain, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. Cmoonlight has become the neame of quality in the solar street light world.

The Phillipines is well-known for it’s beautiful beaches and fruits. The beaches here are a popular attraction for both the tourists and the locals. The Phillipines also have good harbours and seaports. But it is also a fact that it is very dangerous anywhere near the shore at night in the dark. To solve this problem, the Government of the Phillipines decided to invest into a solar street light project in Phillipines. Cmoonlight was contacted for this project and they, once again, successful completed this project.

Palm-tree solar street lights:
Cmoonlight agreed on this project. After much dilebertaion and thought-processing, the palm-tree solar street lights were thought to be the best investment. These palm-tree solar street lights are according to the demands and conditions of the Government.

General information:

These palm-tree solar street lights have the proper certifications such as IP67, IK10, SC, GS, COC, and CB IECEE Saber for Saudi Arabia. It has LiFePO4 Lithium battery, foldable mono-solar A-class panels and customizable all die-casting aluminum alloy print which not only makes them one of their own kind but also just right for this project. The wattage which was decided to be best suited for this solar street light project in the Phillipines was decided to be 100W

  • The battery:

It is known that beaches heat-up quickly during day. That is why, the battery used in these lights are made up of lithium. Lithium is well-known for it’s tolerance against high temperatures which makes it a perfect product to be used on the beaches. Also, at night, the temperature can fall low on the ports and beaches, lithium is also excellent for this as it can withstand low temperature too. Furthermore, lithium has the lifespan of almost 20000 charges and discharges which means that the streetlights will work for a long time.

  • Protection from heat:

To protect the lights from the heat, these streetlights have been equipped with such systems that have high heat dissipation. Also, these streetlights have detachable solar panels which can be separated from the lights and thus, provides shade to the lights.this reduces the temperature of the light. That is why, these palm-tree solar streetlights can work in temperatures as high as 70 degree celcius which makes them ideal for the beaches of Pillipines.

  • The conversion of light:

Also, the panels in these streetlights are 500mm long, ensuring more absorption of light. The panels of other normal streetlights are only 330-430 mm long. These lights have also been equipped with such mechanism that increases its conversion rate from the average 12% to almost 24%. The LED chips used in these streetlight can work for upto 50,000 hours. This makes it ideal for places such as seaports since there is constant work there and having to change lights frequently can be a problem for the relative authorities.

  • Moveable panels:

The panels in these streetlughts can be controlled by a remote controller. In other words, they can be moved to face the direction of the sun which increases their exposure to sunlight by 60% as compared to other solar panels. This means that they get more sunlight and can be easily charged to their full extent.

  • The installation process:

 At the seaports and at beaches, it is very important that the lights can be easily installed so the authorities don’t have much work on their hand. Cmoonlight made these lights in such a way that they can be fitted in poles of varying diameters, specifically 45-115 mm which makes it easier to install them. Furthermore, these lights can be installed in two very simple steps making it even seasier for the workers to intstall them.

  • Lesser accidents:

Near water areas, like the ports and the beaches, there is a constant risk of malfunctioning. This problem is also solved by Cmoonlight as these streetlights don’t have any complex wirings and can be turned off by the remote control at any time.

The government of the Phillipines is very pleased with this project. Not only does this adds to the constant successes of Cmoonlight, but also proves that a quality company is worth investing in. it is hoped that there will be future projects with the Phillipines again.

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